Birthday by paranormal.

Today is my birthday and for many years this day for me was the day when I invariably fell into depression. I tried to forget about it, not to notice that it will pass more quickly, experiencing deep dissatisfaction with the person that I was and that, albeit already changed, but completely insufficient, as I am now.

The morning began with the fact that the scheduled posts on WordPress were not published at night.
And this made me realize even more that I needed a complete reboot, not, even more, this is not enough!

I realized that today I want and have a chance to completely reconsider my life and be reborn in the paranormal.

I came to a clear understanding of why my son and I were expelled from Eilat and Israel and blocked almost all of our friends and acquaintances. We found ourselves, as it were, completely cut off from the usual life, because we needed a complete revision of it, an understanding of our goals and objectives in life, our values ​​and priorities, which in our everyday bustle would never have happened.

“Yaron, I realized that both of us need a revision and a positive change in our lives, and that huge layer of information “from the general’s computer” that Ariel’s voice told us for almost eight hours in a row clearly hinted to us about it. But at that moment we did not understand anything because they were completely unprepared for this yet.”

“Yes, I agree, Maayan, we were moving to a dead end, but did not understand this. In recent days I often recalled episodes from school life, but as if from the side, as if there was some kind of bystander, not me.”
“I feel the same. I cannot identify myself with Alla or Ela Sidorova, or you with Vyacheslav Shingirey. I have a feeling that these people are unfamiliar to me.”
Forgive the fear and anxiety that have haunted us for so long, unnecessary discussion and condemnation of anyone!
Goodbye, Alla or Ela!
Goodbye, Vyacheslav or Slava!
Hello, happy new birthday, Maayan Weg!
Hello, happy new birthday, Yaron Weg!

Let’s think, Yaron, how we would like to see ourselves and our life, if today we had a chance to be born again.

We are always in agreement with our creative energetic worlds or with ourselves and carry out our main task or work in life – interaction with other energetic worlds.
We, I and Yaron move through Life easily and confidently in the wave of our creative inner worlds, fulfilling our main task in Life.
I, like Yaron too, know and feel for sure the right direction of movement, and therefore all the issues that arise are resolved easily. We sell and provide our books, posts and publications for the development and positive change of people, and this gives us the income that we need to live comfortably in a place where we can develop well and actively, promote our business and travel a lot, which is necessary for us.

“Yes, I agree with you, Maayan!”


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