Afterword to the “Parable. How unconscious people are manipulated.”

It has been almost two weeks since the unusual story described there, to put it mildly, ended, and it is clearly time to take stock. (See A parable. How unconscious people are manipulated. H1-8)

During this time, my son and I passed by an Indian store several times, but looking through its slightly open door, we never saw Vijay (the seller) there and did not feel the desire to go inside.

Although we understood that we needed to see him for a more complete understanding of what actually happened, where did this story with a lot of incredible and disgusting nightmares come from. Who invented it and why? And how could there be so many reliable facts in this story that Indian could not know?

When we first went to an Indian store to buy turmeric, in our heads was formed a stereotype wabout Indians as people who always get up at dawn with always positive thoughts, do yoga, drink only water and eat a minimum of vegan food, have priority of spiritual values over material ones.

And when entering the store, we were not set up to see how its seller really looks on the energy-informational plan, but simply transferred to him those that we had already existing ideas. And this expected stencil, Viji portrayed himself, and when he also told the story about his 125-year-old compatriot

We involuntarily began to think that most likely he thinks about the same as that, undoubtedly worthy of all respect man, and we became interested in understanding this way of thinking more deeply and even adopting it to some extent.

Why did he pretend to be like this, if in fact, he was completely different? He did not try to sell us anything, on the contrary, he dissuaded us from buying. He, or rather his energy-informational world, apparently wanted to interest us and we so to speak swallowed the “bait”. Then we wanted to share with him and find out his opinion about the horror story that happened in Istanbul (see” Unexplained episodes from everyday life “Season 2. Episode 2. Scary tales told at night”)

“Scary fairy tales… We sent it to him on WhatsApp, because we were interested in understanding how would think and act in our place a person who is not subject to fears and seemed to us a model of the right attitude to life.

This was the beginning of the story, and with it the “film” began using the main plot of “Scary Tales…”, only with other main characters and in another slightly modified, and I would say, perverted version.

I don’t even want to remember these terrible stories about poisoned plums, candies, leashes, collars, handcuffs, the imprisonment of people in a barn, the pogrom of the store. Where did all this dirt come from?

And, surprisingly, Vijay all these horror stories, which it was unbearable to even listen to, told completely emotionless, with empty eyes and an absent look, which made a very strange impression. So what is this Vijay really like and what energy-informational worlds are contained in him? And finally today we came up and decisively pulled the door handle of an Indian store.

This time the Indian was sitting at his desk and when he saw us, he smiled. It became for some reason very funny to me, just like it was then in Istanbul, when we already realized that all the horrors were just a show and after that we passed by Erol store.

“Hi, how are you? It seems you’ve already come, but I forgot what business.

“What is it?” – the Indian asked.

“Do you have any senna grass on sale?” – I got an Indian record with Indian pills “Senade” He looked at it and turned it over in his hands.

“No, unfortunately”

“Don’t you remember the story you told us?” – my son asked.

“No, I just remember that we definitely saw each other and that’s it, but I don’t remember what we talked about. I have an extra job right now, so I don’t even have time to sleep.”

“Listen, and Thomas, an elderly Georgian on a Nissan did not come to you?”

“No, I don’t remember that…”

To be continued


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