A little about the Egyptian pyramids, paranormal.

“Maayan, tell me what other very popular tourist destination you would not like to go to?”

“To the Egyptian pyramids, Yaron. I think this is scary enough.”

“Scary! Well, you said! Millions of people visited them, how many minds are struggling to solve their secrets, and you say – scary.”

“Yes, the world that created them is unkind enough.”

“And who created them – Egyptians, aliens, who and how?”

“They were NOT BUILT BY PEOPLE, not a single person took part in the construction of the pyramids, they were created by the energy-informational world, this is just a FAKE, they only serve to attract the attention of people for their subsequent use … Like the Preser zone, for example, about which we recently spoke. “

“Aren’t you exaggerating? Somehow it all turns out sadly.”

“So they are not entertainment for people, put and put on the site of ancient burials. This already says something. What kind of energy-informational world can there be? Agree?”

“Yes, a reasonable thought. But how could these huge blocks be moved and from where?”

“We saw with you, Yaron ourselves, how different objects moved before our eyes – water, our things, household chemicals pillows, towels and so on.

For example, when we were poured water at a diving club in Eilat. Did you see where it was pouring from? And where did it come from? (See “Paranormal Everyday Life. Season 1. Episode 4. A Melody That Sounds Out of Nowhere”)


“I don’t know where it came from, as if it’s just out of thin air, but it was most likely taken from pipes or from a nearby pool.”

“I think so too.
Or do you remember, when you and I were looking for an apartment in the wrong place, disposable plastic cups fell on my head, apparently from a diving club about a kilometer away.
(See “Teleportation of everyday objects in everyday life”)


By these actions, Yaron, the energoworlds arranged performances only for the two of us. And if one is for millions of people, making it possible to use them for their own purposes, so why not create a pyramid, or rather a series of pyramids? Such an investment clearly makes sense.
And what do you think they were made of, Yaron?”

“I think from those materials that were suitable for this and were not very far away.
You know, Maayan, I read that scientists conducted such an experiment. Already in modern conditions, with modern technology, they tried to build an analogue of such a pyramid, but it almost immediately began to fall apart.
Why, then, are those pyramids worth so many years?”

“Certainly not at the expense of the wonderful mortar that glues the blocks together. Nobody built them block by block, they were just created as one whole in one night, so they do not fall apart.
They are simply really almost impossible to build, even using modern technology, and certainly not that several millennia ago.

And yet, Yaron, I wanted to draw your attention to such an interesting detail. If you believe the official theory that the pyramids were built by the pharaohs, then a reasonable question arises why they only built tombs, and not palaces. That they had dreamed of death since birth? Strange enough, isn’t it?”

“Yes, really incomprehensible.
What do you think, Maayan, what happens to the person who comes to see the pyramids? Does the world that created them get hooked up to him and use him? For what? For more energy?”

“In general, it’s not even so much behind this, although it won’t hurt either.
But that energy world itself has a lot of energy, but to manage a person, imposing his preferences on him and helping allied worlds in other parts of the Earth, directing him to travel to them, this is probably his main task.”

“Yes, how Amazing Life is!”

P.S. That evening, when I wrote this article, and we were in Georgia in Batumi, a very heavy downpour began, accompanied by dazzling flashes of lightning and thunderclaps, it went all night. In the morning, as usual, at about five, I woke up and reached for the phone. And when his screen lit up, I could see that there was a layer of water 3-4 inches thick in the room.

“What is this, Yaron? Wake up, there is a flood. How could such an amount of water have been poured in? Really from a slightly open window?”
Impossible. From under the floor, through the wall? How? There are no holes in the wall or floor. I woke up a couple of hours ago, the floor was dry. So the water appeared suddenly. How? The answer seems to be simple. Like the pyramids. Both are fakes (this phrase was added to my notes by itself). Although the pyramid stands and the water really was, my sandals and the carpet of the owners, from which the water flowed in streams, while we carried it to dry, were not dry yet.”


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