Places of power = paranormal scam? Preser’s Paranormal Zone.

“Yaron, today I would like to write about the unusual places of our planet, which are usually called places of power from an energy-informational point of view.
We often do not understand and do not think how truly it is Alive, our Amazing Planet.
How many different beautiful, tempting and alluring places on Earth that you want to visit so much!
But it is very important to make the right and informed choice, because unexpectedly you can pay a considerable price for such a trip. I mean, the price is not in monetary terms. “

“What are you talking about, Maayan, explain in more detail.”

“Places of power are places with unusual strong and distinctive energies.

A person usually feels a surge of energy in this place, a charge of vivacity and positive, sensations that attract him to this place, awakening the desire to stay there longer and, if possible, come there again.
But is this energy really given to a person disinterestedly or free cheese only in a mousetrap? Let’s try to figure it out.”

“Yaron, I always thought it was incomprehensible to this fashionable now formulation. What does a place of power mean? Whose power? Who gets this power in this place of power? And where does this power come from? And is this power or energy really given to a person disinterestedly and free of charge or
does he pay for it somehow? Naturally, this is not about money.”

“You know, Maayan, I agree with you, sounds rather hazy.”

“I think each of the places of power has its own characteristics, its own really strong energy-informational world.
Another question is why almost all places of power, like an advertising sign shimmering with the brilliance of lights, lure people with attractive views, various paranormal things, as well as a feeling of increased strength, energy, harmonization.
I suppose that in most cases the purpose of the energetic world is quite simple – to find new spaces for active life in the person, or rather in the body, of those who visit this place, who are interested, and to grow further, to increase their influence. In much the same way as plant seeds scatter and grow.”

“This is a very interesting topic, Maayan, but I would really like to know which zone is the most interesting for our reader and talk about it next time.
And today I want to invite you to talk about the Preser’s Area.
This is a very popular anomalous place for tourists and not so long ago our friend Alex was going to go there. Would you advise him to take this journey?”

“No, Yaron, look at the photo of the zone, you can feel it yourself.
In the zone there is a fairly high concentration of a strong and peculiar energy-informational world, which resembles a sticky, viscous energy-informational web, thanks to which all these amusing tricks take place in violation of the laws of physics.
This show is not worth a penny, but it makes a huge profit, bringing together many people from all over the world who do not understand its meaning. Because they weren’t taught to think about it.
Something similar happened in our rented apartment in Grape Lane in Eilat, when, for example, a sandals landed in a kettle.

(Details on this Paranormal Everyday Life. Season 1. Episode 7. Crazy overnight in a rented apartment)

Or when we ran in panic from that apartment to the diving club, and the next portions of some green toilet cleaner were falling on me.
(Paranormal Everyday Life. Season 1. Episode 6. Crazy life in a rented apartment)

There have also been many other similar paranormal events.”

“Maayan, well, they wanted to kick us out of that apartment and at the same time, apparently, and eat our energy.
And there, near the town of Santa Cruz, why is all this happening?”

“Yaron, this arouses people’s curiosity, a desire to visit an unusual zone, see and feel what is happening there with their own eyes. And when a person enters this zone, he finds himself in its energy-informational web and it, or rather that energetic world, performs its manipulations.
Which? Similar to the actions of an ordinary spider, just imagine that this spider is energy-informational, invisible.
Then the person leaves, and the energy information settles in him forever, continuing to grow with time.
So we have to travel wisely. Several years ago, when I did not understand a lot, I myself wanted to visit this zone.

And I really wish we had so little knowledge of how Amazing Life works!


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