About fear. A little story.

“We were walking along a wide deserted street alone, past an empty building with broken windows, there was no one nearby, and then I heard footsteps from behind …

The steps were slow, someone deliberately shuffled their feet to scare us.

We walk slowly, without hurrying, and he also slowly follows us … trail after trail …

Maybe turn around and see…?

No, I already have goosebumps running down my back from horror at this thought.

No, it’s too scary, it’s definitely HE, the maniac I’ve always been afraid of. I knew that he would anyway come, appear. And now he is looking for another victim … Therefore, he does not overtake us …

Those shuffling footsteps are getting closer and closer, I can hear him breathing heavily…

I already feel like I’m sweating all over from sticky horror. That’s it, he is already here and he is overtaking us, continuing to shuffle his feet.

I decide to look at him…

This is an elderly man, about five feet tall, his age is about 70 years old, he is walking with difficulty, suffering from shortness of breath, probably to the nearest grocery store. The time is noon.

How could I come up with such a nightmare?” – a frustrated acquaintance told me.

He asked me very much to find out if he was such a coward or if there are others, and whether they are haunted by unreasonable fears or not?

Have you experienced this and how did you manage to overcome it?


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