Paranormal virus 2. Part 2.

“Ask him to tell the phone number from which the call was.” – I said

When Vijay began to tell the number, there was no longer any doubt …

“Is this really my old acquaintance I.? Is it possible?”

The Indian dictated two numbers and both of them belonged to I.

And in the evening, already in person, Vijay said that the same guy and man called 47 times and demanded that he tell them the herb that lengthens life.

“Could it be that I. was so impressed by the story of a 125-year-old Indian that he found the phone number of the Batumi store on the Internet and started calling there?”

“Just what was the purpose of the call? Does he really believe that there is some kind of herb growing in India that can prolong life and the seller in the store knows and will name it?” – I asked.

“I don’t know. It’s strange, but in principle it’s probably” – answered the son.

I sent I. a note asking if he called Vijay.

His answer shocked me.

“Leaking my phone numbers, you set me up. I need to take action.” – he wrote.

I felt uncomfortable with such an answer from I. There was absolutely no logic in it, which was usually inherent in him in everyday matters. In this case, I absolutely could not understand what caused such an inadequate, in my opinion, reaction to the story about a 125-year-old Indian, and most importantly, to my note.

I did not give I’s phone number to anyone, and no one asked me for it. How could I set him up and what measures is he going to take?

I told him that I did not tell anyone him number, and he himself called to the Indian store and it looks like our communication ended … forever.

In general, I did not become particularly worried, realizing in the depths of myself that despite many years of acquaintance, the gap between us was still inevitable.

Then, I began to analyze the incident in more detail.

I. and his father worked in special forces and of course he was always very careful, and would never call an Indian store from her phone number, and even more so with some controversial question.

And in that note, he reproaches me for giving the numbers of both him phones to the Indian. That is, he probably thought that when Vijay told the region where the calls were from, I guessed that he called and told him his phone numbers. This is logical.

Then how could Vijay find out him phone numbers, if he did not call from them, and I didn’t tell him them either?
Here’s what was unclear.

And here the small episode described at the very beginning of the article that took place in Antalya, when a man who overtook us on the street, gave an answer to our question, not knowing its essence, came to the aid of my imagination.

Apparently, he just himself did not understand what he said and why, and then most likely forgot about it.

Something similar could have happened to Vijay.

Calling us the phone numbers of I., he, apparently, did not understand what he was saying, but simply repeated what some inner voice or the energy-informational world that was in it and cooperated with some energy world in us prompted him. Having told I.’s numbers, he, most likely, immediately forgot them.

And our energetic worlds, apparently, did not like the stubbornness of I. and his energoworlds for a long time and they wanted to break this communication forever.
What they did well.

We can say that for I. they again used a new personal type of virus.
Good luck and health to you, I.!

And we notice more and more how amazing this Life is!

And we continue our journey through it with you, dear readers!


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