Unexplained episodes from everyday life. Season 1. Episode 5. Conversations not with a person, not with a robot. And with whom????

“Yaron, tell me, aren’t you tired of living in the diving club? Do you want to find a separate cozy apartment for us?”

“I don’t know, honestly I don’t care.”

“And I want to. No, I like that I don’t have to go to work in the morning, I like to lunch in the yard at different tables and…

Simultaneously admire the blue of the Gulf of Aqaba and the delicate tints of the colors of my beloved Edom Mountains, but I want to have my own space.

I want us to have a separate apartment with a large courtyard, where can enjoy the silence, peace and solitude, be alone with your thoughts, but here is always crowded. You looked at yad 2 today, is there something new?”

“Yes, of course there is, I’ll call now”

“Tell the money and checks are already in my bag.” (in order to rent an apartment in Israel for a year, the owner is issued bank checks for 12 months in advance)

“Good! I said that, but the hostess says that she needs to cook the soup, it is better to call her later. And I thought that it was more important for people to rent an apartment out than to cook soup.”

“Yes, amazing. Me too. Call someone else.”

“Here an elderly woman says that her grandson will show the apartment later, but now he needs to take a bath.”

“Yeah, strange owners, won’t say anything! It seems that they really don’t need renting out an apartment, but they want to play a trick on us.”

“Finally! I found an apartment and we can come to see it closer to 5 pm, that is, we can already go out.”

“Hurray! Let’s go quickly, I’m in impatience!”

“Yaron, is there an apartment for rent in this house? Maybe this is the one with such a pretty yard, how do you think?”

“I don’t know. Let’s call the hostess.”

“Good evening! We made an appointment with you to rent an apartment. We are near the house.”

“Okay. I’m at a hardware store, choosing goods for repair. I’ll be there in half an hour. Will you wait?” – said a woman’s voice in the phone.

“Of course! We would like to rent an apartment today if we like it. We have the money and checks with us. We are waiting for you! Did I say that correctly?”

“Of course, Yaron! I’m glad we finally found something real.”

“Yaron, call the hostess again, ask where she is, see how much time has passed.”

“Yes, I’m already typing her.
Good evening again! How long will it take to arrive and show you the apartment? “

“I’m at the checkout. Now I’m counting out! I can not talk.”

“A strange hostess, don’t you think, Yaron? It seems that she is not at all in the mood to rent out an apartment. Call her back again.”

“Hello! Should we wait for you?” – the son asked laconically.

“Yes, of course. Now I will pick up the child from the kindergarten on the way and drive up, show the apartment. The apartment is good, if we conclude an agreement today, then I will reduce well the price.”

“Great! Let’s hope Yaron!”

“Of course, I think we’ll have to wait.”

“Yaron, this is already unbearable, call again!”

“Excuse me, where are you already?”

“The child wanted a chocolate bar on the way. We are already in the store next to the house.”

“Yeah, it looks like they’re playing a trick on us, but why?”

“Yaron, call the landlady for the last time.”

“Excuse me, are we waiting for you or not?” – asked the son.

Voice in the phone: “Of course, wait, if you want to see the apartment. The apartment and the price is good, it will go away quickly. I’m in a black Nissan crossover, I’m already driving up to the parking lot next to the house, you’ll see me.”

“Yaron, I think it’s completely pointless to stay further. Not a single black Nissan has driven up and parked during this time.
It looks like someone just laughed at us …
We waited four hours!!!”

Or it was like this …

“Yaron, why doesn’t the owner of the house tell you the address if he really wants to rent out the apartment? You told him that we are ready to conclude an agreement today?”


“So what? We’ve been looking for some house without an address for an hour now, guided by the owner’s instructions.”

“He says that we are almost there. Is this the intersection of Argaman and Yotam streets?” – the son asked the owner of the rental house.

“Yes. There is house 192 on the corner, and the next one …”

“1 9 4 ??? !!!” – my son and I screamed at the same time.

“Yaron, these streets are parallel, of course, there is no such house.”

“Ha-ha! Fool!” – said a woman’s voice in English in the phone, although before that we spoke with a man in Hebrew.

“Yaron, what is this? Is it really laughter or did it hear to me?”

“Ha ha! Fool!” – the voice in the phone spoke clearly and distinctly once again.

“How can it be, Yaron? Who were we talking to?”

And whose voice does it sound like? Is really to mine? Do you understand anything?”

“Nothing! I understand very clearly only one thing – that the viewing of the apartment is clearly not taking place today.”

“That’s for sure.”

We were completely at a loss, and to be honest, we were overwhelmed with violent emotions at such an incomprehensible behavior of the owners of the apartments, and we told everyone at work – divers and employers and tourists – about it, and people in response to these stories looked at us strangely.

It didn’t even occur to us then – that all these strange telephone conversations were fake and that we were not talking to people.

We realized this much later.

To be continued…


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