Electronic Book “Paranormal every day life. A ghost or a leaking boiler”

Dear readers!

We are pleased to present you our first book and invite you to an amazing reality in which objects fly, disappear and teleport themselves, from somewhere above out of NOWHERE… sugar and coffee pour down, an obsessive melody sounds out of nowhere, and NOT PEOPLE or robots are talking over the phone — fakes mislead us, and then laughing at us with our own laughter, they say “Ha-ha! Fool!”. These and other fascinating interesting, and often funny REAL UNIQUE cases in the book that makes you think about a lot — “Unexplained episodes from everyday life. Part 1”. This is the real story!

In this collection, we are pleased to present you a number of intriguing episodes:

“Episode 1. A ghost or a leaking boiler?”

“Episode 2… when sugar and coffee pour out of the air …”

“Episode 3. Disappearing and flying objects.”

“Episode 4. An obsessive melody that sounds out of nowhere …”

“Episode 5. Conversations not with a person, not with a robot…But with whom???”

Have fun reading! To be continued.

We are open to communication and look forward to your feedback! If the events described in the book aroused your interest, we will be happy to provide you with additional materials and advice on the topics covered in it.

We are always glad to communicate with you,

Maayan and Yaron Weg


Ebook “Paranormal every day life. A ghost or a leaking boiler”



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