Bermuda Triangle at home???

Unusual paranormal or unexplained cases began to occur at us a year and a half ago.

Including the disappearance of things, objects, some of which then appeared by themselves in the same room, some on the street, and some disappeared altogether.

And we decided to share these stories, thinking that perhaps something similar happened to many of you.

The first time our laptop and telephone disappeared at night, and then in the morning our passports also disappeared.

We could not understand anything and were very upset, spent half a day in search, climbed all possible places in the apartment where these things could fit.

We didn’t find anything, already started ordering a new phone, when a few hours later the disappearance was unexpectedly discovered; first passports appeared, then a laptop and finally a phone.

They were in the places where I had already looked for them.
Then we could not explain how it happened, and soon we stopped thinking about it.

But after a while, our phones, a laptop, bed linen, towels and our things began to disappear on a regular basis, and then they appeared in the most unexpected places.

Once, my son and I left my work, heading for a walk, and suddenly in front, on the bridge across the dry river, we saw that something was glittering, came closer and really opened our mouths in surprise.

It turned out that what glittered was the glowing screen of the son’s phone.

How could it appear there? When we left it at work remained a mystery to us.
An analogy with the Bermuda Triangle involuntarily suggests itself.
Events are similar and they fall out of line with traditional science.

The difference is in their scale.
It means, perhaps, these events give us a chance to understand something extremely important about us and about the world in which we live, to look at it in a new way.

What is your opinion?
Where could both household items and planes and ships disappear?
Have any items disappeared at you? Have they been found?


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