A parable. How unconscious people are managed …

On Sunday, June 27, we were at an Indian store to buy turmeric and talked to the seller whose name is Vijay. He told us such an interesting story.

His friend, who was flying through the Dubai airport, told him that their compatriot had checked in with him for boarding a flight to Los Angeles… born in 1895, and the airport workers could not believe that this active Indian man is … 125 years old.

The contact with the energy-informational world of India, Vijay’s story about his spartan eating habits, the story about his wonderful compatriot led me into a state of deep thought or trance.

My son and I came home and were going to have lunch in the gazebo in the courtyard.

I began to take food and plates to the gazebo, and the owner of the house, Thomas, was painting a metal structure right there in the yard.

“Why didn’t you go to the market again?” asked Thomas.

“No, we didn’t go, it’s a pity for the time spent, I want to work more on the blog. And you know, we were in an Indian store today…”

“And where is it? I don’t know. “

“It’s in the center. There’s a very nice salesman there and he told us today … and I told Thomas the story Vijay told me …

“It clearly made a big impression on the owner of the house.

Wednesday morning, we heard a call. The son replied and said in surprise:

“This is Vijay. He asks if we have told anyone the story about his 125-year-old compatriot, he told it to just a few friends and us, and on Monday morning a very unpleasant incident occurred. He asks if we can come to his store today, where he will tell us the details?”

“Yes, of course” – I said. 

“A short, gray-haired man came to my store and persistently asked me for a means to live 125 years. He was wearing dark glasses, a dark T-shirt and dark pants.” – said the Indian.

Vijay also called the make and number of the car in which the man arrived, and this dispelled the last doubts.

“It’s definitely Thomas” – we said.

Then we remembered that on Monday morning the owner of the house went to work in an inadequate condition from drinking too many alcoholic beverages, and then in the same condition we met him in the lunch time at a local store. He had dark glasses, a dark T-shirt and pants.

Anyway, we got out and hurried to Vijay. He looked very tired and upset. What he told us about Thomas’ behavior in the store shocked us. It turns out that he threatened to take him to the forest if he did not give him that miraculous herb that makes it possible to live and stay healthy until the age of 125.

Vijay tried to explain to him that there is no such herb, but only inner harmony in the person himself and moderation in everything gives him such chances. But the owner of the house did not want to listen to anything, he spoiled a lot of goods in the store and got into a fight with the seller himself, which we could not expect from a kind of friendly person, an exemplary family man, the father of three adult daughters, constantly engaged in improvement of the house.

“Maybe, to transfer something to Thomas or talk to his wife?” we asked Vijay.

“No, don’t do anything.I don’t even want to think about it. I spent two days cleaning the store and recording the damage. But you have nothing to do with it. It was disgusting, he tore two bags of turmeric, this man needs help. No, I don’t want to talk about it. Maybe you should go to Turkey instead? People are kinder there.”

My son and I left the Indian store in a state of shock and after walking a little, we looked at each other:

“What can we do to Vijay pleasant? He’s so wonderful, and what Thomas did is just disgusting. Why did I tell him this story? But it never occurred to me that it could have such consequences”, I said.

And we went to the nearest store and bought cherries and water for Vijay. And then took it to him.

“I only eat what is sold in my store and drink only water. Be sure to take the cherry with you” – he said and never agreed to take it. 

“What do you usually eat?”- we asked curiously.

“In the morning I drink three cups of water, at lunch again three cups of water, then I cook a pound of lentils and eat it together with one vegetable an hour after taking water.

And in the evening, the third intake of water is mandatory, water cleanses and soothes, water intake should not be skipped.”

I really liked Vijay’s diet, although I’m not quite ready to fully adhere to it yet. I don’t know if he eats cherries or not, but we thought that he probably just wanted us to enjoy the delicious berries ourselves. And when we made a detour to recover from the negative information that had fallen on us, we reached the gate of the house that lodged us, Thomas was standing at the entrance, his expression was angry and aggressive, which seemed to confirm Vijay’s story. How did we not notice this before?

To be continued …


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