Yaron’s labor debut.

“I think it’s great that I was hired, I hope that at least we can pay for food and an apartment.” – said the son.

And now my dear and beloved boy went to work for the first time. It was located nearby, in the Shuk store.
He was taken to lay out the goods and we both understood that this was not an easy test for both of us.

Because… strange things started happening in the store a couple of months ago…

By 8am, my son and I came to “Shuk” and began to look for the director of the store, Gila, and someone who would teach Yaron the new stacking skills for him.

His “guru” in this matter turned out to be an elderly, relatively sensible Jordanian Arab, Samir, and the first thing he told us was:
“Gila won’t come today because the Inspector is expected to come.”

“And then it starts again!” – we involuntarily thought.

“And I’ll teach you how to arrange the goods on the shelves.” – he added.

I left the store and soon saw a note on WhatsApp from Yaron.

“Maayan, Tal, the man who usually sits with Gila, lit a fire in the warehouse to burn the garbage and told Samir and me to help him.”

“But it could have burned down the entire store. It’s good that it’s been raining recently. What did you and Samir do?”

“He said that he would not participate in this and then told me that Tal is a real jerk and a drug addict.”

“Thank God it all ended well.”

A little later, I went to the store for a few minutes to see how Yaron’s first working day was going and to buy groceries for lunch. I noticed a few loitering people there (my son informed me that they were stackers too)

One of them, a young guy with a shock of curly dark hair, made circles around the hall, senselessly approaching the greens and throwing one of the packages, then the bread, doing the same thing there.

Another, a man of small stature, about 40 years old, with a crazy look, pestered all the employees of the store, including the security guard Asaf, talking about underpants and some intimate parts of the body, which, according to him, did not fit in any way, and as a cover for his powerful tool he needs a machine gun.

Entering the Shuk an hour later, I noticed that another guard was sitting instead of Asaf.

“Apparently, he could not stand it, he asked to change him.” – we thought.

And in the evening, passing as usual by the Shuk, we saw Pieter, a Hungarian guard, who was distinguished by sufficient sanity.

“Shalom, Peter. Did we think you left the store?”

“Alfa Security ordered me to finish it here by the end of the month, what can you do.
And the store will probably work for another two months, no more.”

“Why do you think that, Peter?”

“I heard that a rich Indian wants to buy this chain. That big store in the industrial area is even more of a mess.”

“And today was my first working day here and in general.” – said the son.

“Congratulations! It’s still better than cleaning. From cleaning the head will wither and fall off.” – for some reason he said.

We did not ask him for clarification, and the next day, after accompaning Yaron to the store, I returned home and sat down to write a blog, but I felt strange anxiety.

When I opened WhatsApp, I saw a note from my son:
“Some kind of car arrived and Tal called Samir and me to help unload it.

Samir, seeing the arrived car, immediately went to the toilet, he probably knew what they brought there, and I began to help Tal. The boxes were light, but one of them burst open and spilled grass with a sharp intoxicating smell. Tal began to swear that he had suffered great damage, and I went to my shelves to lay out the goods further.
Samir also told me that Avner, an elderly man who had been watching the trading floor, had disappeared. But before that, it turns out that he sent back a batch of shampoos paid for by the store to the company, without even asking to return the money for it, and the man talking about underpants turns out to be a representative of the company that sells shampoos and set prices for them at 3.90 instead of 13.90.
Here are some interesting things.

Yes, during the break, Samir and I went to drink coffee with milk, but when I poured myself a cup, I saw that the milk in the refrigerator for workers had run out, and one of the stackers said that it could be taken from Tal.

I didn’t want to go to Tal, but Samir still managed to drink coffee before the milk ran out and I saw that the drink somehow had a strange effect on him, he changed his face and began to grumble on various occasions, and I already began to fear drinking there at all anything.”

“I saw when I came in, Yaroshka, that there were tourists.”

“Yes, today there was such an interesting episode – a woman came in, she asked something from another stacker in English, but she could not understand her.

I came up and asked:
“What are you looking for, maybe I can help you?”

“I am looking for Indian flour with coconut, I can not imagine how you can live without it, I need it every day, in Arizona it is in all stores, it contributed to the resurrection of Buddha.” – she said, and her eyes were wild and empty.

“Yeah, it looks like in the States also a spider from India has wove its web and catches in it everyone whose head is not quite in place, those who do not see their way.”


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