A paranormal virus on WhatsApp.

I saw that I received a note on WhatsApp from my longtime friend I.

“What does this mean? Where are these photos from?” – he wrote in WhatsApp.

“I don’t know, I haven’t written or sent you anything.”

“Look for yourself!” – he replied.

Indeed, I saw that one after the other, a multitude of some unknown photographs were sent to him by themselves.

For the most part, these were images of men, but images of women, children, and married couples were also present.

I. is a good man, but I knew that he adheres to very conservative views, absolutely denying the possibility of phenomena unexplained by traditional science.

I understood that any mention of paranormal phenomena and even more their manifestation annoys him, because he always tries not to notice them or tries to squeeze them into the rigid framework of traditional explanations, and this is far from always possible.

However, where did these photos come from? I definitely didn’t have them on my phone.

I felt very uncomfortable in front of a friend, as if I had done something wrong, and I began to delete the photo as soon as possible.
This process continued for a while, meaning I deleted the sent images, and instead of them new ones immediately appeared. Then I. wrote to me:

“Don’t delete them. We must try to understand their source.”

I stopped deleting photos, but now they suddenly began to delete and disappear from my friend’s account by themselves.

I. could not stand this any more and blocked my account. He wrote me a note by e-mail, in which he informed about this, saying that apparently I had some kind of virus on WhatsApp.

But none of WhatsApp’s other contacts anymore, although during this little incident, I communicated with one of them, not a single photo or anything else was sent.
It has been several months since that episode, but I can see that my account is still blocked by him, although at times we correspond with him by e-mail.

What is your opinion on this episode, dear readers?
How would you explain what happened?

Today, the following version of what happened seems reasonable to us.
If we proceed from the hypothesis that everything that exists is materialized energy information and each of us contains many energy information worlds.

That case could have been as follows:

One of the energetic worlds contained in me wanted to show and prove to my friend that the world does not work as it is written in hiscientific books, but with incredible persistence he did not want to think for a second that it was possible.

Imagine that we bought a flash drive, it contains some information, for example, a movie that we want to watch. We know that the film was recorded there, but we can’t watch it by looking at the flash drive. To do this, we need a computer to watch a movie. In this case, one of the energy worlds contained in us simply plays the role of this computer, which makes it possible to see energy-informational actions in the form of material actions.


15 thoughts on “A paranormal virus on WhatsApp.

  1. Interesting post. A paranormal phenomenon is nothing but things and events which occur beyond human intelligence and understanding. They are common in everyone’s life but the thing is that one has to open the third eye of intuition.This is just my personnel opinion , please don’t mind.🙏

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  2. The system must have been hacked to get those pictures across, or some glitch where someone was trying to send those but accidentally put them on your chat or just plain misfunctioning! I’ve heard of this before when people have strange photos mysteriously appearing on chats, but these were meant for the person and were often of a demeaning style. So it was probably a hack gone wrong! I’m not sure- But then again, it might have just been some random bot. I know bots very well 👌👌 and this definitely seems like something a bot would do. Sorry for rambling 🙂

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