Paranormal virus 2.

“It is so!” – said, turning to us, a 50-year-old man overtaking us, looking European.

He said this at a time when my son and I were walking down the street and discussing one serious enough for us
question, but could not come to the conclusion whether this is so.

It turned out that he, seemingly not knowing it himself, as if he gave the answer to our question.

But we spoke in a different language and he clearly could not understand what our conversation was about, and most likely he himself did not understand what he said and why he did it.

But then we were amazed.

I think if we caught up with him and asked what he meant by saying this, then most likely he would have been surprised, shrugged his shoulders and said, “Guys, I didn’t tell you anything.”

This little episode, which took place in Antalya, in Turkey, helped me now in solving the puzzle why I. (see “Paranormal Virus on Whatsapp”) decided to break off all communication with me.

It turned out that the story “The paranormal virus on WhatsApp” unexpectedly received a continuation, though not on Whatsapp (in which my account by I. was already blocked), but nevertheless with the mediation of the phone.

About ten days ago I. she sent me a note by mail, and in return I sent him the first, already published part of “The Parable. How Unconscious People Are Manipulated”.

In which I mentioned a story told to us by salesman Vijay in an Indian store in Batumi, Georgia.

According to Vijay, his friend, who was flying through the Dubai airport, told him that their compatriot had checked in with him for the flight to Los Angeles … born in 1895, and the airport workers could not believe that this active Indian man … 125 years old.

In my letter, I also told I. that published that story about the virus on Whatsapp.

In response, I received a rather aggressive note in which she accused me of lying, writing that he found this story about a 125-year-old Indian on the Internet and in fact it happened in 2019. Therefore, everything I write about also contains partially false information.

It is likely that Vijay lied about the fact that his friend was flying in the same plane with a 125-year-old compatriot, but I did not answer I. so as not to get involved in a pointless, time-consuming and energy-consuming dialogue.

Since I knew that I., I repeat once again, is a wonderful person, but adheres exclusively to conservative views, absolutely denying the possibility of phenomena unexplained by traditional science and not only to convince him of anything else, even on the basis of the facts given, is impossible, but even hypothetically to assume that there may be something different from him views, he is not ready. And even the very possibility of such an assumption completely drives him out of himself.

The next day after exchanging letters with I., Vijay informed us about a strange call from two unknown numbers

“They did not call my personal number, but the work phone indicated in the advertisement of the store.
The conversation was somehow strange and unpleasant.
A young guy called, he spoke English well, and next to him was apparently an older man. He was shouting something into the phone in an incomprehensible language.
The guy insisted that the story of a 125-year-old man was a disgusting publicity stunt to trick people and sell as many of his goods as possible to simpletons who take everything I say at face value.
What did they want? I do not know.”

“Ask him to tell the phone number from which the call was.” – I said

When Vijay started calling the numbers, there was no longer any doubt …


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