Electronic Book “This is not mysticism and not a lie. This is Paranormal Reality. How we were kicked out of the country. Not by people. But by whom?”

This is an incredible but true story!

We didn’t even understand HOW IT HAPPENED, but literally IN A FEW DAYS we, having collected only a bag and a suitcase in a hurry, left our house, our country, our usual well-established life to … NOWHERE, without a specific reason, without a specific plan, just at the moment when everything in life began to take shape as we wanted. Not a single person took part in this and did not even know that it was happening. How did this happen and why?

And the fact was that our ENERGY-INFORMATION CONSTITUENT, taking advantage of our fears, lack of awareness and lack of a sane analysis of the situation, DRAFT A CONSPIRACY, creating around us a WEB OF FAKE WEB UNREAL REALITY, blocking our friends acquaintances, and instead of them, by THEIR VOICES AND THEIR TELEPHONE NUMBERS TOLD us that the country has such a complex military emergency that they are all focused only on LEAVING it. And, we, having no experience of communicating with the FAKE REALITY, believed and REALLY LEFT the country, but for a number of reasons, we could not return … A small addition to this episode is a short and funny “Parable about unreasonable fear, importance and stupidity in the paranormal”. Enjoy reading!

Dear Readers! We are open to communication and look forward to your feedback! If the events described in the book aroused your interest, we will be happy to provide you with additional materials and consultations on the topics covered in it.

We are always glad to communicate with you,
Maayan and Yaron Weg



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