A paranormal walk to the grocery store.

“Yaron, let’s go buy hot lavash in the bakery next to a store on our street, do you want?”

“Yes, I would love to eat it, it’s so delicious!”

“Yaron, listen, what is this strange intermittent beep?
Look, this is again an alarm clock on the phone and on it, like in Eilat and Istanbul, the creeping line. It says here that if you and I go to that store, something unpleasant might happen.”

“Yaron, the note has already disappeared.
What do you think about it?”

“I think it seems that today it is better to do without lavash. Maybe we go for it tomorrow, without going to the store?”


“Yes, Yaron, probably that note was not meaningless.
You and I went to another store of this network and the security guard there looked at us with great disbelief and asked me to open my small handbag, into which even a wallet and our passports could barely fit.

This was the only time in the past few years. What if we went to the same store yesterday? One can only guess …”

A month passed and we needed vegetable oil, which was in the “forbidden” store, but it was Friday, the beginning of Shabbat in Israel, the time when all sorts of paranormal collisions usually begin to occur …

We thought about it …

“Yaron, maybe we buy some other oil? Let’s take another look at what is here, on the shelves of this store?”
No, there is nothing like it.”

“Maybe we can do without it?”

“But the vermicelli tastes bad without it, but we still need oil. Let’s go, let’s get to the store. Do you know the shorter way? I would like to get back to work as soon as possible.”

“Let’s go. I know how to get through.”

“Yaron, you don’t think that we have made a big circle and are already going in direction of our house. It looks like we’ll have to do without oil today, someone fool you. So I think we need to have lunch and get down to business.”

“Alas! It seems so!”

“Yaron, even though today is Saturday, I still suggest you to go to the store and buy some oil.”

“I am somehow not sure, what if some kind of nonsense starts again?”

“We can’t be afraid of everything all the time. Let’s go! We’ll understand everything on the way.”

“Wow, Yaron, did you hear someone sneezed just right at me from a passing car? This is the first time!”

“Yes indeed, because this car and you, as a pedestrian, move at different speeds and so that the person in the car sneezes at the very moment when it passed you, it is certainly amazing.”

“Yaron, Yaron, you saw how the wheel of the car in front fell into a hole and a puddle, and a fountain of dirty poured over them, they even screamed something.”

“Yes, I saw, it was unpleasant. Maybe we still not go to this store?”

“Yaron, they (part of our energy worlds or energy information) are mocking us, staged another performance, I am sure that there is nothing special in this store, they just want us to listen to them in everything.”

“Why do they need it?”

“Thus, they receive our energy and do not allow us to develop.
Do you hear someone screaming loudly now? Everything is the same, the same techniques, they just keep us in an addiction based on fear, in this fake web that must disintegrate so that we can live and communicate with people and give and gift them the knowledge that we we have.”

“You may be right, Maayan. We are already at the store. Well, are we going in?”

“Of course. Look, there is nothing very uncomfortable here and I feel a kind of relief that we came here.
We got to be in such slavery that the elementary question of whether to go to the store is solved at us almost like in Shakespeare’s Hamlet “To be or not to be?”

“Yes, really hilarious!”

But any event, Yaron, always has several sides, it is always multidimensional. On the other hand, it is in this store that I often feel, standing at the checkout counter, how hard it is to breathe, and look, we wanted to go down another street and exited to the office of the funeral agency. Of course, this is a production, but it still shows that the note also has a rational grain and that place contains a very heavy, if not to say more, information, so if we need to buy something one-time, we can go there, but for regular purchases it is better to choose a store located in a more comfortable place. Is not it?”

“I agree with you.”

“Look, the car of the funeral agency passed us? What did you feel? Me too. Yes, some fear stirred in my chest. You understand this is interconnected. On the one hand, we warned, on the other, we are kept under control, and on the third, our fears are increased, contribute to the growth of negative energy information structures.
Only those who inside us lead us in the right direction, but they do not arrange performances, do not write notes and do not speak in anybody’s voices, we can only feel them and try, by possibility, to be on the same wavelength with them.”

“You may be right, Maayan!
How amazing and completely yet unknown is Life”


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