A joke about a severed head (continuation). Part 2

On Sunday and Monday, my son and I, passing by the “Shuk” in the evening, did not see Peter, who was usually on duty from 5 to 10pm.

“I wonder why he’s not there? Let’s ask Miguel” ― I suggested to my son.

“He left for Hungary for the Christmas holidays for two weeks, he will only be in January. He was lucky, it is a pity that I was not in his place. He received a decent sum of money and an unscheduled vacation from the store in compensation for the unpleasant situation that you know.” ― said Miguel.

“Great!” — we answered.

On Monday, Karin asked us to clean her five-room two-story apartment near the Eilat Mountains.

About an hour after she left, taking us there, a short woman knocked on the door, she brought a criminal case summons for Karin.

“The criminal case is serious. What is she, interestingly, involved in?” ― we thought.

And on Tuesday in the “Laguna” events began to get not amusing, but rather sinister character.

“We need to clean room number nine very cleanly and quickly. Igal will go to bed there. He could not get home, he has some problem, the police are in his house” ― Karin gave us an assignment.

“Yaron, do you hear the great Adano’s (African’s) bycycle squeaked, so he is leaving. What happened, after all, it was only about an hour after we arrived, the time is only the beginning of ten in the morning? Why is he leaving, please ask him.”

“Adano said that he can no longer endure all this madhouse. He said that Igal asked him for clothes, change clothes.
And now Karina asked me if we bought new clothes for a voucher and can I give them to Igal so that he can change, because he could not get home and he has no change of clothes?”

“Yeah! The African has a good instinct. If he has already escaped, then no good will be expected.”

An hour passed, I was finishing cleaning in room 9, when we heard that some noisy work was going on upstairs.

“Strange, Adano has left, but then who could be there?”

“Karina said that a man came with a device for searching for the bones of a corpse and he looks for them in the walls and drills the walls where the bone finder shows their presence. You can go and see the car of this “specialist” is standing near the gate.” ― said the son.

“Are they completely out of their minds?
Where is Igal? Will he come here to sleep?” ― I asked.

“No, he didn’t wait and left after Karina fed him something. Before that, he told me that he slept normally at night and was not going to go to bed.”

“I don’t understand. I’ll go and throw out the trash and at the same time see what’s going on near the gate.”

“Yes, Yaron, there is a big tinted Ford Savannah van, and its owner looks so unfriendly and inadequate …”

“Do you have anything suspicious here?” – when he saw us, the “bone finder” asked.

He was a tall, densely built middle-aged man with large dark circles under his eyes, he looked quite aggressive.

“No, no, nothing.” – we answered unanimously.

“He has such a terrible expression …” – I said.

“Yes, it is clearly dangerous to talk to him, he looks angry and inadequate, plus a fairly massive size.” – added the son.

“You hear, he really does drill through the walls on the second floor.”

Indeed, going up to the second floor, in one of the rooms we saw several holes made in the wall. The man continued to drill new ones, standing on the stepladder. Because of the noise he made, he did not notice us.

“I wrote down the number of the car and took a picture of him. I do not understand what he is doing and why, but I do not want to stay here any longer. Yaron, call Igal and let’s get out of here.”

“Maayan, the owner of the villa says he is sleepy and asks to be left alone for a while, he is going to sleep in the car in the parking lot on the beach.”

“Did you tell him what’s going on here?”

“Yes, I said that some man was ruining the house, but that didn’t make any impression on him.”

“I don’t understand anything. Let’s go.”

“No, don’t go, you still have to hang the laundry from the washing machine.
We also need to sign where what lies in the closet …” – Karin did not let us leave.

“Yaron, why did she deliberately delay us with all sorts of nonsense?
In general, I am terribly tired of all this. Well done Adano for leaving on time.”

We were already exhausted from the stress and decided to take a walk to our favorite place in the mountains, in the desert.
Desert therapy helped as always, but in the evening, when we returned home, we again saw three missed calls from Igal.

“Yaron, call him back. Need to find out what’s going on there?”

“Igal says he’s with Karin, who’s making dinner right now. He’s going to stay overnight at her.”

“This is your business, Igal, but it looks like she is mixing something into your food and trying to manipulate you.” – the son told him about our suspicions.

“What should I do? Where to spend the night?” ― Igal asked.

“I don’t know. Spend the night with friends or rent an apartment, we can tell you one of our friends.”

It took about half an hour and we again saw Igal at the door.

“Yaron, this story is already starting to get boring …” – I said.

“I agree” – the son replied.

“Come in, would you like some tea or coffee?” – I asked Igal gloomily.

“No, thanks” – he replied, and sat down on a chair and began some kind of infinitely long story.
The conversation was in Hebrew and the son did not translate anything for me for a long time.

Finally, he reported:
“Igal asks if we can wash his clothes in the washing machine and let him to take a shower?”

“Of course, I would not want to. But it is somehow inconvenient to refuse, tell me that in principle it is possible.”

“Okay, then I went to get my things in the car, now I’ll bring them.” – said Igal and left.

“Listen, Yaron, but he seemed to say that he rented an apartment at our friend?”

“Yes, and it seems to be in the 8th entrance here.”

“That’s great. Call and tell them there is a machine and granules for washing.”

“Exactly. I’m already calling. He also says he didn’t find towels there.”

“There are 6 of them in the closet, let him have a look.”

The son sat down to his studies, but we were very excited and now and then again began to discuss what had happened.

“You cannot imagine, Maayan, how much filth, abomination and horror he told me.
That some maniac came to him and scared him, that he would stuff his cat with dynamite, shove a flamethrower up his ass, etc. … for almost an hour he told me such crazy stories.”

A day later we went to the “Laguna” again, sincerely hoping that Adano (an African who also works there) would come and we would discuss the situation together. A white tinted van was parked outside the villa’s entrance.

“I don’t know what was there, something incomprehensible, but we need to collect the crumbling plaster in the 5th room and put things in order there” – Karin gave us instructions.

“Good!” – we answered.

Literally five minutes later, we heard the great Adano squeak and were very happy to see him.

“It’s so good that you came. But here at work it’s already getting scary, especially alone” – he told us.

When we went to the second floor to clean the 5th room, I noticed that my son was looking at the sign on its door with surprise.

“You have no idea what is written here.”

“Of course not. What exactly?”


“Better tell me, don’t waste time.”

“It says here that Yaron A. lives here.”
(A is the surname of the owner of the villa).

“Why did they write this, Yaron? What could it mean?”

“I don’t know, it’s hard for me to understand their logic, Maayan.”

“Me too. Have you agreed with Adano to discuss the situation?”

“Yes, we decided to talk when he goes to throw the trash in the bin outside the villa.”

“You can also grab the trash from the room so as not to arouse suspicion.”


I had almost finished cleaning the room when my son returned.

“Yaroshka, have you talked to Adano?”

“Maayan, you can’t imagine, there is again some kind of performance near the villa – at the entrance there were three shaking drug addicts, one of them brandished an ax, he chopped off palm branches with it, and right next to the garbage dumps there was a tall, densely built man and he was very disapproving, to say the least, looking at us. So we hurried back, deciding to discuss what was happening later.” – said the son.

“Ok! Yaron, please ask Karin what else needs to be done?”

“She said that we need to quickly clean the stairs from the traces of plaster so that it dries up, otherwise the undertaker might slip and fall.”

“What other undertaker? This is something new. The inspector won’t come today, neither will the bone searcher, but already the undertaker will come? And vampires are not expected to visit?” – I said and laughed.

“I don’t know, but Karin said several times today that they are waiting for the undertaker.”

“Yaron, did you ask if she understands what she is saying?”

“You know, Adano told me the sensible idea that if Igal and Karin were that insane, they would have gone broke or had an accident long ago.
However, they remember everything, they count money and drive the car neatly.
And drugs may be hidden in the wall near the air conditioner.
This is a fairly real and prosaic guess.”

“Well, very likely. Okay, I went to clean room 9” – I said.

“Okay, I’ll still sweep on the second floor.” – Yaron replied.

“Yaron, are the stairs dry? Otherwise the undertaker has already come” – Karin asked loudly.

“Yes, it seems to have dried up.” – answered the son.

“Yaron, who is the undertaker?” – asked African, watching at that moment something is on the phone.

“I don’t know for sure myself, Adano.”

“Then I’ll take a look on the internet.
Horrible! Look, Yaron, how terrible he is!”

“Adano, you’re looking at something wrong. This is an American wrestler. And the undertaker is most likely the one who makes the coffins.”

I began to tidy up the room number nine and, passing by the room that the African was cleaning, I saw that he had come out and showed me with signs that he really needed to talk.

“Yaron, go discuss what is happening with Adano and please write down his phone number. We need to discuss the situation with him after work, which is becoming more and more incomprehensible.
Then, they have a large strong community and they support each other …” ― I suggested to my son.

“I took his number, Maayan, he really really wanted to talk. After all, everything that happens here really gets on his nerves too. When I approached the African, he was sitting on the bed in the room he was cleaning in a strange state and could not come to his senses. Although it is understandable how much he went through in life, because he sailed from Africa, having sailed 3 thousand kilometers from Eritrea, where the war has been going on for decades and the standard of living is one of the lowest in the world. In general, we agreed to contact and chat after we leave here.”


“So that’s what I wanted to tell you more, Maayan. They pulled out a coffin from that white van that stood near the house.” – the son began his story on the way home from work.

“Coffin? Really? What color was it?”

“Yes, coffin, black.”


“No, probably dyed. Adano told me that. He saw how the coffin was pulled out of the van and while the door of the van was open, he saw that there were several more coffins, shovels and boots. The coffin was carried to the second floor, to the room that you cleaned up and then brought down.”

“Where, to the basement? Where was the ginger cat?”

“Yes, I already saw it myself. And then the master came, wrapped it with a chain and hung a lock on it. He also asked Igal which lock to hang on the coffin ― mounted or coded one?”

In the evening we went to do some shopping at the Daniel store.

On the way, we were overtaken by some clearly inadequate person who approached a car standing on the side of the road and suggested to the driver: “If you want masks, they are as ordinary in appearance, you cannot distinguish them, but whoever wears them for five days, will be in a thrill.”

And we saw that a dialogue began between then…

“It looks like the deal took place. Why are there so many inadequate people , what is happening?”


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