A paranormal intrigue.

“Yaron, do you have a feeling that something strange is going on?
Look, why is there so much water on the floor?
Okay, what can I do, I’ll take a mop and a rag in the yard and try to wipe it off.
Yaron, did you hear this sound as if water splashed? Do you see that it has grown even more?
Yaron, did you hear such a sound now, as if a decanter of water, which is standing next to you, after water was poured out of it, put it back with a noise?”

“No, I was busy and did not notice anything, but the fact that there is more water on the floor is what I really see.”

“Okay, let’s go for a walk.”
“Of course. Come on.”
“Well, it’s easier to walk. Now I’ll put tea. Yaron, you better go to the courtyard, to the gazebo, it’s much nicer in the fresh air than here, and I’ll bring tea there soon.”

“No, it’s more comfortable for me to sit here on the couch, to think.”

The son sat down on the sofa next to the interior door and every half a minute there was a sound as if someone was kicking the door.

“Yaron, again some nonsense is happening, where does the sound come from, as if you periodically kick the interior door?
It is much nicer in the yard and easier to think.
Better go to the gazebo, I’ll bring tea there now. “

“No, I don’t want to, it’s more comfortable for me to sit here on the couch.”

“That’s it, Yaron, tea is ready, let’s go already.”

We went to drink tea in the gazebo, and then, returning to the apartment for plums, I suddenly saw dirty marks from my son’s slippers on the interior door, as if he had really kicked the door.

“Today turned out to be a strange day. Which, incidentally, often happens. I have a feeling that some kind of energy-informational world weaves intrigues in us and wants to set you up, Yaron, so that I and other people perceive you as some kind of inadequate dirty trick and this energy world clearly wants sow discord between us. ”
And you know what, I now involuntarily remembered another case with a peach …
Ouch! What is it? What a strange experience!”

“Oh! – my son’s eyes widened. I have never seen such a thing! It was as if a contact lens had jumped out of your eye.”

Indeed, I did not even bring my hand to my eye, but suddenly I felt the movement of the lens in my right eye and then I felt that the contact lens was on my face.

“Yaron, Yaron, how great! We were clearly shown that all these today’s and not only today’s dirty tricks were not done by YOU. And now THIS ENERGY-INFORMATION WORLD CANNOT HAVE ANYTHING IN COMMON WITH YOU and WITH US.
If in the case of the door and the decanter there were still some doubts, then you certainly could not pull the lens out of my eye so that I did not notice it. And all these actions today are ONE ORDER, they are aimed only at ensuring that we GIVE OUR ENERGY and OUR LIFE to that dirty energetic world, and for this it is convenient to sow discord between us and inspire fear, thus depriving us of the opportunity to reasonably think for ourselves, so that we are completely trusted their instructions (like a prohibition on going to the store, etc. see “A paranormal walking to the grocery store”).

And the mechanism for pulling out the lens is similar to the mechanism for regularly closing the door, on the door they simply painted the traces of the soles of your slippers, and the noise from the jug was probably only I heard at all. All they do is just cheap tricks aimed at fooling a person who is usually ignorant of such matters.

And today we have learned a great lesson from the Amazing Life.

Thank you very much!!!


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