Season 1. Episode 6. Crazy life in a rented apartment.

“Yaron, we did it! We finally found it!”

And we now have a separate yard with my favorite cacti. Are you satisfied with our new apartment? “

“I don’t know. I’m not sure if we were in a hurry.”

“To be honest, so am I.”

After many unsuccessful attempts, we still found and rented an apartment at a private house in Grape Lane from a very elderly couple.
Whether it was luck or a test, judge for yourself, dear readers!

As we wanted, these apartments were a separate guest house near the entrance gate. It had a separate courtyard planted with many flowers, which included a sofa and a table with chairs. A beautiful greenhouse with different types of cacti, fig trees and bright beautiful flowers led to the owners’ house. The territory of the house was surrounded by a high fence and it was located in a quiet cottage area, 10 minutes walk from work.

“Yaron, today, as I finish my work at the diving club, we will go to lunch in a new apartment, finally we will feel in peace and solitude, we have been waiting for this for so long.”


“Well, here we are in the apartment, and you don’t want to take a walk, see the surroundings?” – I asked my son.

“I do not mind”

“Yaron, what is this fruit? You don’t know? It’s so big …”

“This is Azimin, they were artificially planted, I saw such a fruit on Wikipedia.”

“Why did it fall right in front of me? And this one too? And here’s another one?”

“You know, I somehow don’t like it. What if the next one falls on me? This is somehow not very cool!
Yaron, maybe we’d better go to lunch! Delicious food usually improves mood, right?
It’s been a long time since we enjoyed lunch in silence and solitude.”

“Excellent! I’m all for it!”

“It was delicious! How nice it is when there is peace and quiet around, but somewhy head is pressing hard. You too?” – I asked my son when we finished the meal.

“There is such a thing” – he replied.

“Okay, I’ll go wash the dishes.
Everything is in order!
Now we can relax!
Yaron, what is it? Look at the toaster, the red mains light is on and it heats up, but we didn’t turn it on, it’s completely unpleasant, how can this be?”

The light on the toaster seemed to signal the start of the “fun”.

The next to go on the attack were the jars carefully left by the owners – dispensers with liquid soap and some other green color with a pungent smell of toilet cleaner. They began to seem to come to life and pour their contents onto the surrounding objects …

“Yaron, what’s going on?
Look, all kitchen cabinets are already splattered with liquid soap!
This dispenser is like sprinkling the soap itself. How can this be?
Yaron, the apartment was so clean, I am so unconvient about the owners! And this soap is so hard to wash!”

“Oh, Yaron!
My hair, it’s all in soap!

No, it’s even worse!
This pungent smell of toilet cleaner is coming from my hair!”

“Yaron, this is awful!
I must clean them up as soon as possible!
Yaron, as soon as I wash off some of the soap, a new portion immediately appears on my hair. What to do?
Yaron, can you hear the water pouring?”

We turned around and saw that the washing machine literally came to life!

Indeed, in some unknown incredible way, the wire from it (which had been lying on the floor before) … turned out to be plugged into the outlet, the mains light came on, the washing program was set, the door closed and at the same time … the drain plug opened!!!! … and water was already pouring out of it by flow onto the floor.

And it happened in a matter of seconds.

“Yaron, this is just some kind of nightmare!” – I said, pulling out the machine’s wire from the outlet and seeing that now the water began to flow simultaneously from the tap in the kitchen and from the tap in the bathroom.

And it flowed from the taps … straight to the floor because the drain hoses in the sinks were pulled out, and the toilet hose was pulled out too … and water was flowing from it, too, right onto the floor.

As I turned off the taps and tried to eliminate the flood, my clothes and hair were completely wet and splattered with that acrid green and yellow odorous liquid soap. My whole body and head itched.

“Yaron, this is unbearable! I can’t stand this anymore, please take the packet with our things and run soon!”

We closed the door and took to ran to the diving club.
I sobbed softly and tapped my teeth on my way from the cold and stress.

“Yaron, Yaron! So it can’t be! Look as if someone is chasing me and again and again is sprinkling on me this soapy liquid from the dispenser? Now I again hear this sound, as if someone presses the sprayer and I feel more caustic liquid falling on my hair. How is this possible …? “

“Finally, here it is, the diving club. We got.”

We went into the brightly lit hall of the villa, where people were sitting and doing some kind of their own, ordinary, so cute, routine businesses.

“Yaron, it’s great that there are always people here and it’s so cozy and calm!
But look, Aviv (club manager) is coming to us, you talk to him, and I will run to wash myself in the Sweet apartments, fortunately, they are free, and the key is hanging there. It is better that no one sees me up close in such a “soapy” look, because how to explain this?”

I hurriedly ran to the shower and turned on the water, dreaming of finally washing myself.

“Well, calm down already, please! I need to wash off this chemistry!” – I turned to someone invisible.

But it did not want to calm down and now it was throwing my own things at me right into the shower stall – a shirt, sandals, etc.

I have picked them up and laid them on the bathroom floor and sobbing quietly, tried to ignore what was happening as much as possible.

Gradually everything began to calm down.

“Yaron, how nice it is to see familiar friendly people and feel warm and safe!
This is a very pleasant feeling!
Are you starting to move away from stress too? “
“Yes, you know, we must have looked so weird when we got here, but Aviv didn’t even ask anything. Sometimes he’s so cute!”

How Amazing Life is!
At that time we did not yet know what new unexpected “adventures” have been prepared for us in the apartment on Grape Lane.

More on this is in the next episode.


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