Indian rice

Dear friends!
We bring to your attention Indian rice, or vegan pilaf.

How I love this delicate taste of coconut oil!
And rice, saturated with the taste of vegetables!
And this sourness of lemon in the salad, how refreshing it is! Oh!

Your meals were great! But did not take into account the rules of healthy eating.

It is now in vogue to be slim and fit. There is nothing fried in this pilaf! Onions, carrots, tomatoes are not sautéed in oil, but that makes them no less tasty.
Cereals (rice and beans), according to all the rules of a healthy diet, are soaked in advance and washed during cooking in order to reduce the amount of harmful substances in them.
Eat to your health!

Order Indian rice receipt with beans, tofu, mushrooms.
Salads with various raw sauces (with avocado, coconut oil, with seeds) and bean additions, tofu cheese, croutons, mushrooms. Vegetable ingredients are also discussed on request.
And finally, the healthiest green cocktails.


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