A parable about unreasonable fear, importance and stupidity of the paranormal.

In the morning at breakfast my son and I usually discuss our news and plans.

And then I tell him “Here’s a funny post I read on Facebook. A man asks how to feed the invisible creature so that he will not make noise at night – leave cookies, a saucer of milk?
Doesn’t he understand that the creature is just energy information? And he has no material stomach and intestines?”

We laughed. And began to do other things.

Then, somewhere during lunch, the owner’s car drives into the yard, although he usually parks it near the gate of the house. I was in the bathroom and heard the car doors slamming. I leave the bathroom and see that my son looks rather strange.

“What’s wrong with you? Is something wrong?”, I ask.

“They carried something heavy, elongated upward so quickly. It looked like a coffin.”

“What nonsense? Why do they need it? True, the owner’s wife recently returned from the funeral of her grandmother from the village, but she was already buried.”

“Do you remember the owner of the house saying that his mother died recently, maybe this is such a ceremony for 40 days?”

“I don’t know, I haven’t seen or heard anything like that. All this honestly looks like nonsense. But everything is possible, I don’t know what customs and orders are here.” And we were in Adjaria, in Batumi.

And then we felt that it became somehow hard for us and thought that we needed to take a walk and ventilate our brains.

Not far from our house there was a bakery and son said, “Let’s buy some small cupcake just in case, as the man on Facebook wanted to do, who was haunted by an invisible creature”. And we actually bought a cupcake at the bakery for this purpose, while we ourselves choked with laughter.

After walking another two hundred meters down the street, we met a tall man walking towards us, carrying a large shovel.

Surprisingly, it was I who paid attention to the shovel, although the son is usually more attentive.

“Look!”, I say, “The shovel is like to bury the object they were carrying,” I said and burst out laughing.

And the son thoughtfully said, “I have never seen anyone carry a shovel before.”

We walked a little more and now the son says, “Look, look at that stone stele, there was a candle and a portrait of the deceased” (indeed, there are such stone steles in Batumi).

“Yeah, but I didn’t even notice”, I answered.

When we were already returning to the house, I was suddenly struck by the “brilliant” idea that the owner’s car was not so big that a seven foot coffin could fit into it.

The owner’s car was parked near the entrance gate and the really seven foot object obviously could not fit there.

We laughed for a long time at our stupidity, stupid importance and unreasonable fears.

The cupcake left on the table remained untouched in the morning.

And on the glass in the bathroom was the inscription “Ha-ha! Moron!”


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