Further spread of the “severed head” virus and the “scary inspector” syndrome in Eilat.

“Shalom! Yakov will arrive in half an hour, wait.” – said African woman Marta, who opened the door for us at the center for working with adolescents and youth, located on Shkhoret Street.

Picture CRP

Then she laughed:

“Ha ha! No, it’s a joke. I don’t know when he will be. I talked to him, he’s not himself, he seems to have drunk.”

“I don’t understand what’s funny about Yaron, I should try to get through to Yakov and find out if he went to the Laguna villa and what’s wrong with him.”

“I agree and I don’t see anything funny here either.”

“Yes, Yakov. How are you?”

“Maayan, he says he doesn’t want to tell yet what happened to him, because he remembers almost nothing, only that he was at the villa, then a complete blackout and the next thing he remembers is only that he came home in the morning and that’s it. He could not explain anything to his wife and she did not let him into the house. At that moment, he could only shout something incoherently and wave his arms, then he ended up in the hospital and was diagnosed with severe poisoning. But he plans to come to work in the coming days.”

“I would like to see him in reality and understand what happened to him.”

And after the weekend, on the first working day of the new year 2022, we decided to go to a familiar address on Shkhoret Street.

There were always quite a lot of people in the center, but here, to our surprise, only one employee was present.

“Today there is no one, because the inspector should drive up, I’m in touch with him now, don’t distract me.” – she said with a worried look.

“And here, too, a terrible checker??????”

Scary checker virus picture

While my son and I looked at each other in puzzlement, a pickup truck drove up to the building, in the back of which there was some kind of device, like a lawn mower and several bags of soil.

In the car, we saw two men, one of whom, a tall brunette, went to inspect the courtyard of the center, and the second, fair-haired, of small stature, remained sitting in the car with an extremely displeased face.

“They look more like not scary inspectors, but like a city gardening service.
Yaron, let’s ask them what’s going on here?”

picture machine gardening

“Good.” – answered the son and addressed this question to the man sitting in the car.

“Maayan, he says that there are some strange people working in the center who are not all right with their heads, they complain that they were called and told some disgusting horrors, like flamethrowers will be put in their asses.”

“Let’s go, Yaron, I don’t want to listen to this nonsense.”

“I’m not interested either, Maayan.”

Only “it” again continued on the same day.

“Those guys are talking about a severed head again. Are there really no other topics? About something interesting, pleasant, beautiful, or even just delicious?” – said the son in the evening, when we went to the Shuk store for a minute and while we were choosing vegetables there, involuntarily overheard the conversation of workers.

Picture in store head

“I think we need to focus on the good stuff and on our own, Yaron.
Tomorrow we have a visit to Boris M, an elderly but very professional psychiatrist, we need his resume for a positive solution with army affairs.”

“It’s been raining for the third day already. The gray sky is so unusual for these places. But let’s go, Yaron, it’s time for the reception soon.” – I told my son the next morning.

“Yes, let’s go, Maayan.”

“From you 54 shekels, go to room number nine.” – we were told in the mental health clinic.

“Thank you!”

“Shalom. Manishma? (How are you?)” – said a gray-haired man of about 50 who came up to us.

“Yakov, did you come? We went to your center 5 times, but didn’t find you there.” – I said in surprise.

Yakov looked somehow exhausted, he was without his usual glasses, and his eyes shone with some kind of abnormal brilliance.

“I promised I’d come” – he said.

“I would really like to know if you have been to Villa Laguna?”

“I’m not ready to talk about this incident yet, especially since Martha laughed at me and said that I was not in order with my head, and if I now tell everything to the doctor, I’m afraid that he will give me a psycho certificate” – he replied. .

“You changed your names. Are they some kind of Indian ones?” – doctor Boris M. asked us, starting the appointment.

“No, these are traditional Jewish names.”

“Are you vegan like Indians?”

And a few more times in a conversation with a doctor, a mention of the Indians came through from him.

“Yakov said that the doctor has two villas, he is single and he is 69 years old, and during the reception he mentioned India several times. What do you think, Maayan, maybe they took him seriously too?”

“Anything is possible, Yaron. Look, the car of the chain of stores that the Indian Amit bought.”

“Yes, I see and the driver even winked at me.”

picture shop

“But it looks like another performance of our energy worlds, Yaron.”

In the evening of the same day, in order to get a more realistic picture of what was happening, we decided to go back to the familiar house on Shkhoret Street.
Unlike usual, in the Center, a bright light burned in all the rooms, and we approached the door, hesitantly opened it.

“Shalom! Manishma? Would you like to drink tea with us, otherwise it’s cool outside today?” – Martha asked hospitably.

“That’s very kind. Thank you! But we just wanted to know what happened yesterday?”

“Someone poured hot water over the electrical wiring from above and there was a short circuit, we called the master, he fixed everything.”

“Yes, and we came yesterday morning and saw that the gardening service came to you.”

“Yes, they have done a yard landscaping project and are making an estimate.”

“And Yacov? Was he here today?”

“No, he was gone for a long time. In general, he is not a very adequate, and prone to alcoholism person. I advise you to listen to him less.”

“Yes, thank you! Have a good evening!”

“By the way, Yaron, I remembered that Dr. Boris M. had a wedding ring on his finger, which means he most likely lives with his wife and it is likely that he does not have a villa at all.

Why do people endlessly senselessly lie and so often tell horrors?”

“I don’t know, Maayan.”

picture of question marks

The next day, my son and I went to clean Susan’s apartments, as it seemed to us, an absolutely adequate woman who is engaged in the hotel business with her husband and usually expresses her thoughts clearly and concisely.
We visited her twice before and each time before leaving, she thanked us for the good cleaning and put fruit and sweets in a bag for us.
This time, she seemed to have forgotten about the tradition that had begun, and while she was driving us home, Susan also began to … tell horror stories …

“Susan, what do you think of our employers at Villa Laguna?” – we asked her on the way.

“This man,” she said, without giving a name, “is just a terrible sadist and a maniac, several criminal cases have been opened against him, he threw a hot iron and a kettle of boiling water at his wife, which is why she left him.

That woman is a worthy couple for him, more than one criminal case has been opened against her, she pours something on people’s clothes and then they get skin cancer, and her husband has lost some intimate parts of his body.

The social services guy you called ‘is just a complete jerk, he’s bothering me with requests for help.
And anyway, next time I’d better leave you the key under the rug. I’m very busy with my business right now.” – Susan told us while saying goodbye.

“Yaron, is it really Susan, such a reasonable woman, who told us such inadequate and terrible stories?”

“Looks like it.”

“Dangerous job of cleaning…”

To be continued…


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