Paranormal everyday life. Season 2. Istanbul. The Paranormal Scam. Part 1.

“Well, now, we have definitely left and definitely in Turkey.” – I said to my son when our plane landed at Istanbul Sabiha airport on the morning of July 16.

“You know, this is an amazing city, it stands on two seas and two parts of the world” – answered the son.

“Yes, of course, and it is also immense, and you and I do not even imagine where we should go in it, because our apartment has not been booked, since it was not possible to do this from our card.”

“Yes, this is a serious question. It’s good that the whole day lies ahead.”

“We need to connect to Wi-Fi at the airport. It just doesn’t seem to work here. Let’s go to the city and find some hotel or hostel.”

“Ok! There’s a bus over there. Yes, they say it goes to the city. Let’s go.”

“We’ve been driving for an hour and a half, maybe it’s time to get out?”


After wandering around the streets of Istanbul with suitcases for several hours and finding neither a hotel nor an Internet connection, we realized that finding apartments without booking in an unknown area is not an easy task.

“Yaron, let’s ask everyone in a row, someone will tell you anyway. So I see a communication salon, I’ll go ask the workers.

“Sorry, can you tell me where you can find a hotel here?” – I looked hopefully at the salon worker.
“You’ve come to the right place. Come on, I’ll show you a small hotel nearby.”
“Oh, how great! Thanks!”
“The room certainly leaves much to be desired, but the view is beautiful and in any case better than nothing. Now let’s connect to Wi-Fi and hopefully find something more optimal for tomorrow.”

“Yaron, look, here some note came to the phone, it seems from the army. Read it!
“They write here that if I do not fill out the questionnaire in time, the military will come to our house and take me to service.”
“I can’t stand it all anymore!
These notes get on my nerves so much! I’d rather throw out this SIM card altogether, anyway it is not needed here in Turkey. “

We still DO NOT UNDERSTAND the meaning of what happened, what we did and how difficult the situation in which we found ourselves was.

And, having heard a lot of fake conversations before leaving Eilat, we awaited the arrival of our friends with hope.

“Yaron, we need to contact our friends from Eilat, remember that many of them were also going to leave. Maybe it will be possible to continue the journey together and find a way out of the situation.”

“Of course it needs to be done. Who are we going to call first?”
Wow, we just started talking about this and look here Ariel is calling on Watsapp. “

“Hi guys. How are you and where? In Istanbul? How did you get there?”
It’s strange that you were allowed to pass at the airport.
And I’m on a ship from Eilat. We are now moored in some small port in Egypt. The ship is filled with water and food, and in a few minutes we are already sailing.
I am very upset and even scared that I sat on this vessel. The fact that here on the ship is unbearable, there are no at least more or less normal conditions, that there is an insane heat and stuffiness here, it’s hard and annoying, but most importantly, it’s not at all … And the fact that all the sailors on the ship are incredibly tall, just huge Africans. I have never seen such huge people, they are 7 to 8 feet tall, I am not kidding. This is true! They walk around the ship almost completely naked and they do not look very friendly in my direction. This situation causes me great concern …” – we heard Ariel’s voice in the receiver.

“Ariel, then we advise you to leave as soon as possible, because until the next stop where you can get off, the ship will sail for at least a month,” we said.

“Yes, you are right. I am already running to collect my things, I have only a few minutes, while
the ship did not sail. “

“Well, I’m already at the port. Now I need to find a car to get to Cairo and get on a plane. You say that Istanbul is calm enough? Then I will fly to you.”

“Guys, did you hear that a conflict arose between Egypt and Turkey and from today on July 24 all flights from Cairo to Istanbul have been canceled? Well, nothing, you will have to fly with a transfer.”

“The Egyptians, in whose car I was driving something, gave me something to drink and I accidentally flew in a different direction, in general I ended up at a military base and, in principle, everything is fine here, I was offered to teach the soldiers yoga and freediving for a decent reward. And the general, the commander at the base, he was filled with good feelings for me. He calls me “brother” and invited me to dinner today and I was just amazed at the incredible delicacies that were served to us during it. “

“Guys, you also need to tighten up your physical shape. Grab a pen and write down the exercises you need for the spine.
We will also train breath holding … “

“Hi guys, how are you doing with the exercises?
Good? Well, well done!
And I’m at the computer geneal, he has already gone to bed, and I have access to his information base. So much information about each person, I have never seen before and I see it on a video camera. Here is your mother, Yaron, at the age of 10, together with her cousin, they tore cuts from a tree and some elderly man kicked her sister’s ears. By the way, that sister of hers now lives in Boston.
And here we are with Adam, you can see how we fought with him in the market ten years ago.

What an interesting, very tall handsome man he knew your mother, his name was … but his fate is unenviable …

But I see the scene of your parents’ acquaintance, Yaron, it was …

And you know, one of your old acquaintances … now there are problems … “

“Yaron, let’s sleep! Enough! How long has it been?” – I could not resist.
“Five in the morning.” – answered the son.

“Ariel called at 9 pm !!!
And all this time he told and told us an endless number of stories about all our friends, acquaintances, relatives, named the dates, the names of people about whom I had almost forgotten, told how their fates developed and some unknown episodes from their lives. Where did he get so much information from? And how true is it? And why do we need it at all?
Okay, let’s sleep better, Yaron! “

“Here at the base people began to envy the attention that the general was giving me and the salary that was promised to me and I felt that they had made some kind of conspiracy against me and I was in danger. And yesterday, after finishing training with the soldiers, I threw myself into the sea and swam, I was picked up by some strange, old, poorly equipped ship, on which there was not even drinking water and instead of it I was invited to drink from a jug some very strange red drink, I did not understand what it was, but it seemed to me that I got on the ship of cannibals … “

“The ship anchored near the coast and at night I decided that it would be wiser to leave it and try to swim to the coast. I succeeded, but I do not understand where I ended up, I am in some kind of desert and obviously in a combat zone.

I just picked up the phone that was lying around here and, just in case, grabbed another … machine.
I found the North Star and determined from it that I was moving north, most likely in the direction of Turkey. “

“And today is the sixth day I have been walking in the desert without shoes, food, water or sleep, and I have walked more than five hundred miles …”

Thus, our conversations with Eilat acquaintances simply broke records in duration, they lasted for hours and reminded
an action-packed film.

filled with adventures, heroic, funny, and sometimes even fantastic
And we were so in a constant whirlpool of these events happening to them that somehow we simply forgot about … our own difficult situation.
In fact, we continued to live again in the same web of fake reality.


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