Parable 7. How unconscious people are manipulated.

Thursday morning we phoned Vijay again:

“Hello! Turks suggest where the missing guys are and intend to think over and implement an operation to rescue them in the near future” – he said.

However, the tension in the house only increased in the evening.

Neither Leah (the landlady), nor any of her and Thomas’s three daughters were visible all day.

We felt that it was already unbearably difficult to be there.

Thomas was again fiddling with some kind of metal post, welding something to it, but he looked just awful.

“Let’s go for a little walk and maybe reach an Indian store.
I can’t be here anymore” – I said to my son.

It was 8 pm when we came to Vijay, he was counting the sales for the day in a notebook and was about to close the store.

“Hello!” – he said and smiled.

“Let me write you the phone number of a guy you can turn to if you decide to move. The adress I have already given you.
The Turks visited the owner of your house today, they asked his daughters to leave for a while, and they did so.
The Turks warned him that they were going to rescue the missing Indians, and if something suddenly happened to any of them or someone attacked them, the Georgian would answer with his head.
In general, I would advise you to return to Israel. Life there is incomparably better” – Vijay told us.

“How I want to go to those places that seem to call me, to Arizona, where my favorite saguaros grow.

Oh, yes, but what should we do today?” – I asked.

“Go home and spend the night in the same house with some crazy maniac, or is it better to go to the dormitory of a Hindu temple? Or maybe all this is Vijay and Gauda’s inventions? Thomas doesn’t look like a maniac at all. True, we do not know what a real maniac looks like. But obviously somehow differently” – we began to ponder the situation.

All the way we were indecisive, but after going up to the house and stomping around the entrance a little, we decided not to run away from stupid fears and stay overnight in a rented apartment.

At night, I woke up somewhere at half past one and felt some indescribable, pleasant movement, a bit like a pulsation, inside me. This made me happy and reassured.

And in the morning after breakfast, I saw Thomas’s sister coming down the stairs with a suitcase.

“Good morning!
Have you decided to go somewhere?” – I asked

“Yes, to Turkey for medicines. There are cheap medicines and clothes” – she replied.

“Is she just running away from here?” – we thought.

Later Vijay called us again and told us the following.

“Hi! The guys were found and, in compensation for the damage, the Georgian was forced to sign a paper that he was giving them that land of 7 thousand acres.”


In the evening of the same day, my son and I went for an evening walk

“Look, on the other side of the street, people are again crowding with flowers in mourning clothes … so again, here in this small district for the third time in two months of our stay here, someone has died?” – I remarked.

“And for the past few days, you and I have seen the cars of the funeral agency with the curtains drawn almost every day … How strange it all is …

“We often saw such a car in Bulgaria, when we lived at the Villa Eden.

And we are publishing the episode about our adventures there, just now.

But why have we never seen anything like this either in Israel or in Turkey?
Of course, there are more elderly people in Georgia, but not that much? What’s the matter? It is not clear …” – the son continued the theme.

To be continued…


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