Crazy cleaning at Villa Laguna.

It was Thursday …

My son and I went to Villa Laguna to clean up.

“Yaron, will you stay at home or will you come with me?”

“How do I leave you, Maayan, at such a difficult moment? Of course I’ll go.”

“But this is just cleaning, Yaron.”

“Maayan, you yourself know how things are there.”

Less than three minutes later, my son and I came to a white three-story villa with beautiful white arched windows, a pretty little white fence and the owner’s Toyota, also white, standing next to it.

“Yaron, look, the large Adano’s (a tall, heavy-built African who sailed from Eritrea a few years ago and also works in the villa) bycycle is standing.” – I said, opening the gate.

“It’s kind of calming. Yaron, there is also a black girl of 5-6 years old, so big-eyed and pretty. Apparently this is Adano’s daughter. Ah, here he is.”

“Yes, Maayan, Adano says he can’t be here alone anymore.
And although he knew that we would come, he was invited an hour earlier than us and he decided to take his daughter with him so that it would not be scary and there would be someone to talk to.”

“Okay, Yaron, let’s go and say hello to Karin (the manager of the company and the common-law wife of the owner of the Igala villa) and find out today’s work plan.”

“Ok, Maayan, she says to take a vacuum cleaner and clean the artificial turf in the yard, removing the remains of a corpse from it.”

“Okay, Yaron, let me vacuum, and you work out on your computer courses.” – I said and got down to business.

“Well, the yard is clean. What else needs to be done?” – I went up to Karin.

“Okay. Now we have to go down to the basement, grab the big mattress and put it on the bed in room three.”


“Yaron, help me.” – I called my son.

Together we went down the stairs in the villa leading down, where there were also several rooms, and saw in one of them a pile of mattresses. We took out the right one and put it on the bed in room number three, but the mattress turned out to be very small, about fifteen inches narrower than necessary, and there was a huge yellow spot in the middle. In addition, the mattress apparently lay in a twisted state for a long time and did not want to lie flat, swaying on the bed like the hump of a camel.

“What is this ugliness? Why are you putting it in? It’s just awful” – said Adano, who entered the room at that moment.

“It really is. Karin, please see what to do with the mattress” – we asked the manager.

“It doesn’t matter how it looks, the main thing is that there is no smell of a corpse.
Yesterday we invited insect killer, because a cockroach crawled into one of the clients and he tried to pull the insect out of him, but failed, as a result of which the visitor fell apart, and his leg ran around the villa at night (we looked at the cameras).”

“I’m terribly tired of listening to this idiocy, and only one, rather gloomy topic.
A normal person will not agree to sleep on such a bed, but in the end it is not our business.
Is there any more work, Karin?”

“Yes, we need to clean room number seven, which was recently freed by a terrible inspector with three girls.”

I went up to room 7, from which two Israelis in kippah, who are hardly inspectors, actually emerged recently.

The room began to clean by Adano, who was already in some strange state, and his daughter was capricious.

But finally, we finished cleaning there. I was glad that it was time to leave this insane asylum.
But everything turned out to be not so simple.

“Finish? Finished cleaning?
Maayan, please sit here. Igal wants to talk to you.”

I sat down on a chair opposite the owner of the villa, who was writing something on the phone, as I noticed, in the translator.

“I want you to work for me” – he wrote.

“Yes, I do not mind.”

“I want to change clothes every day” – he wrote further.

“How can I help you with this?” – I asked in bewilderment.

“You will now change into these clothes, which were bought for one of the girls of the inspector, and you will give yours to me, I will take them to the washing machine and then I will put them on. And you will wear this one.”

With these words, he went to the bag with things and took out of it a new white T-shirt, dark breeches, socks and two pairs of sneakers and laid it out on a large white table, which they spread out in the morning for some unknown purpose.

“Yes, and I really need your sandals too.”

“This is some kind of nonsense, Yaron.”

“It’s hard to put it any other way, Maayan.”

I refused to change and Karin had a real hysteria.

“You should be ashamed that you do not allow the owner of the villa to change, he has to walk in dirty, bad-smelling clothes.”

She screamed for a long time, until we were very tired of the inadequacy of this scene and left, and she still continued to scream after us …

“Yaron, why does she need my old shabby clothes so much? It’s not clear.” …

“The only thing that is clear is that Karin needs clothes and shoes for some reason, and not for anyone to wear them, Maayan …”

In the evening I entered into a store in the center of Eilat, and Yaron delayed, taking out the mask necessary to enter.

After looking at the product I needed, I went out and saw that Yaron was still standing near the entrance.

“You have no idea, Maayan, who I saw just now.”

“Whom? Tell me.”

“Adano, he was passing by on his bike right now.”

“That’s good. Did he stop? Have you arranged to meet with him and discuss the situation at work?”

“Yes, tomorrow at three, near the entrance to the Shuk store. He also said that Karin had recently called him and said that if he was not ready to give his clothes to Igal, then he might not come to work.
And she asked him to say it to us too.
Yeah, well, it took her apart …”

“Yaron, I think I understood why Karin needed my clothes and shoes so much, and you said that she also wanted to cut some of my hair for Igal.
It all adds up …
Remember that they for some reason spread out the table. In some cases, what do put on the table?
Do you understand my point?”

“Yes, Maayan. The coffin they ordered before.”

“An spreaded table, a coffin, wearable things, shoes and hair – the picture is taking shape, isn’t it, Yaron? But not from the funny ones.”

“Yeah, creepy enough. Looks like they were going to do the rite, Maayan …”


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