Parable of Fear 2 or Epilogue to the Scary Bedtime Tales.

“Brother, please open the door! There is news.” – we heard Khalil’s trembling voice outside the door.

“Is it really again? Have something happened again?” – we thought.

“Maybe not to open?” – asked the son.

“Open it, we have to listen to what it’s about” – I said.

The son opened the door and we saw the pale and very upset owner of the apartment.

“Brother, this is the case. You better move out as soon as possible. This is where the big problems begin.”

Today two police officers came and said that a German, that lived upstairs, and unfortunately, some criminals carried his body in a large suitcase, and cut off his head and sent a parcel to the German consulate, you know, which is nearby. Now the police will probably come soon, they will interrogate everyone who has seen what, and our guest house will be closed. Better look for another apartment before it’s too late.”

“Thanks! We’ll think it over,” I said.

“Do you think this is another delirium of the owner?” – asked the son when the door closed behind Khalil.

“I think so. We won’t look for an apartment yet, let’s see what happens.”

A few hours later in the evening of the same day … we met Khalil on the street, he looks very confused.

“Sorry, brother! It’s okay.
You can stay calmly. It was a prank. Those guys came again, in general, they are not police officers, they just wanted to play a trick and looks like making a funny video for YouTube. “

This situation happened a few days before our departure from Istanbul.

And I would also like to sum up the horrors described in the Scary Tales and the horrors we experienced in Istanbul, which are now perceived not only with a smile, but also as a magnificently staged performance.

Why did it take place?

Who was its director and screenwriter?

And was there an opportunity for the actors to refuse such an unenviable role?

Khalil, the owner of the apartment we stayed in, is a very attentive, benevolent, pleasant person, but extremely susceptible to life-threatening fears. My son also has very pronounced similar fears and I certainly have them, albeit to a much lesser extent, rather not fears, but worries.

Accordingly, there was a resonance and a significant increase in similar energy worlds producing fear, and after a while the volume of this energy information reached a critical level necessary for the curtain to open and the performance began …

We were warned about this in a note (you need to leave, less than a week left …)

Which we did not listen to. (for more details, see Seasone 2, Episode 2, Part 1)

Obviously, if we had moved out of that apartment, such a performance would not have taken place.

“Don’t go to crowded places” – the note said.

And every day we walked several times along the central street of Istanbul, Istiklal, where there are always a lot of people walking, and the first act of the performance began there.

Why? The more people with similar energy worlds, stronger the resonance, the more active and strong a certain energy-informational world becomes.

And since we did not change the apartment even after the events described in the Scary Tales, the same director made a new premiere, described in the last episode of passing the tests. And if we take into account the energy-informational world of the coronavirus, then this show probably could not look differently. (for details, see Season 2, Episode 3)

Was the note on the phone’s alarm a sign of care for us? I think it was just a game that would have continued even after moving to another apartment, only there might have been somewhat different events.

What are our fears? Where do they come from? How to deal with them?

Fear fetters our mind, deprives us of the ability to reasonably comprehend and analyze the situation, impoverishes and shortens our life.

We fall into a state of panic and anxiety gnawing at us, and part of our life it seems we don’t live. However, even an invented fear is not without reason and is an indicator of the presence in us of certain energy worlds or energy information. This is also an interesting topic and I think that we will come back to it, considering the issues of phobias from the energy-information point of view.

Today we went to an Indian spice shop in the center of Batumi to buy turmeric and talk to the seller, Vijay, an Indian nice guy. He told us that in India it is customary in the morning to cleanse the body and achieve inner harmony, to drink at least three cups of clean water.

And told the story of how his modestly dressed compatriot made a sensation at the airport in the Emirates, satiated with luxury. This active elderly man had a date of birth in his passport … 1895.

After listening to Vijay with interest, my son and I involuntarily thought, “It is obviously that that 125-year-old Indian would never have had such fears, otherwise he would simply not have lived to that age”.

In “The Parable of Unreasonable Fear, Importance and Stupidity in the Paranormal”, we were shown how ridiculous constant fears are.

And then … maybe we just needed to drink water, calm down, go inside ourselves, thus strengthening a more positive energy world and understand that nothing terrible is happening around, go and just open the door of the apartment and leave someone else’s game, filled with trust in of this Amazing Life.

What do you think, dear reader?


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