History 4. Respect, guys!

Exactly, Dimka, a tall thirty-year-old handsome diver-athlete is preparing his favorite breakfast of buckwheat porridge and celery stalks here.

“Hello! Haven’t seen you guys for a long time.” he smiled broadly at us.

“Yes, we were abroad…” – we began our story…

“Yes, it’s not great, of course, but the main thing is that you returned.

I think things should work out, call Alex (founder of the dive club), you need to rebuild bridges with him. I wish you good luck and will be happy to share the products with you, I’m doing pretty well right now. And if you need a SIM, the phone at your service.” – said Dima, getting us a delicious mango from the refrigerator and muesli with nuts from the kitchen cabinet.

“Thank you, Dimka, you are so quick-witted!” – I smiled and dialed the number of my former employer and said:

“Alex, how are you doing? We’ve just arrived…”

“Come, I’m waiting for you, I’m at the diving club on the beach,” – suggested Alex.

Seeing a group of divers near the club on the beach, we went to them, but for some reason we didn’t get there, suddenly feeling uncomfortable, turned around and went back.

“How unpleasant it is to ask, really, Noam and our clothes are probably like homeless people …” – I said.

And Alex, noticing us and our maneuver, ran after us:

“Guys, I know that you have problems, you can live in the villa for a while, but not for very long, because I gave it to Antonina, and she is not a very kind woman. Sorry, but I will help in any way I can.” – he said and gave 1000 shekels.

“It’s great that he’s such a good person…” – I added.

“Yes, what would we do without him now …” – agreed the son.

Touched and satisfied, we went to the villa “Starfish”, stopping by our favorite shop for food on the way.

In the lunch area, the same Antonina, whom Alex mentioned, came. It was a full woman of about 45 with shoulder-length blond hair with a typical Russian appearance and not a very remarkable character, as Alex told us.

“On Thursday there will be a check-in of people, you will have to move out. The villa is not for beggars and vagrants.

How much did Alex tell you to pay?” – she asked sternly.

“Not at all,” – we replied.

“Understood. Free. Okay. Until Thursday.

You can take a bed on the roof. In general, we don’t have a homeless shelter here,” – she added.

“Why did she want to hurt us so much, Haya?” – my son asked me.

“I don’t know. Maybe to feel important, dear.” – I suggested.

“Let’s go and visit Asher’s companion, Baruch, Haya, he probably has already arrived. We talked with his fake one so many times on the trip. Maybe a conversation with him himself will be constructive?” – suggested the son.

A few minutes later we were already near a small, surrounded by palm trees, the color of coffee with milk, freedivers’ villa.

“Citroen Berlingo Baruch is not visible, so he has not yet returned from diving.” – said the son.

“But I seem to see someone else driving an approaching car.

Noam, this is Ziv, a diver Ziv who had a contract to work in Australia with a salary of 20 thousand dollars a month. And on Facebook, I constantly see him riding a yacht. He must be doing great! Maybe he has a job for us too?” – I suggested.

“Shalom guys! I want to wash the car before Baruch comes back, he doesn’t like it.

And in Australia, I rented a villa for a diving club, and there was no work because the lockdown began, but I still had to pay for the villa for six months and I spent all my money and now I live on Migdalor Beach, I receive homeless benefits. If you come, you are welcome.

And the yacht is not mine, it’s just a publicity stunt, you have to earn money somehow.” – the Israeli disappointed us and smiled, as usual, with his sly smile.

“Looks like Ziv was unlucky again, Haya. Baruch drove up and he looks very angry. It looks like now there will be a showdown and the time for a conversation is not the best.” – said the son.

“Shalom, guys, I don’t know how to help you, the diving season is ending, I’m busy with work now. Take a three-seater tent from me as a gift, just in case, if you settle down on the beach, some divers live there.

Sorry, I need to have a serious talk with Ziv.” – Baruch, a five-foot man of about 40 in blue breeches of typical Arab appearance, informed us, glancing at the invader with displeasure.

“Well, thanks, Baruch, for it else.” – we thought.

…Thursday morning has come… Our affairs have not progressed much, and how could they have progressed when we continued the two-week coronovirus “quarantine”.

“That’s it, have you forgotten that you have to move out today?” – asked Antonina.

In the evening, there is check-in and there is no place for you.”

“Well, dear, let’s go see the Migdalor beach, we still have a tent,” – I suggested.

After walking 5 miles along the coastline, we saw long rows of tents and trailers stretching for hundreds of yards.

“This is Migdalor beach, as the sign says, Noam, near the Egyptian border checkpoint Taba.” – I commented.

We sat down on a rock next to the shore, dipping our feet into the waters of the Red Sea.

“Perhaps, Noam, we will gradually get used to living like this, but if we move here, then it will be much more difficult to return to civilized life later,” – I said.

“I think so too, Haya.” – the son agreed.

When we were rather upset, we came to the “Starfish” to have a bite to eat and drink tea, we were “friendly” met by Antonina.

“What, are you still here? If you don’t leave in an hour, I’ll call the police.” – she said.

“Kostya, do you know where to find some cheap accommodation?” – I called in despair to one of my friends divers.

“Try calling Alex K. He rents out an apartment in the former Lev Eilat Hotel,” – he suggested.

“Thank you for the information!” – I said and dialed the number of Alex K. on Whatsapp and stated our request to him.

“Yes, well, guys, anything can happen, I want to help you.

You can live in one of the five apartments rented by me, I don’t need money from you, you will just help me with cleaning the apartments.

When are you going to get there?” – he asked.

“Now! Alex, you are wonderful!” – I answered and my son and I, picking up our suitcases, headed towards our new, albeit temporary, but home.

To be continued…


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