Unexplained episodes from everyday life. Season 1. Episode 3. Disappearing and flying objects.

Although the sweet-coffee fun took place in guest room number one, the other apartments with panoramic views of the Gulf of Aqaba were called “sweet” in the diving club.

There we went to spend the night the next day, in the hope that the program of night entertainment for the near future has already been exhausted.

But we were a little wrong …

The day turned out to be quite tiring and my son and I, wishing each other good night, turned off the lights and began to anticipate a pleasant moment of falling asleep.
Through the light doze, there was a loud scraping sound, then another and another.

“What is this sound? As if someone is scratching right in the wall? Is it like some of our paranomalities again?”

“I hope no one will pay attention to it, what do you think, Yaron?” – I asked my son.

“I don’t know, let’s hope for the best.”

“Well, here it is again! A very familiar trick! It seems that our hopes for a quiet rest were in vain.” – I said as a bright light flashed on the ceiling directly above me.

“I’m reluctant to get up, but the light is too bright and hits my eyes. So I still won’t fall asleep, I’ll go turn it off … Only I have a suspicion …”

“Exactly, again the same things as in that previous apartment.” – I summed up, because the bright lamp on the ceiling began to turn on and off spontaneously, preventing sleep.

“How tired of all this!”

I got out of bed and went to the bathroom. On my return, a new surprise awaited me.

“Yaron, do you know where my pillow is? It disappeared somewhere while I was going to the bathroom, did you see it? Okay, I’ll put a towel folded in several layers instead of it, what to do. Well, it’s done!”

“Yaron, where did your gray sports jacket go, it was hanging on the chair, and now it is not there?
Where could it go?
Oh my favorite bra, it was on a different chair, it disappeared too. Yaron, do you think it will appear? It’s so hard to buy good lingerie! “

“I don’t know, but it seems to me that things should be found in the morning. The day was very tiring today, let’s try to sleep, anyway, we will not change anything now.”

“Perhaps this is the most sensible decision. Good night, if this is possible, my dear!”

“Oh, Yaron, look and the towel that I put instead of the pillow, it also disappeared!
Why is everything like this?
But okay, nothing, I’ll take another.”

The light have flashed and then went out for a while, then everything calmed down and we fell asleep.

Through my morning nap, I suddenly felt that someone was moving in the room.

“Oh, it’s Shekel! How did she get in here, whe the door was closed? Shekel, go away soon, I know your habits well!” – I said, quickly jumping out of bed to chase away a three-colored cat, who had climbed onto an empty bed, named Shekel, who was everyone’s favorite in the villa.

“Late!” – I stated, seeing a wet round trace on the bed.

“Well, okay, I’ll go wash myself, I have to start the day! It’s good that I managed to get some sleep.”

On my return from the bathroom, a new surprise awaited me.

“Yaron, something hit me on the shoulder! This is the towel that disappeared yesterday.
Oh, something else is flying right at me! This is disappeared at night pillow!
It is so amazing, as if someone invisible threw it at me with force from “nowhere”.
I saw how it was flying from above and from the side.
How can this be, Yaron?”

“I don’t know. Okay, it’s good that they were found, or rather appeared!”

“But what about your jacket and my bra? Will they be found too?”

Our room has become like the Bermuda Triangle. Don’t you think?”

“Yes, there is such!”

“Yarush, let’s go to Shuk (a shop nearby) and buy something tasty. Do you want?” – I said to my son a few hours later, having finished my work at the diving club.

“Of course I do! Let’s go!”

“How nice it is to take a walk!
Yaron, look what is it on the sidewalk?
Is this really my bra? Exactly! Yes, it is it, it was found! I am so glad! How did it get here?
Now all that remains to find is your jacket!”

A few yards later, at the crossing over the road, hit me with force some object in which I recognized my son’s jacket.

How Amazing is this Life!

To be continued…


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