Ghosts. What is it… mysticism or reality?

Dear readers! Who among us has not faced at least once in his life with such situations?

Did you wake up at night to hear some strange sounds, noises in the house or apartment?  Disappeared some necessary thing that you seem to have left in place, and then after some time it may have been found in an incomprehensible way? Has this ever happened to you or to your friends and acquaintances? Most likely, your answer is positive. We think that this happens to almost everyone. Thus, it is likely that almost all of us have encountered paranormal phenomena in one way or another.

The topic of ghosts has long attracted and interested people. Many works have been written on this topic, many films, TV series, and cartoons have been shot, which invariably arouse increased interest in the viewer. There are some places, houses, apartments that are known all over the world for the fact that there are always some strange things happening there.

People hear some strange noises, strange sounds, windows and doors open and close, mattresses, pillows, wardrobe shelves come to life, water flows, strange silhouettes are seen, and much more. The range of these phenomena is diverse. In the last episodes, we also talked about similar unexplained phenomena that occurred in our rented apartments and in the diving club in Eilat. Now, dear reader, a question for you. How would you explain these unusual episodes at us if they all took place in one single apartment? How do you usually explain strange paranormal events that occur in homes or apartments? It is often accepted to explain them by the presence of a ghost.
But strange things happened in our apartment on Eilot Street, on Grape Lane, and in the diving club.

Does this mean that a ghost was in all these places? Or that we somehow took them with us? Hardly. Most likely, this hypothesis is not entirely true.

But let us allow ourselves for a moment to put forward another hypothesis.

If we assume that the whole world is a materialized energy information, everything falls into place. Each person has their own unique energy information or set of energy worlds and the place where they live – too. Although of course there is a common energy information for the country and its inhabitants, but each place and each person has its own energy-informational features or its own set of energy worlds. When the energies of a place and a person come into some kind of resonance, a free bundle of energy is formed, which can be completely invisible, or take any form, no matter what-a person, an animal, or an object.

He (a bundle of energy) for some time begins to live his life and perform any actions. Of course, for the most part, not creative and not creative, but let’s say such that just do not give rest to a person.

On the one hand, we can say that these phenomena are negative for us, and on the other hand, they can be a huge positive if we perceive these phenomena as a chance, as a push for the necessary changes for us. If we understand that we are not allowed to rest, so that we understand something both in ourselves and in the overall picture of the world order, so that we go further along the path of development and understanding of this Amazing Life!


10 thoughts on “Ghosts. What is it… mysticism or reality?

  1. I find your term “energy information” rather intriguing. I personally perceive the term as “spiritual concept”. There is a spirit word, and it like all things are in the supreme divine prime of 2. There are 2 spirit concepts in the spiritual realm – good and evil. The knowledge of these was consumed in the Eden. It haunts us to this day, but we are given power to discern, when we turn to “The Lord of Good”. LOLGB+

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    1. Thank you very much for following and visiting me!
      Glad to see you enjoying! It helps and inspires me to write more!

      I like the way you think, eze33. I have to agree on that


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