Paranormal daily life. Season 2. Episode 5. Varna. Part 2. Talking on the phone without a SIM card and other interesting events

“Hi guys!
I am now with Adam in England, but everything is very expensive here and in my opinion his relatives are already tired of me. Now I don’t know what to do next. How are you doing?” — Ariel’s voice told us a new, extremely dubious version of the events that had taken place.

He, like Avner, periodically called us and also gave us a lot of all sorts of practical advice.

“What do you think of that, Maayan?
It is clear that this is not Ariel, but he, that is, his fake, is very fond of giving various advice.”

“That’s for sure, Yaron, and right now I don’t understand how to do the right thing, let’s call this so-called Ariel, listen to what he offers. We need to discuss our affairs with someone, if almost all of our friends, for some unknown reason, blocked for us” — I once said to my son during a walk.

“How? You know that the SIM card is not paid, and there is no Wi-Fi on the street.” ― asked the son.

“And you try, I think that he will pick up the phone, he does not need the Internet at all.”

“I’m already dialing it. Yes, someone answered.”

“Ariel Cadmee is listening …”

“Do you hear? What a familiar phrase! Why does Ariel’s fake always start communicating with it? You’re right, Maayan, I really didn’t think why our energy-informational structures need the Internet to communicate with us? After all, in fact, it would be nonsense.”


“Yaron, nothing has come out with the Internet work so far and it seems that we can hardly count on a hint from our friends, or rather, we can hardly be able to contact them. Let’s then try to shoot something for YouTube, especially since it’s said at webinars that it’s not that hard.”

“Come on, but the phone has full memory, if we had a video camera, even if not a new one …”

“We should try to make a post on the Bulgarian Facebook group. What do you think, Yaron? Maybe, like with warm things, someone will respond and give us a camera they don’t need.”

“Why don’t we try?”

“Reasonable. I’m already posting an ad.”

“Yaroshka, look, only a couple of hours have passed, and three people have already answered us.
Here Andrey, for example, he has not new, of course, but also not very old unnecessary video camera and he writes that he will gladly give it to us. I’m already calling him.”

“Good evening! Yes, if this item is useful to you, I will be glad to give it to you even today.
We can meet in the center near the New Yorker store in an hour and a half, we will go with my daughter to choose a gift for her friend’s birthday. Good? Fine! See you!” ― said Andrey.

“Well, let’s go, Yaron! Let’s take a walk at the same time.”

“I’m always for a walk!”

“Well, here’s the New Yorker and the appointed time, but I don’t see a single man and daughter here.”

“Maybe his plans have changed for some reason? Let’s call or write to him. I don’t think he just wanted to play us out.”

“Yes, I’ll dial him now.
Yes, it looks like it is not so easy to do this, or rather not and at all is not possible, because the tube sign on Andrey’s account has disappeared somewhere … and the button for sending messages has disappeared …
This is a completely new surprise, something I have never seen on the Facebook messenger.”

“Yes, I also do not understand how this is possible?”

“I don’t know how it’s possible to do it, but that it is so is a fact. And it is clear that we hardly have any hope of waiting for anyone here.”

“Yes, it looks like our energy-informational structures have played a trick on us again.”

“Everything is as usual! Now they will also write “Ha-ha! You are fool!” How can we get rid of these completely unnecessary and constantly interfering structures? Okay, let’s go!
Yaron, can we still go to the Billa store and buy some hummus?

It’s interesting that I didn’t like it in Eilat, but now I so much miss those places and our friends, that it seems to me unusually tasty. We’ll eat it for lunch, adding red pepper and lemon juice.”

“Yaron, lunch is on the table and hummus too. Now I will bring a kettle.
Yaron, Yaron, where is hummus? You do not know? It disappeared just like it had two days ago. And do you remember the other day our plate with sliced ​​kiwi disappeared, and the plate was found later, or rather, it appeared, but kiwi didn’t. What does it mean? Where and why did hummus and kiwi disappear?”

“It is absolutely incomprehensible, because if they were taken by some of our energy-informational structures, then they do not have a material stomach, why then do they need the food that we like?”

“It is seems the same as with the things in Eilat, Yaron. Do you remember they disappeared there many times?”
(See The Daily Paranormal Season 1 Episode 3 Disappearing and Flying Objects)

And, most of them were found, but not all. I think it’s the same with food. And they choose exactly those that seem to us the most attractive. That’s all. The same algorithm of actions.”

“Yes, you may be right, Maayan.”

“Yaroshka, the mistress has come. It is necessary to give her money for the apartment rent for the next month.
All, gave! She was in a hurry and immediately left.
Yaron, where is our baby, where is our little plush Raccoon, who has been with us for so many years that he has almost become a member of our family?

He is not in his usual place on the refrigerator. You didn’t take him, where could he go?
And here he is! I see him, he is in the same place on the refrigerator, but only hid behind things. Can he really move by himself? How do you think?”

“I don’t know, but I think that in principle it is quite possible.”

“We haven’t tried to call Adam for a long time, Yaron.
Maybe we can try again, what do you think?”

“I don’t mind, I’m already typing him”

“Shalom, Adam!”

“Husband is on morning yoga, now he will come.” ― we heard a woman’s voice from the phone.

“Yaron, is it Yarden (Adam’s wife) answered? What a strange voice she has today, and the main thing is that it is very familiar. Yaron, did she really speak in MY voice?”

To be continued…


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