Unexplained episodes from everyday life. Season 2. Episode 4. Bulgaria. Eden. Part 1. A conversation with fake Adam via video communication.

On the morning of September 30, after all the troubles of that memorable post-coronation night, we safely left Istanbul and arrived in Varna at dusk on the same day.

We didn’t book an apartment, and out of habit, we began to worry a little about this now.

We turned to a woman who was traveling with us on the bus for advice, and she told us where to find a place to sleep.

Thus, from the bus station, we went to an inexpensive hotel in the city center, which bears the name for some unknown reason of Moroccan city “Casablanca”.

We first settled there.
After the crowded and huge Istanbul, Varna at first seemed to us a sweet, peaceful and cozy town.

And after 5-6 days, with the help of a group on Facebook, we found and rented for a couple of months an inexpensive two-room apartment with a yard in Villa Eden in the Golden Sands area.

Next to Varna Free University, the path to which was indicated by the sign “Chernorizets Brave”!

The month of October, according to the mistress of the house, turned out to be very warm, and we often sat in the yard, with pleasure watching the squirrels deftly scurrying around in the nearby trees.

Who especially liked the walnuts growing in front of the villa, chirping birds and a couple of regularly visiting us landlord’s cats extorting food.

We did not have a clear plan of action and a clear understanding of what to do next, and we decided to try again to call Adam to consult with him.

“Hi, Khabibi!” – came from the phone his always optimistic, corresponding to his motto “Don’t worry be happy!” voice. Adam’s voice began to tell us a new, already simplified version of what happened to him recently.

“I boarded a ship in the port of Eilat, I was in a great hurry and did not pay attention to the choice of the ship. But I should do it. It turned out to be very old, uncomfortable and completely unsuitable for such a long route, in addition there was no normal healthy food to which I was accustomed, and we sailed to the port of Kenya Mombasa for more than two months.

There I got off the ship and started looking for an apartment near the ocean in an ecologically clean area and I found it here 20 miles from Mombasa and 100 yards from the ocean in Kikambala.

I enjoy listening to birdsong, the sound of the waves, running barefoot on the white sand of the beach, and freediving after sunset when the heat starts to subside.

When I need to buy something, I go to Mombasa. A funny bus goes there without windows, I have not seen such before. And sometimes I run to the city. It’s an hour and a half or two and I go back by bus.
But, unfortunately, Yarden, my beloved wife, does not want to go to an African country and I am very sad here alone. Come, I understand that you have no money for tickets, I will buy them for you, because we are friends. Come … I’m already looking at flights … yes … here I see a flight for tomorrow … Yes, you may not have time to pack, then for the day after tomorrow … Satisfied?”

Adam’s voice was unstoppable for conversations, each of them dragged on for 2-3 hours, during which we had already tried to say goodbye many times, but he persistently continued to tell something else.

I did not believe that we were talking with the real Adam, although the timbre of the voice, intonation, manner of speaking were really exactly the same as that of the real Adam. And when the son, to whom Adam always showed friendly feelings, asked him to talk to us via video communication, he, surprisingly, did not refuse this.
And then the video camera on the smartphone turned on and we saw …

To be continued…


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