A paranormal rain

“Yaron, I really want sunny weather! It’s been raining here every day for a month now, and it’s so sad to look at this cloudy sky.”

“Yes, I also thought that there are much more sunny days in Batumi.”

“Do you know that maybe today is just one of them. Look, the sun is shining, can we go for a little walk?
True, it’s a pity to take away time from work, but we also need to refresh our thoughts.”

“Of course I’m happy. Come on!”

“Yaron, look now, not a single cloud in the sky. Great! But you noticed … that something is dripping? How can this be?”

“Yes, I noticed it too, and I don’t understand it either!”

“Is it rain or something … paranormal again???
Look at the pavement, no raindrops are visible.”

“Yes, really, you can’t see it. Look, Maayan, here’s a puddle, let’s see if drops will fall into it?”

“I agree! But I don’t see a single one, and it seems to have stopped dripping from above. Maybe it was still flowing from some air conditioner?”

“I do not know. Let’s go further, what to stand near this puddle?”

“Of course, let’s go!”

“Yaron, you notice that again something is dripping from above, and there is not even a cloud in the sky either.”

“Yes, I noticed that.”

“It turns out that this little rain is just for us. What do you think is the reason? Maybe with the fact that yesterday you and I made a decision about positive changes in our life and it seems to help us wash away something unnecessary for the further continuation of the path?”

“I think this is a very plausible version.”

“Well, thanks! So today we got VIP rain or paranormal rain, Yaron.”

“How amazing and unique this Life is!”


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