Unexplained episodes from everyday life Season 1. Episode 4. An obsessive melody … from nowhere … and other adventures at the Diving Club “A”

That night, my son and I comfortably settled in Family, a cozy apartment on the ground floor with a separate exit to the courtyard.

“Good night, dear” – I said to my son, falling into a dream and suddenly, almost jumped on the bed, … again this obsessive melody of the song “Let me move drunk on the dance floor …”

“Well, after all, we are no longer on Eilot! This song is like a nightmare! Where does it come from? I don’t even want to remember the so-called “adventures” in that apartment on Eilot Street with neighbors who are lovers of alcohol!
Where does this sound come from, as if it comes from the son’s bed?

“Yaron, did you take your phone with you and is it now “having fun” under your pillow?” – I asked.

“No, I didn’t take it, it stayed on the charger in the lobby of the villa, we took only your phone here and it lies on the table and obviously the sound is not coming from it.”

“Yaron, how inconvenient it is! You know that there is a hostel across the wall from us, where the guys who work here spend the night. What will they think of us? That we are secret alcoholics?”

“Let’s see, maybe the phone has teleported and lies under the pillow or mattress?”

“Yaron, I don’t understand how this can be. We shook up all the bed linen, pillows, and mattress, but found nothing, and the sound is still coming from your bed. Do you understand anything?

Do you know that, according to the logic of things, the sound could only come from your phone, let’s go see all the same and is it really in the lobby of the villa or not?”

“I do not mind, I am also interested, let’s go!” – answered the son.

“Yes, here it is, on the spot. I don’t understand anything! Well, let’s go back to sleep.”
“Yes, everything seems to have calmed down. Maybe even will get enough sleep” – we thought hopefully, returning to Family and plunging into a sweet slumber.

“Oh, it seems to be starting again! Yaron, I already have hair and a pillow and a jacket, everything is wet”

Indeed, as if someone invisible from nowhere, from above and from the side, periodically splashed at me about a bowl of clean cool water at a time.

“Yaron, I still won’t be able to sleep, I’m already all wet, let’s go outside!”

We ran out of the apartment, but the invisible one seemed unable to calm down and continued to splash water in us in the yard.

“Let’s go there, outside the territory of the villa, there are benches nearby, maybe we can take a nap there.
Water was poured over again!
Let’s go there to Love Square!

And here the same thing!
And here, too, this watering does not stop! I’m already all wet, as if I’ve bathed in the sea.
And today there is still such a strong wind. I was already completely chilled. Yaron, can we try to return to Family? It’s even warm there.”

“Let’s try, we are not risking anything” – said the son.

“I hope no one will watch the video camera tomorrow, as we run all night here, otherwise they will just consider us crazy.”

“Anyway, what to do now?”

” Yes, you are right.”

We returned to “Family”.

“Yaron, our beds are all wet, let’s turn the mattresses over with the dry side”


“Yes, we tried in vain! Again! Well, now they are already wet! All our attempts to take a nap today are clearly doomed to failure. Let’s go for a walk a little, soon it’s already five in the morning.”

At about 6 in the morning, when we returned to the apartment, everything finally calmed down and, oddly enough, we both did not feel tired, but felt an amazing feeling of inner relief, as if this water cleared us, washing away some unnecessary dirt on the energy-information plane …

I think it was so…
And the sound seemed to come from the son’s phone, which instantly teleported from one place to another, so we could not find it.

After all, this Life is really Amazing, it is full of secrets and mysteries, and how an exciting journey through it!

To be continued…


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