What is this place?

“The end of January, and it’s so warm that you can walk in a T-shirt, somewhere around 77 degrees. It’s an amazing winter, isn’t it, Haya?” – remarked the son.

“Yes, dear, but how I love this piercing blueness of a cloudless sky!

Well, we are already approaching the house, where I have already prepared a delicious dinner.” – I added.

My son and I were walking along one of the small cobbled lanes of our cozy district of private houses when we were called by a grey-haired man of about 50 in a dark T-shirt with the logo of an electric company walking towards us.

“Shalom, guys! I often see you here and there and there.” – he said, stopping and adding appropriate hand gestures to his story.

In general, I often see you in different parts of the city, and especially often here. You pass here several times a day, but I have never seen you turn where at least 90 percent of the people are going.

And you are the only one who passes by THIS place without entering or even looking there.

Are you really not interested in this at all?

I thought, thought, and could not understand in any way for what purpose you then go exactly HERE?

Then, suddenly, it dawned on me, I finally understood!

You seem to be into sports. Yes?”

“Yeah, like that, probably.” – the son remarked bewilderedly.

“Well done, guys! Great!

Keep it up!”

He raised his finger up and repeated several times that he really likes it when people keep fit.

The man we met finally understood the meaning of our actions, and we realized that we needed your hint.

What is this place he was talking about?


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