Parable 6 How unconscious people are manipulated.

“Why didn’t they make him tell them the address where he put the missing guys?” – I asked.

“Thomas completely turned off, he was apparently pumped up with alcohol and drugs to the limit and it was already completely useless to talk to him.
And the phone was blocked.
The Georgian woke up 2.5 hours later and, as if nothing had happened, went home. This was reported by the security guard in the cafe.
Atharv and his Turkish friends are shocked by the lack of motive for the crimes committed.” – Vijay told us in a tired voice.

When my son and I came from the grocery store at lunchtime on Tuesday, the owner of our house, as usual, was engaged in house improvement, he talked about his plans for economic affairs, and how he did business in Trabzon (Turkey) many years ago, but the expression in his eyes was quite aggressive.

It was a strange conversation. I spoke to him, trying to understand and put in my head at least some logical picture of what was happening.

And on Wednesday, July 7, at lunchtime, we decided to go to the Indian store again, to find out the news about the missing.

Vijay looked sad and tired.

“Hi! Someone broke the store door last night.
Moreover, the burglar was apparently very arrogant and inept, he made a lot of noise, trying to break the door, and alarmed the residents of the neighboring houses, who in the morning began to ask in the shops next to ours about what happened at night.
To fix the door, I had to call the master, and then I found a bug with a friend, which was apparently the target of the cracker.

The Turks who arrived, with the help of a police officer they knew, managed to figure out the address by phone number and they found that shed with traces of the life of my missing friends, but they themselves were no longer there.
The Turks examined 4 dachas belonging to a Georgian, his wife and his deceased mother, but they did not find the guys, but they saw many objects indicating that something terrible was happening there – handcuffs, something like leashes, apparently intended for people, traces of blood and many other things, which, I’m afraid to even suggest, because they said that they told me only 10 percent of everything they saw.
One of the Turks who arrived was just from Trabzon, where Thomas lived and did business in the 90s. The Turk said that this Georgian is still hanging on their stand of wanted criminals and Turkey was seeking his extradition.”

Vijay and a friend Gouda who came to see him invited us, in case of problems or even just like that, to move to live with them in a hostel.

“Food is free there, vegetables and fruits are always there.
And my mom cooks very tasty. Come, we will be glad.” – said Vijay’s friend and suddenly smiled broadly.

“We are very grateful to you for such an offer.
But let’s hope for a positive development of the situation.” – we answered and left the store.

“Thank you, of course, a very nice offer. But the story is somehow delusional, there are too many horrors. Maybe all this is a lie?
But how did they know then that Thomas lived and worked in Trabzon and that his mother had recently died?” – I asked my son.

“It’s not clear” – he replied.


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