Unexplained episodes from everyday life. Season 2 Episode 4. Bulgaria. Eden. Part 2. Adam, are you fake? Yes, fake

I did not believe that we were talking with the real Adam, although the timbre of the voice, intonation, manner of speaking were really exactly the same as that of the real Adam.

And when the son, to whom Adam always showed friendly feelings, asked him to talk to us via video communication, he, surprisingly, did not refuse this.

And then the video camera on the smartphone turned on and we saw him in a blue T-shirt and gray-blue breeches, standing in the middle of a small living room. A wreath of some herbs hung around his neck, and he looked rather sad.

“This is my yahida (apartment). There is a second room” – he said and opened the door to a modest but cleanly tidy bedroom. I still hope that Yarden will come, I miss her so much …

Well, look. There is a large courtyard here, it is all planted with flowers, the owner adores them and plants new ones all the time. And here he is, he is very sociable, he says hello to you. Indeed, in the courtyard, we saw an African planting fantastically huge, bright red flowers the size of his head, and he waved his hand to us.

And over there, a little further, there are two horizontal bars, on one of them you can hang your yoga hammock.
This is the owner’s yachida, he can rent it out to you.

And this path, densely planted with palm trees, leads to the beach.

Ocean. Look how endless and majestic it is and what a luxurious white sand it is, it is pleasant to run on it barefoot, while in Eilat all the beaches are pebbly. And you should have seen how beautiful coral reefs are here and what incredible fish at depth.
In general, come and see everything!”

Conflicting emotions fought in me. Yes, we actually saw Adam via video communication, and it seemed to have convinced us that we were talking with a real person, but somewhere in the depths of myself, I felt that this was not so.
And my son got fired up with the idea of ​​going to Kenya and constantly asked me “Why don’t you want to go to Mombasa?”

But I felt that there was definitely a catch here and said that I was not ready for such an adventure … because if we even get tickets and arrive in Kenya, and no Adam will be there, then what are we going to do next?

“What’s that crunching over there? Is it really a waffle wrapper? How can you eat it?”
the voice of Adam was indignant from the phone, who now constantly interfered in all our affairs, including in our diet, constantly criticizing him and offering his recommendations.

Regular calls from his Watsapp number continued for a couple of weeks and he kept talking about his loneliness, about the fact that his relatives after his departure did not want to communicate with him and again and again invited us to come to him. But I felt more and more confident that this was not the real Adam, but a fake.

And once, when my son was talking to our friend and I clearly heard Adam’s energetic voice from the phone, one thought came to my mind and I told my son “Ask him, is he a fake?”

‘It’s somehow inconvenient, “the son replied, and then he finally decided and asked

“Adam, are you a fake?”

“Yes, fake” – Adam’s voice replied calmly.

Now, for sure, there are no grounds for doubts …


2 thoughts on “Unexplained episodes from everyday life. Season 2 Episode 4. Bulgaria. Eden. Part 2. Adam, are you fake? Yes, fake

  1. Oh, wow. That is scary to trust one’s adventure and even life, and person is fake. I had a similar experience of being a victim of a con artist but it was someone I knew or thought I knew. It was traumatic.

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    1. Thank you very much for your comment Island Traveler!
      It would be very interesting to communicate with you by email or on Facebook. (you can press the button ‘contact’ on the top of the site if you want more privacy)
      We were also grossly deceived, we described it in episode 6, that I remember you read it.

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