A small paranormal trip in Georgia.

Yesterday we went to look at the land that Thomas, the owner of the house where we rent an apartment, wants to sell.

Leaving the house in Batumi, we reset the speedometer to see the exact distance to the land for sale.
Now we are on the outskirts of the city, passing by huge eucalyptus trees, the sensations and views are becoming more and more attractive.

We make a short stop on the bridge to see the beautiful view that opens up.

The next magnificent panorama is over the bridge and the river.

The road is a good asphalt highway and here is our turn, now two hundred meters from this main highway and now we stopped at the gate leading us to the site.

The speedometer shows 13 kilometers. We open the gate.

And here is the tap with water, it is completely different here than in the city, fills with energy and joy of Life! And all the sensations have changed, they are different, more alive, like water. And how much is growing here!

We did not have time to see everything, but on the way we came across fragrant white, black and red grapes, plums.
We twirled around an unripe, but very appetizing Japanese persimmon, went through a whole tangerine plantation and came out to a stream lined with walnut trees.

Very nice! And not only. To be honest, I was completely indifferent to the beauties of Georgia, I love the desert, but then from the feeling coming from the blooming land my heart ached and I wanted to cry. I felt the energy of this land and the pain of this people and felt how the hearts of the owner of the house and his wife seemed to open up towards us.

On the way back, we stopped at a number of restaurants located in places with really stunning views of the waterfall and the stormy mountain river. It was worth seeing!

And when we returned to Batumi and went to have dinner in the gazebo in the yard, we felt a huge difference between the pure energies of Nature and the energies of city life, it seemed to us as if we were in a stuffy and cramped apartment.

From the experienced bright energy-informational interaction, I felt excitement and could not sleep for a long time, remembering the words of Thomas “How sweet it is there (in the village) to sleep!”

And in the morning I drank a cup of water collected yesterday at the site and felt a surge of vivacity and some kind of inner joy and realized how much new this little trip gave me and my son.

Thank you, Amazing Life!


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