Paranormal everyday life. Season 2. Episode 1. The Paranormal Scam. Part 2.

“Hello! I left the country and I am in Tirana. But, frankly, I do not know what to do next. How are you and where are you?” – this was a call from Aviv.

“We are in Istanbul, join us,” we replied.

“Perhaps I will do so.”

“Hi guys! There were no tickets to Istanbul and I flew to the city of Mersin. I am already in Turkey. It needs to find where the bus stops here to the city.

Oh guys, here is Shekel! How I miss this baby. There is a cat, it is exactly like Shekel, I took it in my arms and pat it, it is completely tame”.

Only a few months later it occurred to us to look and we discovered that in fact there is no airport in the city of Mersin … And Shekel was a cat – a common favorite in the diving club in Eilat.

A whole series of misadventures awaited ostensibly Aviv, about which he constantly told us on the phone.
And we were in touch around the clock, going through with him whole days those steep turns that fate sent him, trying to help him as best we could.

“I missed the train a bit and went to the bus station. I saw a bus to the city of Adana and hurried to run into it, but was suddenly stopped by a heavy slap in the face from an elderly woman driver. It was terrible, I was taken out of the bus station by the guards and blacklisted. It turns out that the bus was purely female and men were not allowed there. I did not know anything about that!” – his offended voice rang out.

“Guys, I wanted to catch a train to Istanbul, but you remember that before leaving, an employee at Hapoalim bank broke my bank card, and Google Pay does not work in Turkey, I did not know that. So I had to look for an exchanger. While I found it and changed money, the train unfortunately had already left and I went to the bus station.

I saw a bus to Adana and hurried to get on it. But there an elderly woman suddenly hit me in the face and called the guards. They took me out of the bus station and blacklisted me. It turns out that the bus was purely female and men were not allowed there. I did not know anything about that!” – Aviv’s offended voice rang out in the phone.

“I left Mersin by minibus and I’m already in Adana. But I would not like to find a place to sleep here, but to go further.  I don’t know if it will work out”, he said an hour later.

“I managed to catch a bus to Konya. However, it is quite old and it looks very likely that it may soon break down. But I’m on my way”

“So it turned out, the bus, unfortunately, broke down and it looks like we will spend the night here. Let’s call you in the morning”, he said, calling a couple of hours later.

“Yes, guys, I felt that the night would not be easy. All the passengers, the elderly men, gathered to pray, and before that it is need to wash the bus, and I had to do it, because everyone on the bus was much older than me, and the place for prayer should be clean.  While I was hauling water from a well nearby and washing the bus, my clothes became completely dirty and wet with sweat. And in order not to hurt the feelings of my fellow travelers, I had to rent a clean shirt and trousers from one of them to change for prayer.

Now we have come to the village, not far from the place where the bus broke down, so that everyone can rest and have a snack”, that was Aviv’s story the next morning.

A few hours later, he called again with shocking news.

“It was terrible. They took me into a room and closed the door. There was an older woman in the room, older than my mother, and imagine yourself — they wanted me to marry her, that was awfully.

I broke out, broke down the door and ran away… but I do not know where I am, I do not know where to go and I am afraid that they will look for me…”

“OH, GUYS, I forgot my documents on the bus. Oh my God! What should I do? How can I leave the country without documents? We need to find a bus. I remember where it is. I’ll call you when I get there”

“Yes, I see it, it’s our bus. But I can’t get into it, apparently it took off the brake, rolled down the hill and now its door rests against a tree, and the windows are all closed. I’ll have to knock out the glass in one of them with a stone and climb inside. There is! I threw a stone and the glass broke, but I’m afraid there might be someone on the bus. Now I’ll leave my phone turned on here and climb for my documents. “

“Oh, guys, I ran so hard that my heart almost jumped out of my chest! I took the documents, but there were people on the bus, they started shooting at me. I ran aimlessly as fast as I could. It looks like they didn’t pursue me.”

“I just barely escaped from some strange people. I got lost and now I do not know where the road on which the bus was traveling is. This is some kind of cut off from civilization area and I do not understand how to get out of it.” 

What to do? You can’t leave a friend, you have to help him somehow, save him!

And we called some wealthy man, Yossi, who was recommended to us by a Mexican friend. Yossi hired a taxi driver who understood where to go and knew where the area is that wasn’t mapped.

“GUYS, dusk is gathering, it will soon be completely dark, the taxi driver is in touch with me and he is, not without reason, worries that if we don’t find him within half an hour, then the chances of Aviv getting out of this situation alive and well will be minimal.”- Yossi, who hired a TAXI driver, told us.

“I don’t see him. I can’t find it. Where exactly is he? Soon it will be completely dark and then we will definitely not find him,” the taxi driver said with concern in his voice.

“The taxi driver passed by, he needs to go back a little. Yes, Aviv is here, on a side street. I feel like someone is telling me that it is so,” I said. 

“Yes, there’s someone lying next to the curb. Some red-haired guy, he looks like the one in the photo. I found him and got in the car”.

Hurray! We breathed a sigh of relief. Finally, we can relax a little.

“I’m going in the taxi. My clothes were completely torn, but the taxi driver gave me another one. I hope everything will be all right.” – we soon heard the tired voice of Aviv.

“Guys, everything is fine, thank you! The taxi driver, and he turned out to be just a wonderful guy, fed me in a cafe on the way and drove me to some port where I boarded this ship sailing to Malta. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart, I am very tired, I will go to rest.”


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