Unexplained episodes from everyday life. Season 1. Episode 2… When out of air are pouring in sugar and coffee.

Unable to withstand being in an apartment with a noisy unwanted neighborhood, shaking pipes, slamming doors, spontaneously turning on light and flowing from above, for some unknown reason at night only, water, my son and I gladly accepted the invitation to move to live in a diving club “A”.

The diving club and guest house “A” there were located in a beautiful spacious two-storey villa with panoramic views of the sea and the Edom Mountains, with a large yard and, of course, a swimming pool necessary for learning to dive.

“Hurray! Today we will finally have a good night’s sleep” – we decided, comfortably settling down in the apartment with number one on the second floor of the villa.

However, hopes for a comfortable stay were not destined to come true and in the middle of the night I was awakened in a very unusual way.

“What is it? Such a strange sound, as if something is falling on me and next to me on the bed … Yes, it seems it is truth that is falling … What is it? And where does it fall from? Well, not from the ceiling? Perhaps, need to turn on the light and see what it is and also wake up my son.” – I thought about the incomprehensible situation.

“Yaron, wake up, look, something is falling from top of me, but I cannot understand what. Look, these are some white grains that look like sugar or salt. How can this be?”

The son woke up with difficulty, and when he opened his eyes and sat down on the bed, he laughed uncontrollably.

“What’s so funny? Some kind of nonsense falls on me from above in the middle of the night, but it’s funny for you!” – I was indignant.

And he, unable to contain his laughter, with difficulty uttered “Never in my life have I seen something falling from above from nowhere and falling right on you.”

“What do you think it is? And why is this happening?”

“I don’t know, but it really looks like sugar or salt. And that’s why it falls on you and how it really falls out of nowhere, just out of air, I don’t understand.”

“Okay, what to do now, I hope this will be over soon.
I’ll go and try to wash myself. Yaron, this is sugar, I started to wash it and my hair stuck together …”

“Yes, and here is the morning! Well, it was a strange night! There were a lot of “sugar” fun, but we still can’t see sweet dreams.
Let’s go have breakfast, Yaron and
I have to go to work. Guests and divers will come soon, tourists will wake up. Then, I’ll free myself and try to analyze what happened at night. The day is usually quite calm.”

“Good! Agreed! Let’s go have breakfast!”

But again we were deceived in our hopes for peace.
Because apparently as a continuation of the sugar one for us on this day, another special entertainment program was already conceived – a coffee program.

It started when I, after talking with the guests and divers, went out into the courtyard of the villa.

“Yaron! Come here! I don’t understand what’s going on! Again some nonsense begins. Look, now coffee is pouring at me!”

“Yes, the same thing happens that happened at night, only now it is not sugar that falls on you, but ground coffee.”

And indeed, when I was among people, everything was fine, but as soon as I walked away from them (and I had to ply between the villa and its yard), as if from above, as if someone invisible, periodically poured a small portion of ground coffee and it fell on my clothes, then on my face, then on my hair.

“Yaron, this is so inconvenient! What will people think of us? Can you tell me where the next portion of coffee will land? We must try to shake it off in time so that no one will notice anything. Otherwise we will be considered some kind of nutcases.”

“Yes, well, of course! I understand everything.”

“Well, everything seems to have calmed down! I was so tired and worried. Now I’m starting to come to my senses. And you?” – I noticed after the incident for several hours.

“Me too” – the son replied.

“You know, Yaron, only one thought haunts me – “Where did these sugar and coffee come from?
Come on, let’s go and see in the room where we spent the night, maybe we can understand something.”

“It seems here is the answer” – I said, when my son and I pushed back the refrigerator, we found two half-empty
paper cups.

“Look, just in one coffee, and in the other – sugar …

And I also have to tell you – I would not want to spend the night in this room anymore.
Apparently, our energy-informational worlds really do not like this!”

To be continued…


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