Paranormal daily life. Season 2. Episode 5. Varna. Part 1. A paranormal work search.

It got colder and it was raining heavily, but the owner of the newly rented apartment, Nina, kindly helped us transport our, alas, broken suitcase and a couple of bags on her crossover from the Casablanca hotel to our new apartment.

“Thank you very much, Nina!
Hurray, Yaron! Look what apartment we found! What a big kitchen here, there is a second room, and most importantly, here you can not turn off the air conditioner and the boiler at all and we will not freeze endlessly! After all, after Eilat, here in Bulgaria it seems terribly cold! “

“Yes, electricity is fortunately already included in the rent.
Thanks to the Greek student who gave us a gift, having left for two months to his home in Greece, because classes at the institute were stopped due to the coronavirus! “

“Yes, and he did not stop paying for the apartment, which is why we got it for two months much cheaper than he did.”

Two weeks passed and we went to the migration office to renew the tourist visa.
There we were told that we had been granted an extension, we just need to wait for the boss to sign.

“Diana? We can go see her ourselves.”

“No, she doesn’t work here anymore.
Wait a bit, we’ll call you soon.”

We went out and asked the people in line:

“Do you know who the boss is now?”

“I don’t know what his name is, but some kind of man” – answered us several people in line.

“Is there really some truth in what Nikolai said? What reasons could have prompted Diana to leave with an excellent, by Bulgarian standards, job, so she was fired for some reason? In general, of course, this is not our business” – we reasoned returning home with son.

The house where we found a temporary shelter was three-story, and we were surprised that besides us, only a couple of people constantly lived there – a guy and an elderly man, and in the surrounding houses, when we walked in the evenings, we saw only 2-3 glowing window.
We usually walked to the central square, beckoning with sparkling multicolored Christmas lights, and watched with pleasure how, near a stall with a Turkish shaverm, looking at this fragrant delicacy, they were walking importantly
glarus seagulls.

And there were a lot of these extremely active and amusing guys. They never slept and their kind of scream was heard both at home and on the street 24/7 and was remembered by us as a visiting card of Varna.

The seagulls sat on all the surrounding rooftops, walked the streets with a dignified look, frightened the surrounding cats and begged for food from passers-by sitting on benches.
They amused us and distracted us a bit from our problems.

And our main problem was the lack of money and we decided to make an attempt to find a job on the Internet. How to do this, we did not know and
after some hesitation, we decided to try and call our friends from Eilat.

We were one of the first to call Avner, a diver and entrepreneur from Eilat, who also worked in diving club “A” earlier and seemed to us a model of a person with a reasonable approach to life and business.

“Shalom, friends!
How are you? Bulgaria? Where is it? It’s cold there? Yes, there are a lot of problems here too, I’m tired of this lockdown, diving is now prohibited and I suffered serious losses, since the diving equipment that I was selling now is not needed by anyone. The beaches are all littered and full of homeless people.
Yes, have you seen my last Facebook post? A photo of me getting the Pfizer vaccine?
This is a dramatization of what to do. The times have come when you have to agree to dubious offers that pay well.
And now I am looking for a remote job during the lockdown, if you are also interested, then a friend advised me here … ” – Avner’s voice told us from the phone.

“Thank you, Avner, of course, we are interested! Tell us!”

We also called Ziv, a diver, whom we also periodically saw in the diving club, and then, having signed a work contract in Australia, he went there.

“Shalom! How are you guys? I don’t know where this Bulgaria is.
I rented a trailer and decided to see the entire coast of Australia, go round it around, because this is an island. I am now in the desert, it is fantastically beautiful here, although I am afraid of snakes and poisonous insects. But, unfortunately, no one needs diving here, so I’m looking for a remote job through a friend. You too ? If you are interested, then of course, I will throw off the information for you …”

David, a short Israeli, originally from Argentina, a diver who also worked in diving club “A” before. In his Facebook profile, we saw the whereabouts of Mainz, Germany and naively thought that he might have also left Eilat and called him.
“Hi guys! Glad to you!
Yes. I am in Germany, in Mainz, my friend helped me with paperwork and moving, you probably remember her, she came to “A” and lived in the “Sweet” room.
I chose Mainz because it is a quiet small town, inexpensive housing, I pay only 400 euros for my room, and unemployment benefits that I get is 1800 euros, the food here is much cheaper than in Israel, especially in the “Lidl” chain of stores, where I constantly buy all the food I need and spend no more than 10 euros a day on them.

The city is very clean and calm, and next to Frankfurt am Main, 20 kilometers away, where there is a huge airport and a high-speed comfortable train to Amsterdam, I want to go there. Everyone treats me well, in general I am satisfied with everything and glad that I left.
Now I want to go to college, but for now I want to find an Internet job so that I do not constantly depend on the payment of benefits. My friend went to Amsterdam just for this, in a couple of days he will return, I think there will be news, and of course, I will share it with you, because I understand well how difficult it is for you without money in a foreign country, and in addition, I remember that you they were always attentive to me and what a delicious borscht your mother cooked.” – a voice identical to the voice of David told us.

“Yes, David, thanks. We are so happy for you. And we really need a job, thank you, looking forward to your friend’s return.”

“Yaron, I am very glad that David left, he somehow did not find a worthy use for himself in Eilat, I think that in Mainz he is much better. And with work, can really something work out, do you think?”

“I think we should try. We will be in touch with him, Avner and Ziv, maybe there will be some option.”

“What if it’s just fakes again?”

“Why do you think so, they all give so many real details?”

“We must think that the fake knows them too.”

“Those versions of the events in Istanbul and Eden were some extreme, but here people tell the usual real everyday details that seem logical. Maybe this is really them?”

“And why so many fake conversations at all, what is their purpose?
You understand?”


“Me too”

“Yes, Yaron, we have to admit that we again “stepped on the same pitchfork “, starting to hope that with the help of friends, we will still solve the problem of finding a suitable job, while … having spent a month on many hours of daily empty conversations .. We did not understand that we are again … floundering in a fake web. How can we get out of it?
And why were all these stories?”


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