Parable 8. How unconscious people are manipulated

Saturday came. In the morning we heard Leah, the landlady of the house, aggressively shouting something in Georgian. Closer to lunchtime, we saw that Thomas got into the car and drove off somewhere, and Leah waved her hand to us with a pleased smile.

We left the house and after walking two or three blocks, we saw that a guy on a lilac scooter stopped on the road next to us, he took off his helmet and smiled, and I was surprised to recognize him as Gauta, an Indian messenger who is in charge of delivering food.

“Hi, something new.
About twenty minutes ago, one of the brothers who had arrived from Istanbul was kidnapped. The one who is smaller, in expensive clothes and with excellent hairstyle, his name begins with “E.” He was walking along the boulevard, yes, along Independence Street, a car stopped nearby and he was dragged inside. In general, this does not surprise me, it’s lunchtime. Now we are meeting, discussing the situation … Come to the store after four, there will be news” – he said.

“This is already beyond all boundaries! Lunch time? What an idiotic joke? Independence Street is the Turkish word for Istiklal, the most famous street in Istanbul.”

Maybe they read the episode “Scary Tales Told at Night” that we sent to Vijay and came up with this story?

But how do they know what Erol looked like, where the apartments rented out by brothers were, and that Erol owns the hotel where he lives? These are real existing facts that Vijay and Gauda told us, but we did not write this in the episodes.

How could they know this?

We reached the house and while I was setting the table, my son called me to see how the views on WordPress changed while we were leaving.

“Look how strange it is!” – he said

“What else is strange? I’m already tired of all these oddities! Well, speak up soon …

And, yes, 99 views from Georgia, from where there was never a single one … This is really strange … “

In the evening we reached an Indian store and through its open door we saw that at Vijay’s table there was a man with white skin, obviously not an Indian, but rather a Georgian, and it seemed he was checking some kind of reporting.

We were inconveniet to come in and decided to call the Indian.
He went out onto the porch of the store and, as usual, dumbfounded us with the news. He said that from the store’s account at 5-6 in the evening there was a large amount of money has been written off and my uncle is very angry about this.

“Yes, it’s just strange that his uncle turns out to be not an Indian, but a Georgian” – said the son.

On Sunday morning, waking up in the morning, we did not hear the presence of our neighbors, an elderly couple with a little granddaughter, who were renting part of the house next to us.
And by about eleven o’clock I was seized by the strongest anxiety, my heartbeat increased. In addition to this, the curtains in the bedroom began to close by themselves, as then at the villa “Eden” in Golden Sands and the window was blocked.

I began to feel some kind of panic, it is not clear where it came from fear and asked my son to get out and leave the house as soon as possible.

We decided to go see an Indian or a hostel since we didn’t get what it is.
We went to the address indicated by Vijay but didn’t find either a temple nor a hostel and found there by some reason already familiar house (the fragment associated with it I will describe in detail later in Unexplained episodes) and which symbolized real danger for us.

We decided to move in the direction of the Indian store and by the way we saw the messenger Gauda passing by. He stopped when he saw us, he smelled strongly of alcohol.

I don’t know the address of the temple, I just take my mother there to work, but I don’t understand these Georgian hieroglyphs.
Let’s meet outside the store in an hour. Vijay’s uncle yelled at me a lot yesterday.
Yes, and yesterday your elderly neighbors together with their granddaughter were taken out of the house, because they saw how Erol was abducted”

“What an impossible nonsense!
All street names in Batumi are duplicated in English.
However, the neighbors were really not at home, most likely they just left. But how could he know that?”

Taking the phone out, I saw that Vijay to whom we wrote a note asking for getting the exact address of the temple (hostel), in reply wrote to us “Please do not call me more, contact Gouda”

“You know, let’s decide, from now on this story no longer exists for us, but only our real Amazing Life exists!” – I said to my son.

And we went to look for a hairdresser to cut his overgrown hair, by address told by Vijay. But predictably it wasn’t there.

“Remember how much he lied to us …” – my son told me

“You know, I think that Thomas never went to an Indian store at all, but I still wonder, without any offense, ask Viji why he came up with all this?”

We reached an Indian store, but neither me nor my son wanted to go there. And through the open door we saw another man at the seller’s place.

tsa another man.

As soon as we moved away from the store, a heavy downpour began.

“What a pity that I left the yoga hammock outside, it will get wet and dirty now” – I said.

“Yes, I have not seen such a rain yet and it is not going to end” – answered the son.

We stood for some time under a canopy, and then, like the rain subsided a little and we ran to the house.

“Hi, Maayan! Your hammock is under the awning below. Tomasi, as it started to rain, immediately ran to take it off.” – Leah greeted us as soon as we opened the gate of the house that lodged us.

“What wonderful hosts we have!” – I said, looking at the intensified rain again, which seemed to wash away from us, from the yard, from this story, all the accumulated dirt.

The show is over! Curtain! Applause!

And the analysis of the performance from the energy-informational point of view is in the next episode.

To be continued…


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