A parable. How unconscious people are managed … Part 4

“Yes, what news do you have?” – asked Vijay.

“Yes, we also have something wrong, the views of our blog suddenly dropped completely.”

“Yes, and you know Vihaan bought some book about paranormal phenomena for his brother Atharv’s birthday and asked me to send it to Tiflis, because he himself must go to Turkey. Now I’ll see what it’s called.
Here it seems his package … What is it? Some kind of photo … It’s Thomas with that woman … And the photocopier of her passport, it looks like she’s his accountant.

All is clear. On the way back from the port, she got into our car and almost at the same time, the owner of your house received a call from his wife, emotionally demanding something, he got terribly angry, became all red, but his wife continued to say something to him in an commanding and displeased tone, until he completely lost his temper and did not want to end this conversation, but just at that moment we were passing an intersection with very busy traffic and not working traffic light and Thomas could not take his hand off the steering wheel.

And the phone was on a stand and he asked his friend to disconnect conversation.
She tried to press the correct key, but her huge false nail slipped off and accidentally pressed the video communication …

The lady got scared, and, trying to turn off the video communication, jerked the phone, it fell from the stand, the man behind the wheel got madly angry and started yelling at her something clearly not laudatory in their language and parked to pick up the phone. When he picked up the phone, it turned out that everything was all right with it, except that the video communication apparently did not stop …
He turned it off and dropped me and my friend.
And apparently in captivity of emotions, the Georgian did not look at which package Vihaan took, but he apparently confused them.”

“Yeah” – was the only thing we could comment on.

The next day, Sunday, was also not without shocking news from Vijay.

“Thomas came to get the documents several times, demanded them and even tried to fight me several times, but I tripped him up and poured a bottle of water over him to cool his ardor, then on the next visit he brought some young woman with him and said that she will testify that I molested her if I do not give him the documents.

Vihaan, who had eaten plums from Thomas,

is in the hospital, in intensive care, came to his senses, the danger is almost over, but he feels very bad and if he had not received medical assistance on time, then everything could have ended very sadly.
Atharv, his brother, is very upset and angry and is about to leave here.

And one more thing. The security guard in the shopping center confused the date. Our missing friends were in the shopping center not that day, but the day before their disappearance, and there really was a group of competitors – Chinese who greeted them.
Now the version about the involvement of our competitors in this case seems more and more illogical, and we simply do not have another.”- said Vijay.

“Or maybe it’s still the owner of our house involved in the disappearance of Vijay’s friends? He came out a few minutes after the guys and drove in the same direction. Perhaps, having seen them, he offered to give them a lift, arguing that he was to blame for Vijay and treated them to sweets …

which could have the same filling as the plums and, in an unconscious state, unloaded them as a load in his village, where he has 7 thousand acres of land. Is this possible? – I said this hypothesis.

“Or is it just nonsense? Moreover, there was a woman in the car, but of course he could have dropped her off.”

“I need to think it over” – said Vijay.

“Hang on!” – we answered.

To be continued.


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