Unexplained episodes from everyday life. Season 2. Episode 4. Eden. Part 3. Ariel, you are definitely a fake! Dilemma — Eden or Paradise?

“Hi! Ariel K is listening.”

“Where are you?”

“I am still in Eilat, but I have already sat out here, I am thinking of going to Mexico in Tulum or Cancun and opening a diving club there, I have a Mexican work visa, it is valid for more than six months. I will be glad if you come with us. Adam will also join soon.” – this was the new version of events, voiced by Ariel’s voice over the phone.

We supported this conversation with very moderate enthusiasm and understandable inner distrust, not really believing that this was the real Ariel. Although the timbre of the voice, intonation, manner of speaking exactly corresponded to a real freediver.

“Ask Ariel to talk to us via video communication, too” – I asked my son.

“Yes, of course, I do not mind” – answered the voice of the freediver and immediately the image turned on in the messenger and we really saw Ariel on the balcony of a friend’s apartment against the backdrop of the Edom Mountains, and the son even took his photo or rather a screenshot during a conversation.

Red Sea

“I read on the news – he said – that in Tulum, this is the center of freeliving and yoga, there is a villa of the well-known actor the Rock, I would really like to teach him freeliving …”

We did not ask Ariel whether he was fake or not, but with each new conversation with him it became more and more obvious.

But what should we do next? It was only towards the end of our stay at the Villa Eden that we began to understand that most likely none of our Eilat acquaintances was going to leave anywhere.
An acquaintance of ours, leading personal growth trainings, always advised us to state our problems on paper, and we decided to give it a try. Before going to bed, we wrote down our concerns on a piece of paper.
Imagine my surprise when in the morning, having looked at this sheet, I saw that there, in place of the questions, the answers to our questions were written in my son’s handwriting.
At that moment, I did not understand how this could be, but did not particularly think about it. They did not write anything interesting that remained in our memory.

The next morning I got up and, not finding my laptop in the usual place, asked my son:

“Do you know where the computer might be? Did you leave it on the couch in the living room as usual?”

“Yes, of course. You know, I think you shouldn’t worry about this, I think it’ll show up in a few hours.”

For about a month, the laptop disappeared every night and appeared at lunchtime when we came with purchases from a local store, near which there was a fenced area, which was a real … dump.
It was in that apartment that such a strange thing happened periodically. When I went into the bathroom, the curtains were closing in the bedroom.

This made me feel uncomfortable and I usually tried to open them as soon as possible.

The end of October came, it was getting colder and colder, I didn’t want to sit in the yard at all. In recent years, we lived in the hot desert climate of Eilat, which we loved so much, and we did not have warm clothes and we posted an ad to the Varna Facebook group. Many thanks to everyone who responded and warmed us not only with warm donations, but also with human warmth. It was very pleasant and touching and gave us the opportunity not to freeze in the cold Bulgarian winter.

As I said, by the end of the first month of our stay in Varna, it got very cold. And in the vast majority of houses there was no central heating, the apartments were heated by air conditioning and a very decent amount could run up in a month, and we found a nearby hotel for students of the Varna Free University “Paradise”, where all utilities were immediately included in the inexpensive payment. We found this proposal very interesting. “Paradise” was located on a vacant lot, on a hill, and a beautiful panoramic view of the sea opened from its windows.

The side of the apartment was sunny, which is a very serious plus for the winter. We often walked by this hotel.

And its owner, a cheerful and very sociable man, every time shouted to us “How are you, young people?”

Once, when we passed by, he asked “Would you like me to reserve you the best room in the hotel for free?”

“Yes, perhaps the last b etter option for the winter is hard to find, we will move on November 6, when our paid period at Villa Eden ends” – I replied.

And down from the “Paradise”, past some trees and bushes, fenced off by a high fence made of a metal mesh, a partially collapsed path descended directly to the sea, along which usually no one walked.
In the evening, the bright lights of the lanterns lit up near the hotel, but this path leading down to the sea was completely drowned in darkness.

And one evening my son and I decided to go down it.

“What are we afraid of, it’s just dark here and that’s it” – we thought, but when we went down a couple of flights of stairs, we were stopped by strange sounds coming from behind the fence. There was someone breathing and the crackling of bushes, apparently when some rather large animals moving…
We changed our minds to go down further …

To be continued…


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