Amazing Life

  • “I’m so tired of this neighborhood and constant noise, but what to do, let’s try not to notice it” – I suggested to my son to take the position of the ostrich, which by the way live in the reserve near Yotvata.
    But since we were not such birds with him, the result was appropriate.And the first soft warning followed.“We have finally come! I drank so much tea that I couldn’t wait to get here … what is it? Yaron, the bathroom door doesn’t open. It’s locked, as if with a key. But there is no key here, and I don’t even think there is a lock. Yaron, call Avi soon. He rented out us an apartment, let him tell us what to do. I can’t stand the long wait…”“I’m already calling” – the son laughed.“Look, it opened by itself. Finally!” – I said, after a while, hurriedly rushing through the open door.See full text

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