Home!!! Return.

“Noam, Noam, look the plane is already circling over Tel Aviv. How long I have been waiting for this moment.” – I said excitedly to my son.

“Yes, Haya, a year and three months of wandering is a long time. We left in July 2020, I was 18, and now it’s October 28, 2021 and I’m already 19 years old.” – said the son.

“We landed, Noam, I imagined this moment so many times with bated breath, but now I have no emotions. We finally arrived home, just did what we had to do.” – I added.

“Yes, something that should have been done a long time ago. But do not relax, we still have to get to Eilat today.” – said the son.

After a sleepless night at the airport, my son and I dozed off on the bus and…

“Noam, look at the plantations of date palms on the border with Jordan, here are the Jordan Mountains with their incredible play of colors on one side and the Eilat Mountains on the other side of the highway and this indescribable feeling … of home! We are already approaching the city of Eilat.
Hello, dear, such native places! We missed you so much!” – I said with an indescribable feeling.

“Yes, here is the bus station. Finally we arrived, I was so tired and terribly hungry. And everything that you said is of course very romantic, Haya, but it begs the question “Where are we going to spend the night?” – Noam interrupted my emotions.

“Let’s try to spend the night at the Wayfarer Hostel, and in the morning we’ll think about what to do.” – I suggested.

“Good idea, our former Mexican neighbor Rafa told us about this hostel, it is owned by an elderly American George who does charity work.
In addition, the hostel is not far away, and now, I can already see its blue sign, and here is the bell on the blue gate too.” – the son commented.

“Good evening! Can we stay at you?” – we asked a short young man, a volunteer named Ariel, who opened the gate.

“Yes, of course you can. Come in. But I have to ask, “Do you have a PCR test?”

“Yes, please.” – said the son.

“Thank you. That’s fine then.” – Ariel replied.

“It’s good that we found shelter here for the night, but where are we going to look for it next, Noam?
After all, we have been too late abroad in our rather stupid paranormal journey and our budget balance is rapidly approaching zero. Many thanks to our relative Vlad who just saved us by sending money for tickets here.” – I told my son this morning.

“Of course, Haya, I understand this and I’m trying to come up with a plan of action.” – he began to reason.

“What fools we were when we left here a year and three months ago, from these places that I associate with home and where I love every grain of sand in the desert.

Why have we been misled and feared in such an unusual, almost unbelievable way, and as if forced to leave?
And those are not people who did it.
Why didn’t it occur to us to check the information that we were told in fake calls and written in fake notes, that almost all of our acquaintances and friends were going to leave the country?” – I continued excitedly.

“Well, you’re talking about this again, Haya. Didn’t you think that our readers would most likely ask, “And who did this, if not people? These guys write just nonsense, what do they have instead of brains?” – said the son.

“But, Noam, we describe in detail what happened to us in the book “Unexplained episodes from everyday life “Season 1. Episode 8. We described there only what really took place, but how and why this happened, we can only to put forward my personal hypothesis, because we could not find the answer to this question in any search engine.” – I objected.

“Okay, Haya, we need to do something, let’s go look for the villa of freedivers Asher and Baruch, they have always been kind and attentive to us, but on the trip we, for some reason I don’t understand, could not contact them, maybe now they something to help us when we finally see them in real life.” – suggested the son.

“OK! You know, Noam, I can’t help but feel that some tangible changes have taken place here during our absence.
But here it seems is the freediving club. The villa is similar to the one I saw on Baruch’s Facebook stories.” – I reported.

“Are we really going to see Asher or Baruch now, Haya?
We talked so much with their faked ones during the trip that actually meeting them seems like something fantastic.” – the son asked excitedly.

We pressed the bell on the gate and a pleasant elderly man in a hat, opening the gate for us, kindly invited us in.

“Look, Noam, Asher is sitting in an ice bath. I’ve already seen it in his Facebook story.” – I said quietly to my son.

“Yes, great, considering that it’s 95 degrees Fahrenheit outside.” – the son was surprised.

Indeed, from the bath, in which huge chunks of ice floated and stood near the entrance to the villa, the head of Asher, a tall thirty-year-old man, a swarm blue-eyed blond.

“I can sit here for half an hour, you can touch the water, it’s terribly cold.
But guys, you came a little out of time. Today we are resting with the whole family. My parents, my brother and my wife’s parents arrived, and tomorrow my wife and I are leaving for Italy for 10 days. Baruch left for relatives in Tel Aviv, he will probably arrive tomorrow, the diving season is ending and we have no work for you now. You can ask Baruch when he will arrive. Happily. I hope everything works out for you.” – the frost-resistant guy told us, without leaving the ice bath.

“You know, Noam, when we approached the villa, we felt that it would be so. That this meeting would not bring any positive result. But I was surprised and shocked by Asher’s eyes. They seem to be empty.” – I commented.

“I noticed it too. His eyes are similar to the eyes of Kai from the tale “The Snow Queen.”, they are empty and cold.” – added the son.

“I agree, but the resolution of our problems with you, dear, does not tolerate delay.
We need to understand what to do. What action do you propose to take?” – I asked my son.

“Let’s go to Revakha (social organization), my former school to see a social worker, finally, let’s go to the diving club where you worked, its founder is a good person.
In short, we will knock on all doors.” – he suggested.

“Yes, some of them must open, otherwise it simply cannot be …”

To be continued…


One thought on “Home!!! Return.

  1. As a short story writer, this post caught my attention with its vivid descriptions of the characters’ emotions and their journey home. The tension and longing for home, as well as the uncertainty of what comes next, adds a layer of complexity to the story that keeps the reader engaged. The mention of a book and episode also hints at a deeper backstory that leaves me wanting to know more. Overall, it’s a great start to a compelling story.


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