Unexplained episodes from everyday life. Season 1. Episode 1. Part 2.

“What nonsense! I’m going to turn it off! Okay, let’s sleep better, we’ll figure it out tomorrow.”

“It turned on again! So tired of it already! I came up with an idea to lower all the levers on the electrical panel. Well, that’s great!”

The result of this maneuver was only the fact that the lamps on the ceiling now began to spontaneously turn on and off in their own rhythm.

“I’m already tired, honestly! But what can we do, let’s try to sleep!”

I again half-opened my eyes, brought out of the state of light drowsiness by the noise with the force of the already slamming of our door between the rooms.

“Now this too! I’ll go open it! It’s not clear how it could have slammed shut, because according to all the laws of physics, this should not be.”

“Again! Well, okay! In general, what’s the difference. Let it be closed.”

But it is obvious that our comfortable rest was not included in the plans of the door or the one who controlled it, and it began to close and open with a crash on its own.

“This is getting unbearable!”

The next unexpected activity came from a tall metal chair near the door between the rooms.
He began to jump and fall by himself with a wild roar.

“It was unbearable, but it is already completely impossible to bear.”

I got up, pulled the chair out onto the landing and closed the front door, and the chair bounced up and down the steps with a crash …

The next morning, opening the door, I saw a chair lying at the bottom of our flight of stairs.

“Poor, I understand well how much you had to endure” – I was filled with sympathy for the chair and gently stroked and kissed him.

“I understand how much you worried at night, friend!
But don’t make any more noise, okay?”

I felt that he agreed with my arguments.

“Yaron, what is this noise and flash? What was that?” – I asked my son the next night.

“I don’t know, let’s sleep better, we’ll see in the morning.”

When we woke up, we saw that the laptop charge flashed at night and exploded into several pieces, scattered throughout the room. Alas!

However, since we stubbornly did not change our position,

Hoping that the situation will somehow resolve itself, but for some reason this did not happen, we began to have new extremely unpleasant “entertainment”.

“Yaron, do you think I should take a shower or not? I’m afraid. You hear the pipes humming, knocking and shaking! Even the walls of the shower stall are shaking!”

“What to do? I’m sweating, it’s 114 degrees outside, I can’t help but wash!
Yaron, what if some pipe bursts and water rushes … What do you think?
Perhaps, I still dare to quickly douse myself with water! Do you think nothing will happen? OK! Let’s go for a walk, it’s unbearable to be here.”

“Oh, something is pouring on me from somewhere above, my pillow and sheet are wet. Where does this water come from? Yaron, are you sleeping?”

“No, something is dripping on me from above too …” – answered the son, who had not slept on the sofa in the next room.

“Yaron, where is it flowing from? Why in this room and in that one? Oh, oh, and water splashed on me from the bathroom window! Yaron, the water is warm! Above us on the roof there is a boiler, Yuval said, is it really leaking?”

“Okay, I put all my things in the closet so that they don’t get wet. There is nowhere to even sit, water is flowing everywhere. It’s already 4 am, let’s go outside, take a walk … run!”

Two or two and a half hours later we decided to go back to the apartment.

To our surprise, everything was more or less peaceful.
The puddles dried up, there were only small wet spots on the ceiling, and so almost nothing already reminded of the night “fun”.

We contacted the landlord about a boiler leak, but he did not find it.

A couple of days passed relatively calmly …

“Yaron, look at what incredible colors the Edom Mountains are painting the sunset, I think I will never stop admiring them!

Oh, look, water splashed from the roof from somewhere!
It hit the tourists downstairs, on the first floor, they had a picnic in their courtyard.
Yaron, they are shouting something unflattering to us, they think that we poured water on them, I wanted to tell them that this is not so, but they went inside.”

“Yaron, this is starting again. Earlier than usual today.
Look at the bed from above the water flows and it scares me that it is warm! If what is leaking is the boiler, then there is a huge mass of hot water in it, but if it rushes here … I don’t even want to imagine it!
Let’s better call Yuval, he went to work.” – I could not resist.

“Of course” – the son replied and dialed neighbor’s phone number.

“Hello guys! Are you in a flood again? Okay, don’t worry, I’ll be there soon, I’ll bring you the keys to my apartment, you can spend the night there, I’ll still be at work, you will find clean linen and towels in the closet. The boiler is really above your apartment, but not above mine, so you can sleep peacefully in it!”

“Thank you so much!”

I began to collect things and every time I approached the door or closet, landed on me another portion of the warm liquid.

“Yaron, I’m tired of this, I think I need to … take an umbrella …”

“Under an umbrella in the apartment? Well, you guys have come up with this! I have never seen anything like this …” – Yuval laughed as he drove up.

Thank you very much, Yuval! It’s great that you came and gave us the opportunity to sleep in your apartment!
“Yaron, I won’t stay overnight in this apartment … Enough!” – I said in the morning.

I was already invited to work in the diving club and guest house “A”, where my son and I found lodging for a while.

I wrote to Avi, the representative of the owner of the apartment, a note that we had moved out of the apartment because it was not possible to live in it, and he did not answer, apparently admitting the validity of this argument (this apartment on Eilot Street was attached on top and was, in fact, arbitrary construction).

And we moved to live in the diving club, towards new adventures!

To be continued…

P.S. As if in response to the question posed in the title of the episode, I would like to note that for some reason, all the boiler leaks occurred exclusively at night and with an interval of several days.


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