Paranormal everyday life. Season 2. Episode 6. Paranormal Adventures in Antalya.

“Yaron, this is already unbearable, it is simply impossible to stay at home, we pick up our things and run outside as soon as possible! Fuh! It’s even quieter and fresh air here! Let’s stand there, come to our senses and slowly move to the bus stop.”

“Well, here we are at the bus station, Yaron, though we arrived very early, another hour and a half before the likely departure of our bus.”

“Yaron, we waited for it! There is our bus too.
Hooray! Finally, it happened – you and I are looking out of the bus window at the flickering Varna landscapes, which will soon be left behind.
Goodbye Varna! Thanks for all!
We will meet you again soon, Istanbul!”

“Yaron, wake up, let’s go out, now they will check passports and luggage, the border. We are leaving Bulgaria.”

“It’s great. I honestly feel relieved.”

“Well, here is the Turkish border, now they will put a stamp on the entry into the country and we will be able to take a nap for a few more hours, the time is still about three o’clock in the morning.”

“Yaroshka, wake up, we are already in Istanbul and we are approaching its huge Esenler bus station.”

“Hello Istanbul, we missed you!”

“Yaron, do you recognize this so familiar lane? Excellent, fortunately, the driveway door is not locked, but here is the door of our former apartments, and next to them are Khalil’s apartments.
How much time? 6.30 am. And his TV is still working, do you hear? Do you think he is awake? Shall we dare to knock?”

“Hello brother, welcome back!
We have no places today, they will be vacated tomorrow, let’s go, I’ll help you get settled in the hotel opposite, its owner is my friend.”

“How great. Well done all the same Khalil, arranged us in a hotel at a discounted price and we were charged only for a day, even though we arrived earlier than seven in the morning! Now you can relax a little and take a nap, and then see Zuleikha and go to find out about the bus to Antalya”


We wandered nostalgically through the familiar streets of Istanbul

hugged the housekeeper Khalil Zuleikha and two days later continued our journey, by bus to the city of Antalya.

“Today is just a blizzard, the weather was raging in earnest, isn’t it, Yaron?”

“Yeah, you can’t say otherwise.
All our last day in Istanbul and all night, which we are moving towards Antalya, there is a strong snowfall. Khalil said that this does not happen every year.”

“Well, this is definitely Antalya. We drove for 15 hours, but finally we got there.”

“Well, it seems we got there. This is the Duran Apartment, where we agreed to rent an apartment. Exactly, and here is the landlady at the entrance.”

“Good afternoon! It’s very nice that you were waiting for us. Which floor? Second? Excellent! Let’s go look at the apartments, Yaroshka.”

“What a beautiful view of the sea and mountains, some of which even have snow-capped peaks.
I didn’t think Antalya was so beautiful, I like it at first sight “

“Yes, and here it is somehow easy enough.”

“Oh, look Yaron, this window overlooks the entrance to the apartment, look there is a small herd of fluffy rams walking there, they are very cute.”

“Oh, Yaron, but where does such a smell of burning come from? Oh, that’s it, a paper napkin is burning in the kitchen sink. I don’t like such jokes, I don’t like all this at all!” — I said to my son.

“Me too. But what can I do?” — he replied.

“Yaron, look, my cup is empty for some reason. Where did the coffee go from it? I’ll go get another bag.”

“Yaron, all the instant coffee bags disappeared from the cabinet, and there were four of them. Of course, I understand that this is not something to drink, but it annoys me that for some reason all the time someone decides everything for us, all the time something disappears and usually exactly what seems to be the most attractive …”
I was indignant at small everyday, unexplained incidents.

“Yaron, we are offered to move to another building, there is a first floor and a cheaper rental price, but we came here for a couple of months so I agreed. What do you think? Let’s go watch?”

“As always, I’m in favor.”

“Yes, this apartment is of course designed exclusively for slender visitors, it is very narrow. And it is also terribly cold here. But nothing, Yaron, you and I are not overweight and we were given a large warm blanket. I think it will be possible to keep warm under it. . “

“Only, alas, our financial situation is very unenviable. We urgently need to find some way to fix this. Can we advertise Hebrew lessons?”

“Why not give it a try?”

“Yaron, it’s been several days since you posted the announcement. Tell me, has anyone responded?”

“Yes, and even a few people … only you have no idea who it is …”

“So who? Tell me, I don’t like riddles.”

“These are guys from my former Moscow class and from the former yard. About five people wrote to me that they want to learn Hebrew. Apparently, as usual, our energoworlds decided to play with us.”

In general, everything is as usual.

Look, Yaron, I see someone’s note addressed to us:
“Maayan, I recently repatriated, I want to learn the language, I have zero knowledge, I hope you will help me quickly master it …”

Yaron, is someone really interested? Let’s see who.

“Yaron, this is a prank again. Do you have any idea who this note is from?”

“Of course not. Tell me from whom?”

“The note was written from Alexander’s account in brackets San Sanych is written, your former physical education teacher at a Moscow school. His profile, where he repatriated against the background of the Edom Mountains, says that he has repatriated, lives in Eilat and wants to study Hebrew. Yes, the same jokes, this is a new Facebook account. Look, he has a new message to us:

“Your friend Ariel K. recommended you to me.”

“Yeah, these fake guys are comedians.”


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