Afterword. Part 2 to “Parable. How unconscious people are manipulated”.

Both my son and I felt that he was not lying, but it seems that he really does not remember anything.
This time I paid special attention to Vijay’s eyes, they were empty and unkind, and if you go deeper through them, there was a feeling of his world as some kind of flight up and down like on a roller coaster.

“Don’t you remember how you came to us by taxi? And don’t you remember why?”

“No, I have been completely working the last days, I sleep 3 hours a day. And where do you live?”

“On Vazhafshavela …”

” No, I do not know…”

“Ok! Have a nice day! See you!” – we said.

“Have you noticed what empty, strange and unkind eyes he has?
Most likely he regularly smokes some kind of narcotic weed” – I noticed when we left the store.

“Do you remember at the beginning you and I wanted to ask him, without any offense, “Vijay, why did you come up with this story?”

So now I understand that he did not invent anything. Like a man in that episode in Antalya, Turkey. Do you remember, he, overtaking us, turning around, told us then “There is such!”?

He said this at the moment when you and I were walking down the street and discussing one serious enough for us
question, but could not come to a conclusion whether this is so.

It turned out that he, seemingly not knowing himself, as if gave the answer to our question.
Although we spoke in a different language and he clearly could not understand what our conversation was about, and most likely he himself did not understand what he said and why he did it.

But you and I were very surprised then.
Do you remember?

I think if we caught up with him and asked what he meant by saying this, then most likely he would have been surprised, shrugged his shoulders and said, “Guys, I didn’t tell you anything.”

Because, apparently, he himself did not even understand and did not notice that he told us something, but simply did what some kind of energy-informational world that was in him, resonated and cooperated with some kind of energy world in us, prompted him … Very interesting, isn’t it?

Then he immediately forgot all this. Rather, he didn’t forget, but he didn’t even understand and didn’t realize that he had done something. How amazing it is!

Apparently, something similar happened with Vijay.

He didn’t seem to even understand what he was saying, but acted like a transmitter or a megaphone, which is used simply to make the words heard by others.

The same thing happened with Gouda, who was already saying absolutely crazy things (how else to understand his words “Erol was kidnapped, but it did not surprise me since it was lunchtime.?”) – I reasoned.

“But Khalil, the owner of an apartment in Istanbul, also smoked pot and told scary stories, but …”

“But some kind of sincere benevolence emanated from him, everything he said, he spoke very emotionally, and not in a monotonous voice with an empty face, right?

After all, he really was very scared then and just wanted to warn us, and then, when he realized that he was in vain sowing panic, he came to apologize, and several times, and he was really very upset and embarrassed that everything turned out this way. Therefore, despite the fear experienced then, we remember it with a warm feeling.

Life is amazing, Khalil. We hope it cures your fears and gives you a lot of positive moments!

Vijay told all these, literally chilling stories, completely without any emotions with an absent face and empty eyes, because apparently he did not even understand what he was saying and doing.

It’s hard to imagine that this is possible.

“Good! This is about his stories, it is more or less clear here, but why did he not come by taxi then and how did he find out our address and what was the purpose of the trip?” – asked the son.

“He just didn’t realize what he was doing, he was completely led by his world, cooperating with ours. It completely controlled all his actions. Maybe I’ll say an ugly word, but it turns out that he was completely ZOMBIE. So?” – I asked…

“It looks like that. I’m shocked” – said the son.

We asked for a new story and Amazing Life gave it to us!

It was actually a very unusual and incredibly instructive story, but not the most pleasant one.

Please, Amazing Life, give us a good, truly positive and happy story!

And while we are waiting for it with bated breath, our voyage through the Amazing Life continues.

Thank you for traveling with us, dear readers!


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