The stupefying motorcycle.

“It’s good that today is a day off!
How I love this calmness of the early morning, its silence, the sky gradually beginning to brighten, the morning roll call of birds and a special feeling of peace, peculiar only to this time of day …” – I thought, waking up as usual before dawn.

“Noam is still sleeping sweetly, but I’ll probably do my business.” – I said to myself, getting out of bed and starting my morning workout in front of the open window …

Having gone into my thoughts and feelings, I did not immediately pay attention to the approaching buzzing of the motorbike. And in vain…

An unpleasant, caustic and some kind of rotten smell coming from it penetrated into the apartment.

“We need to close the window as soon as possible.” – I thought and ran to fulfill this intention, but the desperate roar of the engine could be heard very close by.

“The motorbike is right in front. It seems that for the first time I can see it and its driver so close.” – I added to myself.

And there was something to see.

Behind the motorcyclist were two dark plastic open containers, each containing several white plastic bags.

In one hand he held one of these packages. and something smelly was apparently pouring out of it, and with his other hand he held on to the motorcycle.
The guy’s eyes shone with some kind of insane narcotic gleam and at the same time he emitted some kind of strange triumphant cry.

I slammed the window shut.

“Haya, what time is it?” – asked the awakened son.

“5.28 a.m., dear.” – I answered.

“Yes, it hasn’t even dawned yet. Before, he always passed after six.” – the son remarked.

“Yes, apparently, the schedule of his trips has changed, Noam, if you want you can take a little more nap.” – I suggested to my son and, sneezing several times, added to myself:

“And unfortunately, my head ached from the smell that penetrated into the apartment.”

Eight months ago we moved to one of the dead-end alleys of the city, and soon we began to notice that every day, except for Shabbat (Saturday), a motorcyclist drives back and forth along our dead-end alley, leaving behind an unpleasant trail of some kind of rotten, and sometimes pungent odor.

“What does he have in these white bags? What does he spill and why does he do it?” – the answers to these questions have remained a mystery to us.

“Maybe he is disinfecting against coronovirus?
But why is the smell so unpleasant, reminiscent of rotten?”

We tried to understand, but we couldn’t find an explanation.

Every morning we hear this chirring sound and run to close the window, feeling a plume of pungent smell.

We do not know if they do this in other cities and countries? And for what?


Grocery Store Mystery, Secret Cleaning Dangers, or Extreme Labor 2 (continuation).

“What do you think, Maayan, did Peter come to his senses?” – asked the son in the evening of the next day.

“I don’t know, let’s go to the store and try to talk to him.” – I said.
Usually the guard stood on the street, near his car, leaning on the fence, and a ginger cat, named Jinji (‘Red’), was deftly came to his knee.

Picture of Jinji near the store

For all the time we met Peter, and this is about two years, we realized that he is a very obligatory and responsible person and we have never seen him leave his workplace and go to the store or even leave it anywhere.

This time he was not visible either on the street or on a chair intended for a security worker.

“Where is he?” – the son asked in surprise.

“Look, Yaron, there he is, near the department with greens, throws up one of the packages. And what does he have in his other hand?
He seems to be eating burekases. Really? He never ate anything here. Do you remember what the filling is in this pastry?”

“Yes, of course, you can’t forget it, and it looks like it’s a burekas.”

picture burekas

“Better let’s call him. Shalom, Peter. Ma nishma? (How are you?)”

“Who says that?” – Peter asked, who had already spoken to the son dozens of times before.

“What’s wrong with him, Yaron? He didn’t recognize you?
Look, he drinks some kind of energy drink and chats with Ulyana, whom he avoided all the time. This kind of behavior is completely out of character for him.”

“I’m shocked by what happened to him, Maayan. This is a completely different person.”

“Yes, it’s scary, Yaron. One time, just a few seconds, was enough for that Peter to die. It looks like he became a drug addict. That’s what unnecessary curiosity led to.
Why did he decide to experiment on himself and go to check what exactly was going on in the toilet, because he understood that it would not end in anything good?”

“Yes, it’s a very sad experience, Maayan.”

My son and I came home upset and went to bed.

The next morning, we again wondered in desperation:
“What to do? How to earn money to pay for the apartment by the 1st of the new month?”

“Yaron, call Miguel (Peruvian security guard).
Please ask him if he is on duty here today and if Gila (the store manager) has come?”

“Yes, Maayan, he says that she has come and he will talk to her now about me.”

“Ok. Thanks to him. Let’s wait for the news.”

The news was not slow to appear.

Miguel called back and said that he was completely shocked by what was happening and, most importantly, that he could not understand the essence of what was happening.

“I went downstairs to the warehouse, – he said. – Gila was in her room.”

I asked her: “How are you, how was the trip?”

She replied: “It’s okay, it’s okay.”

Then I asked her, “What about that guy?”

She didn’t say anything to that and didn’t even ask who I was talking about, but only said:
“Miguel, go have a coffee with bourekas and go back to your workplace at the entrance to the store.”

After that, she left the store through the warehouse gate.

And then there was a text message from Roma, my boss from Alpha Security:
“I have to move you somewhere else, Miguel.”

“What’s wrong, someone needs to be replaced?”

I dialed his number several times, but he dropped my calls. I couldn’t understand anything. True, I also asked him about Peter, who for some reason does not pick up the phone. Maybe he’s worried about him?

Then Roma sent a note:
“I’m not happy with you, Miguel.”

In general, I can’t understand anything, Yaron.”

“Yeah. How strange it all is. Maybe there was something else that you didn’t tell me? Something important?” – I asked my son.

“Yes, there were some other boxes, they seemed heavy to me, they stood in the trading floor, near the oven for baking bread.

Tuesday morning Tal said to take them down to the warehouse, but then Samir came up, an elderly man who taught me the skill of a stacker, and loaded me with work so that I completely forgot about these boxes.
And on Wednesday morning, neither the Uzbek guy baking bread, nor the seven-foot Frenchman, working cutting cheeses, came, and Gila scolded me for a long time for not removing these boxes.
She said such a strange phrase – “They could scare or even kill someone …” – and she herself had a very frightened look.
Perhaps, Maayan, but it is only a hypothesis that they (these boxes) contained some household items containing a much stronger drug or even poison.”

“What a dangerous place this store is. Were there any inscriptions on the boxes, Yaron?” – I asked.

“No, just some black stripes.”

“Phone, Yaroshka. Who’s calling?”

“Yigal. Answer?”


“He offers to come to Villa Laguna and clean up.”

“Good. Tell him we’ll come now.”

Our route to work lay, as usual, past the store, and Miguel, who was standing guard there, was so excited by the incomprehensibility of what was happening, that when he saw us, he left his place as a guard and ran after us – “Gila has already sent a note that she is ill with coronovirus. All this resembles some kind of nonsense.” – he could not calm down.

he is.

“Miguel, I’m sorry, we’re in a hurry now, we’ll talk on the way back, in three or four hours. Ok?”

“Good. But I still don’t understand…” – he agreed reluctantly.

“Let’s go, Yaroshka, let’s see what surprises they have prepared for us today in Laguna. The white Igal’s Toyota is here.” – I said, opening the white door of the gate of a white villa with arched windows.

Picture Villa Laguna

Igal and Karin, as always, were sitting at a large long table, each at their own computer, in the spacious hall of the villa.

There the air conditioner worked for heat and there was some kind of unpleasant smell more strongly than usual:

“Shalom! Manishma? Beseder” – Yigal said. And then Karin explained to us what to do.

“Take these blankets in the duvet covers and replace the ones already in room 2 with them.”

“Don’t take them, Yaron. Now I’ll bring a laundry basket and put on gloves … The laundry emits a sharp herbal smell, which makes me dizzy, most likely it is intended for the high of some drug addicts.” – I suggested.

Yigal, as usual, began to run around the villa and left, which made Karin very happy, who apparently really likes to feel like an owner there and does not like the accompany of the owner of the villa.

We stayed at the villa for about four hours and returning home, we went to the store:
“Yaroshka, if you want, you can talk with Miguel for now, and I’ll go for groceries.”

“Ok! With pleasure, Maayan.”

While I was choosing vegetables, talking with Artyom (vegetable stacker), Tal (store’s warehouse manager) walked by in a black mask, the expression in his eyes was simply terrible.

Picture Tal

“You know, Maayan, Miguel said that the cashier, “with teeth in the burekas”, found my T-shirts with the logo of the chain of stores, Gila gave them to me when I first came to the store. I left them at the main checkout, saying that I’ll wash them and then put them on. And then they disappeared, they seem to have been removed by Ulyana (another cashier). So she said that she found someone’s T-shirts and they were heavily drugged.”

“Let’s go, I’ll show you them.” – the cashier told me.

“Don’t you dare to do this” – Miguel said and grabbed my hand to make sure.

“Yes, Yaroshka, God saved you that Ulyana took the T-shirts, and Samir loaded you with work and you forgot about those boxes in which something terrible was possible to be.”

“Maayan, also Yakov (Mexican stacker), he, by the way, is from the desert, from the north of Mexico. So, he told such a story. I don’t know what you think, believe it or not?

“Usually I arrive at work by 8 am, – said the Mexican – but today I was asked to come early and at 6 am, when Tal opened the warehouse, I was already there and went to do my work in the warehouse. There, on one of the boxes, I saw a large bag of white powder. I did not touch it and did not attach much importance to it.

Powder bag picture

A few minutes later, it is not clear from where, because the store was still closed, some kind of inadequate-looking man appeared in the warehouse. He turned to me with a question:
“How much does sugar cost? Can I buy it now?”

“Sugar costs about two shekels, you can leave the money and take a pack, and then I’ll take it throught the checkout.”

“How many milligrams are there?” – he asked.

“Why milligrams? There is a kilogram, sugar is really cheap” – I answered.

“Are you really stupid or what? Where can I find some normal seller?
There was a guy with gray hair in sneakers, where is he?” – the man began to resent.

I went about my business, and when I returned, the bag with the white powder was gone.
Yes, and Artyom came, by the way, I’m afraid to communicate with him, I think that he is some kind of bandit and he seems to be selling coke (the name of the drug).
And yet, he is the only one of the stackers who walks in sneakers, the rest wear boots.”

“And Artyom’s hair is really gray, that is, mostly gray. And he usually comes at 6 in the morning, he told me that.” – I noticed.

In the evening before going to bed, we went for a short walk and, passing by the store, we saw how Artyom, a vegetable stacker, sold Peter a pack of cigarettes, one of which the guard immediately lit up.

“Yes, we’ve never seen a Hungarian smoke before.”

“Peter came to replace me with his car, and I was waiting for a car from Alfa Security.
We stood next to him for 15 minutes and he did not even notice me and did not say hello to me. I don’t understand what’s going on with him” – Miguel complained.

On Friday morning, I came up with a hypothesis that explains Gila’s strange behavior and the mysterious disappearance of the guy who baked bread in the store.
“Yaroshka, do you remember talking about the suspicious boxes that were in the store near the bread oven on Tuesday?
If the items in them contained some kind of very strong drug or even poison, they may have heated up when the oven was working and the guy became sick, he fell into an inadequacy and, leaving the store, went in an unknown direction and no one else saw him. By the way, the guy from the cheese department, which is located next to the bread department, also did not come on Wednesday morning, perhaps he did not feel well either.

Grocery Store Mystery, Secret Cleaning Dangers, or Extreme Avoda (Work)

After Yaron was suddenly and without explanation fired from his job, we were seized by complete despair.

“Yaroshka, where will we get the money to pay for the apartment? It’s cold and scary to live in a tent on the beach now in winter, there are so many inadequate people. What to do?”

“I don’t know, Maayan, maybe go to the CRP (center for work with teenagers and youth), consult with Nofar, maybe she will tell us something”

“Yes, let’s go, Yaroshka.”

“What do you think, we were with you in the PCR today 2 times and both times there we were waiting for this Terrible Inspector. Don’t you think this is strange?
It seems that we did not pass the test as we should.” – I told my son.

On Friday morning, we approached the familiar white fence and opened the familiar white door with the inscription “Villa Laguna”.

Picture Laguna

“Judging by the fact that there is only a white Toyota near the entrance, most likely there is only Yigal (the owner of the villa). So, there are chances that he will give us the rest of the salary.”

And indeed, Yigal was delighted with our arrival, offering to continue working cooperation.

“Sorry guys, Karin and I had a relationship crisis. As a result, I spent almost 100 thousand shekels last month on all sorts of nonsense and I had to pay a few thousand more shekels so that guests removed negative reviews about us. And now, unfortunately, there is no one at all in the villa and I have no money either. Alas!”

And now, unfortunately, there is no one at all in the villa and I have no money either. Alas!”

“Could you clean room 3? I’ll give you two hundred shekels for now.”

“Good. It’s better than nothing, Yaron.”

We went for tools needed for cleaning and then we saw a voluminous chocolate figure of Adano (an African from Eritrea).

Adano picture

“Shalom, you must have made a lot of money on the milk factory, Adano? (meaning a large dairy plant in Kibbutz Yotvata, 20 miles from Eilat). Tell me at least how much money did you get there? We will be happy for you.”

“Don’t rub salt in my wound, guys.
I was supposed to get more than 6 thousand shekels, but they not only gave me nothing, but they also said that I didn’t work there at all. It’s very offensive.
I showed the trade union notes from the factory representative with an invitation to work shifts – extra (additional) and a pass to the factory, but the management of the company claims that I never came to work.
An invitation to work, a pass and a contract in itself are not proof that I was at this very job.”

“Such a solid place and such a deceit!
Can you see the cameras, Adano?”

“So I don’t have access to them, and the management is not going to watch them. Permission to view can only be obtained through the court.”

A picture of a dairy plant in Yotvata.

“Yes, it’s nonsense. We sympathize.”

On Shabbat (Saturday) we again went in search of work.

“Yaroshka, look Igor from the Palma diving club gets into the car.

“Boker tov (good morning), Igor, how are you?”

“Nothing good, corona, there are no guests, I closed the villa.”

“Yes, serious problems, Yaron, because he has one of the most popular diving clubs in the city.”

We went down to the sea and dropped in on old friends at the diving club “Ahla” (sweet), where I used to work.
Its founder Alexander fiddled with the equipment.

“The situation with the work is absolutely sad.” – he said.

And when we entered the Shuk with sad faces on our way back, a cheerful Miguel at the entrance offered us a new idea.

“Why don’t you go to Alpha Security, I called Roma, he is now leading an additional set of guards.”

“Which of us are security guards? What of me, what of my mother? Are you laughing, Miguel?” – asked the son.

Wallpaper Alfa Security

“No, this is a great job. That is, its complete absence. In the morning, a car drives in for you, you just open the door and it takes you to the place.
You take your computer with you, sit on the chair provided at work and go about your business.”

“Well, we must try.” – we decided and on Sunday we went to Roma.

Roma turned out to be a tall, bald Georgian with a piercing look, and clearly expressing his thoughts.

We left a job application, although we understood well that this undertaking is unlikely to have a chance of being successful.

“Maybe something will already be decided in the store, because Gila (the manager) should finally arrive. Let’s go and go to Shuk” – we decided.

But there was no store manager. Avner (the manager of the trading floor) who appeared at work called her, but this did not clarify the situation. Gila said that she did not seem to fire Yaron, but he can not start working, until a personal face-to-face conversation with her. And she is going to arrive by Tuesday.

“Okay, let’s wait and see what happens. What else can we do, Yaron.”

In the evening we wanted to discuss this incomprehensible situation with the guard Peter, who usually gave reasonable advice, but when we saw him, we realized that something was wrong with him.

He told us the following:
“Today, shortly after I went on duty, a man approached me and, holding out 250 shekels, said that he need to go to the toilet. I was wondering what is there. The superiors’ toilet was locked, but I managed to find the key. I tightly plugged my nose with cotton wool, put on 2 pairs of rubber gloves, opened the door and took a couple of steps into the bathroom. I was there for only a few seconds, but I almost lost consciousness and still can not recover. I called a forensic specialist in Hungary and he explained to me the technology of turning a toilet into a place of joy for drug addicts. He also told me numerous ways to get people hooked and turn ordinary household items into highly profitable drug doses or into dangerous traps for the ignorant. A steamed sheet of drug herb is inserted into ordinary toilet paper, or rather into its cardboard middle, or the drug is injected into the paper with a syringe, and then a piece of it is enough to bake a whole batch of burekas, after eating which people fall into a strange altered state. On masks and many other items, the drug is applied with a brush and five days of a semi-unplugged state are guaranteed. “

“Yeah! What happened to Peter in just a few seconds.” – only we could comment on when we returned home.

“Yaron, a call. This is Yigal. What does he want to tell us? That he will return the money?”

“Yes and no, Maayan. He invites us to clean Karin’s apartment tomorrow for 250 shekels.”

“Good.” – we said, and the next morning, on Monday, at about 9 am, we approached the “Laguna”.

“Are we going to clean your apartment?” – we asked Karin.

“Lo. (No)” – she said.

Then we heard the familiar squeak of the bycicle, and the massive figure of Adano appeared on the threshold.

“Karin, am I going to clean your apartment?” – he asked.

“Lo” – she said again.

Then I broke down and burst out laughing and Adano began to laugh too.

“We were fooled again, again a scam” – I said through laughter.

“Yes, it was necessary to call and discuss the antics of this couple.” – added African.

“A smart idea, Adano. That’s the way it should be from now on.”

Karin suggested that I do the cleaning in room 9, and Adano in room 2.

Having soiled my hands, I wanted to wash them with liquid soap, poured into the dispenser and standing on the sink in the bathroom of room 9, but as soon as the soap suds touched the surface of my fingers, I felt that the skin began to burn. I looked at my palms, they turned red.

“What is it, Yaron? Look at my hands. Was there something added to the soap?” – I asked my son anxiously.

“Probably a drug. Maayan, keep your hands under the water a little longer. I read that after standing for several days, solutions from certain types of narcotic herbs turn into poison.

“Yeah. I’m deeply shocked by what’s going on. I don’t want to go cleaning anymore. Let’s talk to Adano.” – I said dumbfounded, continuing to keep my hands under the tap.

But Adano was no longer able to discuss anything.

When he left room 2, he looked like a complete idiot.

Maayan, when I went into his room, he was washing himself with liquid soap.

“I don’t feel well, I want to lie down on the floor, I’m cold” – he said.

“I want shawarma, shawarma” – he repeated, sitting on his bike.

“Well, yes, it turns out that he inhaled the poisonous vapors of the drug and it was absorbed into his skin.

A dangerous profession, cleaning …” – my son and I discussed what had happened.

“Let’s go to Shuk for groceries and get the latest news, Yaron? By the way, there is another one. The owner of the apartment wants to kick us out of there, because we delayed payment to him, and it got colder on the street, the winter was gone in earnest.

In the store, Samir and Yakov (stackers) told us that today the truck driver was running around the trading floor and looking for a tall, thin guy with dark hair (looks like Yaron), and an elderly man behind us at the main checkout with a completely empty cart handed the cashier a pack of two hundreds, where were a thousand shekels while his wife said: “Give him something lighter this time.”

I was blogging when I heard the WhatsApp call.

“Yaron, this is Yigal. He’ll probably be talking nonsense again, let’s call him back later when you finish your college class.”

I raised my head and saw a man near the gate, waving his hand to us.

“He’s already here, Yaron.”

Yigal offered to advertise rooms in the villa and gave 400 shekels. Before he left, to our surprise, he told me: “Maayan, you are the most important person in the world to me.”

In the evening we wanted to talk to Peter about what had happened to him and about the secrets of the soap, but it was impossible to get him off the phone, he was in some inadequate state and constantly discussed something on the phone in Hungarian.

On Tuesday morning we went to Susan’s cleaning, not knowing what surprises to expect this time. Moreover, the thought suddenly dawned on us that her apartment is completely clean and she absolutely does not need cleaning.

This time, her husband Suleiman was also in the apartment, because almost all the hotels were closed due to the intensification of the coronovirus.

After cleaning the apartment, Susan asked us to clean the staircase in the entrance.

And for those half an hour that I washed it, a few more small events happened.

A courier arrived and delivered a basket of sweets to the owners of the apartment, as he emphasized, with filling.

“Yaron, please ask Susan if there is any other work for us while I’m busy here.” – I said to my son.

Having risen to the apartment, I saw Yaron in a new jacket.

“Are you a complete fool?” – I asked and my son immediately took it off.

“Suleiman said that he bought it, but the size did not fit and asked me to try it on, so I put it on, but what should I do?”

“To say that you do not want to measure, and that’s it.”

“He came up to me and offered to work for him, Maayan!
Take 1000 shekels to start, wweety, and then you will earn 700 shekels a day. Would you like it?” – Suleiman asked.

Before leaving, Susan put a lot of sweets in a bag for us, some kind of cake, croissants with chocolate, tea and honey and drove us home.

Approaching the nearest trash bin, we lowered the jacket and all the sweets into it, with the exception of a closed jar of honey.

Then, going to the store and putting on the masks necessary for entering the store that were in my bag, I felt some kind of sharp herbal smell from them.

“Do you smell that, Yaron? Why do they smell like that? Or is it already paranoia?”

We did not go to the store and until the evening were in a state of deep shock, completely not understanding what to do.
It was already beginning to get dark when I began to gradually come to my senses.
I threw away the donated jar of honey and felt that it became a little easier, then I began to wash the floor in the room with plenty of water and remembered that about a quarter of an hour before we left, I saw that Susan seemed to be hiding several hundred shekel in her hands. I thought that she took them to give us for work, but she did it a little later, when we were already getting into the car.

“Yaron, I realized that the smell from the masks most likely was not paranoia, it is possible that Susan put some kind of drug on the banknotes given to us, and I put them in the pocket of the bag next to the bag in which the masks were. The point – apparently, is to get us hooked on the drug and get us into selling it.
Let’s go for a walk to the mountains, my dear, otherwise we can go crazy from all this.”

“Of course, I really want to go there too, Maayan.”

And in the place where we usually climb the Eilat mountains, on a stone, there was a jacket with the inscription “Champion”.

Picture Eilat mountains.

“Champion of stupidity” – I said and laughed.

After desert therapy, we felt better.

On our way home, we peered through the open door of the store.

“Maayan, do you think Peter came to his senses?”

“Hardly, Yaron. He didn’t even say hello to us, continuing to endlessly talk to someone on the phone.”

You know, Maayan, Miguel also said that when Peter became a victim of his curiosity, he became so ill that he could not even stand his shift and he called Roma, he was replaced by another guard, and he himself went to the hospital and was diagnosed severe poisoning of the body and put on a drip, but his mental state is still difficult.

To be continued…

The collapse of the stacker’s career.

Shuk shop. Day three, Wednesday.

The working day in the news store is chaotic.

I took Yaron to the entrance and sat down to write a blog.

When I opened WhatsApp an hour later, I saw several messages from my son.

“Maayan, the here is some bullshit.”

“The chiseller and breadmaker are gone.”

“Therefore, the director and Tal are running around the hall and yelling”

“Samir in the hospital”

“Peter came to say goodbye. He can no longer. This woman, Ulyana, from cash desk, jumped on him right in the trading floor in front of everyone. He left his number and ran away. He said we were almost friends.”

“It’s all right, my dear. Don’t worry. Nothing extreme happened.”

What actually happened?

Well, the cheese cutter, the tall seven-foot Frenchman, and the five-foot Russian-speaking guy who bakes bread didn’t show up.

“My heart was not good. I’ll go to check” Samir, his teacher for laying out goods, told to son and left.
But, he came later.

Well, Peter (Hungarian guard) came to say goodbye, he was tired of the increased harassment of the cashier Ulyana and asked to be transferred to another job.

Well, Tal (assistant director) walked around the store in a not-happy mood and constantly yelled something with displeasure.
Then, he decided to start baking bread himself and burned his hands, from which he began to yell even more. Taking out only the baked bread from the oven, Tal dropped it on the floor, picked it up and, without even brushing it off, threw it on the shelves intended for it.

Well, the guard Asaf again could not stand the atmosphere even before lunch and was replaced by the Peruvian Miguel.

“In general, little things of life, Yaroshka. Nothing special happens in the store. You just have to mind your own business” – I wrote to my son.

Seeing Yaron in the trading floor, the Peruvian security guard greeted him in a friendly way.

“Does this guy work here now?” – he said about Yaron to Gila (the director of the store).

“Yes. He’s in training.”

“Yaron, today there is a condition to stay on more than the usual shift, up to 4pm, there is a lot of work,” Gila said.

“Of course, good.” – answered the son.

At that moment, Tal brought his large polythene bag with hot bourekases and left it at the entrance to the trading floor.
“Take it! I give to everyone!” – he offered.

“Well, you can take a short break, Yaron, you did a good job today, and the time is already 2.30 pm, you need to take a break” – said Samir, who returned from the doctor to the son.

” Thank you.” – he answered and went out to stand a little on the street not far from the fence at the entrance to the store, where Miguel was already.

“A few workers didn’t show up today, you can talk to Gila, maybe she’ll hire your mom too” – suggested the Peruvian.
“It would be great!” – answered the son.

“Then you need to find Gila, Yaron. But her car is not in the parking lot, she seems to have already left. Look, the mishtara (police) has arrived again, they often drive here in recent days, it seems to be looking for something,” the guard noted.

“Hi, dear! Have a nice day, Miguel! How are you, everything is fine?” I asked, approaching them.
“You, Yaroshka, are you going home soon?”

“No, Maayan, today Gila said to be late for another hour.”

“Okay, then I’ll wait for you at home.
Yaron, why does Miguel have such strange eyes today? And as if he was very tired and somehow even seemed to have aged?

“I think it’s because he ate Tali’s stuffed burekas.”

“You hope you didn’t eat them?”

“No, of course, Miguel complained of drowsiness and headache after eating a coffee muffin, probably there are unconventional additives in them.”

“Looks like it. It’s no wonder that a month ago, a woman with a cash register told us about the teeth found in the burekas. After a portion of weed, a lot can be imagined …
Okay, see you in an hour, Yaroshka.

“Of course, Maayan.”

I stood a little longer near the store, and was about to go when Ulyana came out of it with an empty cart, looking at me with hostility.

The gate door of our house opened in a few minutes …
“Were you released early, my hungry boy?”
“No, I got fired.”
“I don’t know, I didn’t understand anything, Maayan.
The woman at Ulyan’s main checkout, when I approached, said loudly: “Yaron, the company has a large loss now, the store doesn’t need so many pickers, you don’t work here anymore.”

“Why did you get fired anyway? Did you tell Miguel about it?”

“I don’t know, Maayan, I tried, you yourself saw when you went into the store that I worked. Sameer said that he was pleased with me.
And the Peruvian also said that he did not understand anything, because today at 12.30 Gila confirmed to him that I understood that I had taken the job. He’s nervous but can’t get through, she happens to have gone north before Sunday.”

“It’s so strange that he was fired for no reason and the headmistress didn’t even tell him about it herself, at least by phone or a note. Artyom, a vegetable picker.

“You know, Maayan, Peter said some very serious and even frightening things to me the other day.
The store does not need workers now.
And most likely I was hired by Shook, planning that I would be engaged in the delivery of the goods that were in cardboard boxes. Understand?”

“How dangerous it is, Yaron. I don’t know where we can find work and money for

Yaron’s labor debut.

“I think it’s great that I was hired, I hope that at least we can pay for food and an apartment.” – said the son.

And now my dear and beloved boy went to work for the first time. It was located nearby, in the Shuk store.
He was taken to lay out the goods and we both understood that this was not an easy test for both of us.

Because… strange things started happening in the store a couple of months ago…

By 8am, my son and I came to “Shuk” and began to look for the director of the store, Gila, and someone who would teach Yaron the new stacking skills for him.

His “guru” in this matter turned out to be an elderly, relatively sensible Jordanian Arab, Samir, and the first thing he told us was:
“Gila won’t come today because the Inspector is expected to come.”

“And then it starts again!” – we involuntarily thought.

“And I’ll teach you how to arrange the goods on the shelves.” – he added.

I left the store and soon saw a note on WhatsApp from Yaron.

“Maayan, Tal, the man who usually sits with Gila, lit a fire in the warehouse to burn the garbage and told Samir and me to help him.”

“But it could have burned down the entire store. It’s good that it’s been raining recently. What did you and Samir do?”

“He said that he would not participate in this and then told me that Tal is a real jerk and a drug addict.”

“Thank God it all ended well.”

A little later, I went to the store for a few minutes to see how Yaron’s first working day was going and to buy groceries for lunch. I noticed a few loitering people there (my son informed me that they were stackers too)

One of them, a young guy with a shock of curly dark hair, made circles around the hall, senselessly approaching the greens and throwing one of the packages, then the bread, doing the same thing there.

Another, a man of small stature, about 40 years old, with a crazy look, pestered all the employees of the store, including the security guard Asaf, talking about underpants and some intimate parts of the body, which, according to him, did not fit in any way, and as a cover for his powerful tool he needs a machine gun.

Entering the Shuk an hour later, I noticed that another guard was sitting instead of Asaf.

“Apparently, he could not stand it, he asked to change him.” – we thought.

And in the evening, passing as usual by the Shuk, we saw Pieter, a Hungarian guard, who was distinguished by sufficient sanity.

“Shalom, Peter. Did we think you left the store?”

“Alfa Security ordered me to finish it here by the end of the month, what can you do.
And the store will probably work for another two months, no more.”

“Why do you think that, Peter?”

“I heard that a rich Indian wants to buy this chain. That big store in the industrial area is even more of a mess.”

“And today was my first working day here and in general.” – said the son.

“Congratulations! It’s still better than cleaning. From cleaning the head will wither and fall off.” – for some reason he said.

We did not ask him for clarification, and the next day, after accompaning Yaron to the store, I returned home and sat down to write a blog, but I felt strange anxiety.

When I opened WhatsApp, I saw a note from my son:
“Some kind of car arrived and Tal called Samir and me to help unload it.

Samir, seeing the arrived car, immediately went to the toilet, he probably knew what they brought there, and I began to help Tal. The boxes were light, but one of them burst open and spilled grass with a sharp intoxicating smell. Tal began to swear that he had suffered great damage, and I went to my shelves to lay out the goods further.
Samir also told me that Avner, an elderly man who had been watching the trading floor, had disappeared. But before that, it turns out that he sent back a batch of shampoos paid for by the store to the company, without even asking to return the money for it, and the man talking about underpants turns out to be a representative of the company that sells shampoos and set prices for them at 3.90 instead of 13.90.
Here are some interesting things.

Yes, during the break, Samir and I went to drink coffee with milk, but when I poured myself a cup, I saw that the milk in the refrigerator for workers had run out, and one of the stackers said that it could be taken from Tal.

I didn’t want to go to Tal, but Samir still managed to drink coffee before the milk ran out and I saw that the drink somehow had a strange effect on him, he changed his face and began to grumble on various occasions, and I already began to fear drinking there at all anything.”

“I saw when I came in, Yaroshka, that there were tourists.”

“Yes, today there was such an interesting episode – a woman came in, she asked something from another stacker in English, but she could not understand her.

I came up and asked:
“What are you looking for, maybe I can help you?”

“I am looking for Indian flour with coconut, I can not imagine how you can live without it, I need it every day, in Arizona it is in all stores, it contributed to the resurrection of Buddha.” – she said, and her eyes were wild and empty.

“Yeah, it looks like in the States also a spider from India has wove its web and catches in it everyone whose head is not quite in place, those who do not see their way.”

Further spread of the “severed head” virus and the “scary inspector” syndrome in Eilat.

“Shalom! Yakov will arrive in half an hour, wait.” – said African woman Marta, who opened the door for us at the center for working with adolescents and youth, located on Shkhoret Street.

Picture CRP

Then she laughed:

“Ha ha! No, it’s a joke. I don’t know when he will be. I talked to him, he’s not himself, he seems to have drunk.”

“I don’t understand what’s funny about Yaron, I should try to get through to Yakov and find out if he went to the Laguna villa and what’s wrong with him.”

“I agree and I don’t see anything funny here either.”

“Yes, Yakov. How are you?”

“Maayan, he says he doesn’t want to tell yet what happened to him, because he remembers almost nothing, only that he was at the villa, then a complete blackout and the next thing he remembers is only that he came home in the morning and that’s it. He could not explain anything to his wife and she did not let him into the house. At that moment, he could only shout something incoherently and wave his arms, then he ended up in the hospital and was diagnosed with severe poisoning. But he plans to come to work in the coming days.”

“I would like to see him in reality and understand what happened to him.”

And after the weekend, on the first working day of the new year 2022, we decided to go to a familiar address on Shkhoret Street.

There were always quite a lot of people in the center, but here, to our surprise, only one employee was present.

“Today there is no one, because the inspector should drive up, I’m in touch with him now, don’t distract me.” – she said with a worried look.

“And here, too, a terrible checker??????”

Scary checker virus picture

While my son and I looked at each other in puzzlement, a pickup truck drove up to the building, in the back of which there was some kind of device, like a lawn mower and several bags of soil.

In the car, we saw two men, one of whom, a tall brunette, went to inspect the courtyard of the center, and the second, fair-haired, of small stature, remained sitting in the car with an extremely displeased face.

“They look more like not scary inspectors, but like a city gardening service.
Yaron, let’s ask them what’s going on here?”

picture machine gardening

“Good.” – answered the son and addressed this question to the man sitting in the car.

“Maayan, he says that there are some strange people working in the center who are not all right with their heads, they complain that they were called and told some disgusting horrors, like flamethrowers will be put in their asses.”

“Let’s go, Yaron, I don’t want to listen to this nonsense.”

“I’m not interested either, Maayan.”

Only “it” again continued on the same day.

“Those guys are talking about a severed head again. Are there really no other topics? About something interesting, pleasant, beautiful, or even just delicious?” – said the son in the evening, when we went to the Shuk store for a minute and while we were choosing vegetables there, involuntarily overheard the conversation of workers.

Picture in store head

“I think we need to focus on the good stuff and on our own, Yaron.
Tomorrow we have a visit to Boris M, an elderly but very professional psychiatrist, we need his resume for a positive solution with army affairs.”

“It’s been raining for the third day already. The gray sky is so unusual for these places. But let’s go, Yaron, it’s time for the reception soon.” – I told my son the next morning.

“Yes, let’s go, Maayan.”

“From you 54 shekels, go to room number nine.” – we were told in the mental health clinic.

“Thank you!”

“Shalom. Manishma? (How are you?)” – said a gray-haired man of about 50 who came up to us.

“Yakov, did you come? We went to your center 5 times, but didn’t find you there.” – I said in surprise.

Yakov looked somehow exhausted, he was without his usual glasses, and his eyes shone with some kind of abnormal brilliance.

“I promised I’d come” – he said.

“I would really like to know if you have been to Villa Laguna?”

“I’m not ready to talk about this incident yet, especially since Martha laughed at me and said that I was not in order with my head, and if I now tell everything to the doctor, I’m afraid that he will give me a psycho certificate” – he replied. .

“You changed your names. Are they some kind of Indian ones?” – doctor Boris M. asked us, starting the appointment.

“No, these are traditional Jewish names.”

“Are you vegan like Indians?”

And a few more times in a conversation with a doctor, a mention of the Indians came through from him.

“Yakov said that the doctor has two villas, he is single and he is 69 years old, and during the reception he mentioned India several times. What do you think, Maayan, maybe they took him seriously too?”

“Anything is possible, Yaron. Look, the car of the chain of stores that the Indian Amit bought.”

“Yes, I see and the driver even winked at me.”

picture shop

“But it looks like another performance of our energy worlds, Yaron.”

In the evening of the same day, in order to get a more realistic picture of what was happening, we decided to go back to the familiar house on Shkhoret Street.
Unlike usual, in the Center, a bright light burned in all the rooms, and we approached the door, hesitantly opened it.

“Shalom! Manishma? Would you like to drink tea with us, otherwise it’s cool outside today?” – Martha asked hospitably.

“That’s very kind. Thank you! But we just wanted to know what happened yesterday?”

“Someone poured hot water over the electrical wiring from above and there was a short circuit, we called the master, he fixed everything.”

“Yes, and we came yesterday morning and saw that the gardening service came to you.”

“Yes, they have done a yard landscaping project and are making an estimate.”

“And Yacov? Was he here today?”

“No, he was gone for a long time. In general, he is not a very adequate, and prone to alcoholism person. I advise you to listen to him less.”

“Yes, thank you! Have a good evening!”

“By the way, Yaron, I remembered that Dr. Boris M. had a wedding ring on his finger, which means he most likely lives with his wife and it is likely that he does not have a villa at all.

Why do people endlessly senselessly lie and so often tell horrors?”

“I don’t know, Maayan.”

picture of question marks

The next day, my son and I went to clean Susan’s apartments, as it seemed to us, an absolutely adequate woman who is engaged in the hotel business with her husband and usually expresses her thoughts clearly and concisely.
We visited her twice before and each time before leaving, she thanked us for the good cleaning and put fruit and sweets in a bag for us.
This time, she seemed to have forgotten about the tradition that had begun, and while she was driving us home, Susan also began to … tell horror stories …

“Susan, what do you think of our employers at Villa Laguna?” – we asked her on the way.

“This man,” she said, without giving a name, “is just a terrible sadist and a maniac, several criminal cases have been opened against him, he threw a hot iron and a kettle of boiling water at his wife, which is why she left him.

That woman is a worthy couple for him, more than one criminal case has been opened against her, she pours something on people’s clothes and then they get skin cancer, and her husband has lost some intimate parts of his body.

The social services guy you called ‘is just a complete jerk, he’s bothering me with requests for help.
And anyway, next time I’d better leave you the key under the rug. I’m very busy with my business right now.” – Susan told us while saying goodbye.

“Yaron, is it really Susan, such a reasonable woman, who told us such inadequate and terrible stories?”

“Looks like it.”

“Dangerous job of cleaning…”

To be continued…

Crazy cleaning at Villa Laguna.

It was Thursday …

My son and I went to Villa Laguna to clean up.

“Yaron, will you stay at home or will you come with me?”

“How do I leave you, Maayan, at such a difficult moment? Of course I’ll go.”

“But this is just cleaning, Yaron.”

“Maayan, you yourself know how things are there.”

Less than three minutes later, my son and I came to a white three-story villa with beautiful white arched windows, a pretty little white fence and the owner’s Toyota, also white, standing next to it.

“Yaron, look, the large Adano’s (a tall, heavy-built African who sailed from Eritrea a few years ago and also works in the villa) bycycle is standing.” – I said, opening the gate.

“It’s kind of calming. Yaron, there is also a black girl of 5-6 years old, so big-eyed and pretty. Apparently this is Adano’s daughter. Ah, here he is.”

“Yes, Maayan, Adano says he can’t be here alone anymore.
And although he knew that we would come, he was invited an hour earlier than us and he decided to take his daughter with him so that it would not be scary and there would be someone to talk to.”

“Okay, Yaron, let’s go and say hello to Karin (the manager of the company and the common-law wife of the owner of the Igala villa) and find out today’s work plan.”

“Ok, Maayan, she says to take a vacuum cleaner and clean the artificial turf in the yard, removing the remains of a corpse from it.”

“Okay, Yaron, let me vacuum, and you work out on your computer courses.” – I said and got down to business.

“Well, the yard is clean. What else needs to be done?” – I went up to Karin.

“Okay. Now we have to go down to the basement, grab the big mattress and put it on the bed in room three.”


“Yaron, help me.” – I called my son.

Together we went down the stairs in the villa leading down, where there were also several rooms, and saw in one of them a pile of mattresses. We took out the right one and put it on the bed in room number three, but the mattress turned out to be very small, about fifteen inches narrower than necessary, and there was a huge yellow spot in the middle. In addition, the mattress apparently lay in a twisted state for a long time and did not want to lie flat, swaying on the bed like the hump of a camel.

“What is this ugliness? Why are you putting it in? It’s just awful” – said Adano, who entered the room at that moment.

“It really is. Karin, please see what to do with the mattress” – we asked the manager.

“It doesn’t matter how it looks, the main thing is that there is no smell of a corpse.
Yesterday we invited insect killer, because a cockroach crawled into one of the clients and he tried to pull the insect out of him, but failed, as a result of which the visitor fell apart, and his leg ran around the villa at night (we looked at the cameras).”

“I’m terribly tired of listening to this idiocy, and only one, rather gloomy topic.
A normal person will not agree to sleep on such a bed, but in the end it is not our business.
Is there any more work, Karin?”

“Yes, we need to clean room number seven, which was recently freed by a terrible inspector with three girls.”

I went up to room 7, from which two Israelis in kippah, who are hardly inspectors, actually emerged recently.

The room began to clean by Adano, who was already in some strange state, and his daughter was capricious.

But finally, we finished cleaning there. I was glad that it was time to leave this insane asylum.
But everything turned out to be not so simple.

“Finish? Finished cleaning?
Maayan, please sit here. Igal wants to talk to you.”

I sat down on a chair opposite the owner of the villa, who was writing something on the phone, as I noticed, in the translator.

“I want you to work for me” – he wrote.

“Yes, I do not mind.”

“I want to change clothes every day” – he wrote further.

“How can I help you with this?” – I asked in bewilderment.

“You will now change into these clothes, which were bought for one of the girls of the inspector, and you will give yours to me, I will take them to the washing machine and then I will put them on. And you will wear this one.”

With these words, he went to the bag with things and took out of it a new white T-shirt, dark breeches, socks and two pairs of sneakers and laid it out on a large white table, which they spread out in the morning for some unknown purpose.

“Yes, and I really need your sandals too.”

“This is some kind of nonsense, Yaron.”

“It’s hard to put it any other way, Maayan.”

I refused to change and Karin had a real hysteria.

“You should be ashamed that you do not allow the owner of the villa to change, he has to walk in dirty, bad-smelling clothes.”

She screamed for a long time, until we were very tired of the inadequacy of this scene and left, and she still continued to scream after us …

“Yaron, why does she need my old shabby clothes so much? It’s not clear.” …

“The only thing that is clear is that Karin needs clothes and shoes for some reason, and not for anyone to wear them, Maayan …”

In the evening I entered into a store in the center of Eilat, and Yaron delayed, taking out the mask necessary to enter.

After looking at the product I needed, I went out and saw that Yaron was still standing near the entrance.

“You have no idea, Maayan, who I saw just now.”

“Whom? Tell me.”

“Adano, he was passing by on his bike right now.”

“That’s good. Did he stop? Have you arranged to meet with him and discuss the situation at work?”

“Yes, tomorrow at three, near the entrance to the Shuk store. He also said that Karin had recently called him and said that if he was not ready to give his clothes to Igal, then he might not come to work.
And she asked him to say it to us too.
Yeah, well, it took her apart …”

“Yaron, I think I understood why Karin needed my clothes and shoes so much, and you said that she also wanted to cut some of my hair for Igal.
It all adds up …
Remember that they for some reason spread out the table. In some cases, what do put on the table?
Do you understand my point?”

“Yes, Maayan. The coffin they ordered before.”

“An spreaded table, a coffin, wearable things, shoes and hair – the picture is taking shape, isn’t it, Yaron? But not from the funny ones.”

“Yeah, creepy enough. Looks like they were going to do the rite, Maayan …”

A joke about a severed head (continuation). Part 2

On Sunday and Monday, my son and I, passing by the “Shuk” in the evening, did not see Peter, who was usually on duty from 5 to 10pm.

“I wonder why he’s not there? Let’s ask Miguel” ― I suggested to my son.

“He left for Hungary for the Christmas holidays for two weeks, he will only be in January. He was lucky, it is a pity that I was not in his place. He received a decent sum of money and an unscheduled vacation from the store in compensation for the unpleasant situation that you know.” ― said Miguel.

“Great!” — we answered.

On Monday, Karin asked us to clean her five-room two-story apartment near the Eilat Mountains.

About an hour after she left, taking us there, a short woman knocked on the door, she brought a criminal case summons for Karin.

“The criminal case is serious. What is she, interestingly, involved in?” ― we thought.

And on Tuesday in the “Laguna” events began to get not amusing, but rather sinister character.

“We need to clean room number nine very cleanly and quickly. Igal will go to bed there. He could not get home, he has some problem, the police are in his house” ― Karin gave us an assignment.

“Yaron, do you hear the great Adano’s (African’s) bycycle squeaked, so he is leaving. What happened, after all, it was only about an hour after we arrived, the time is only the beginning of ten in the morning? Why is he leaving, please ask him.”

“Adano said that he can no longer endure all this madhouse. He said that Igal asked him for clothes, change clothes.
And now Karina asked me if we bought new clothes for a voucher and can I give them to Igal so that he can change, because he could not get home and he has no change of clothes?”

“Yeah! The African has a good instinct. If he has already escaped, then no good will be expected.”

An hour passed, I was finishing cleaning in room 9, when we heard that some noisy work was going on upstairs.

“Strange, Adano has left, but then who could be there?”

“Karina said that a man came with a device for searching for the bones of a corpse and he looks for them in the walls and drills the walls where the bone finder shows their presence. You can go and see the car of this “specialist” is standing near the gate.” ― said the son.

“Are they completely out of their minds?
Where is Igal? Will he come here to sleep?” ― I asked.

“No, he didn’t wait and left after Karina fed him something. Before that, he told me that he slept normally at night and was not going to go to bed.”

“I don’t understand. I’ll go and throw out the trash and at the same time see what’s going on near the gate.”

“Yes, Yaron, there is a big tinted Ford Savannah van, and its owner looks so unfriendly and inadequate …”

“Do you have anything suspicious here?” – when he saw us, the “bone finder” asked.

He was a tall, densely built middle-aged man with large dark circles under his eyes, he looked quite aggressive.

“No, no, nothing.” – we answered unanimously.

“He has such a terrible expression …” – I said.

“Yes, it is clearly dangerous to talk to him, he looks angry and inadequate, plus a fairly massive size.” – added the son.

“You hear, he really does drill through the walls on the second floor.”

Indeed, going up to the second floor, in one of the rooms we saw several holes made in the wall. The man continued to drill new ones, standing on the stepladder. Because of the noise he made, he did not notice us.

“I wrote down the number of the car and took a picture of him. I do not understand what he is doing and why, but I do not want to stay here any longer. Yaron, call Igal and let’s get out of here.”

“Maayan, the owner of the villa says he is sleepy and asks to be left alone for a while, he is going to sleep in the car in the parking lot on the beach.”

“Did you tell him what’s going on here?”

“Yes, I said that some man was ruining the house, but that didn’t make any impression on him.”

“I don’t understand anything. Let’s go.”

“No, don’t go, you still have to hang the laundry from the washing machine.
We also need to sign where what lies in the closet …” – Karin did not let us leave.

“Yaron, why did she deliberately delay us with all sorts of nonsense?
In general, I am terribly tired of all this. Well done Adano for leaving on time.”

We were already exhausted from the stress and decided to take a walk to our favorite place in the mountains, in the desert.
Desert therapy helped as always, but in the evening, when we returned home, we again saw three missed calls from Igal.

“Yaron, call him back. Need to find out what’s going on there?”

“Igal says he’s with Karin, who’s making dinner right now. He’s going to stay overnight at her.”

“This is your business, Igal, but it looks like she is mixing something into your food and trying to manipulate you.” – the son told him about our suspicions.

“What should I do? Where to spend the night?” ― Igal asked.

“I don’t know. Spend the night with friends or rent an apartment, we can tell you one of our friends.”

It took about half an hour and we again saw Igal at the door.

“Yaron, this story is already starting to get boring …” – I said.

“I agree” – the son replied.

“Come in, would you like some tea or coffee?” – I asked Igal gloomily.

“No, thanks” – he replied, and sat down on a chair and began some kind of infinitely long story.
The conversation was in Hebrew and the son did not translate anything for me for a long time.

Finally, he reported:
“Igal asks if we can wash his clothes in the washing machine and let him to take a shower?”

“Of course, I would not want to. But it is somehow inconvenient to refuse, tell me that in principle it is possible.”

“Okay, then I went to get my things in the car, now I’ll bring them.” – said Igal and left.

“Listen, Yaron, but he seemed to say that he rented an apartment at our friend?”

“Yes, and it seems to be in the 8th entrance here.”

“That’s great. Call and tell them there is a machine and granules for washing.”

“Exactly. I’m already calling. He also says he didn’t find towels there.”

“There are 6 of them in the closet, let him have a look.”

The son sat down to his studies, but we were very excited and now and then again began to discuss what had happened.

“You cannot imagine, Maayan, how much filth, abomination and horror he told me.
That some maniac came to him and scared him, that he would stuff his cat with dynamite, shove a flamethrower up his ass, etc. … for almost an hour he told me such crazy stories.”

A day later we went to the “Laguna” again, sincerely hoping that Adano (an African who also works there) would come and we would discuss the situation together. A white tinted van was parked outside the villa’s entrance.

“I don’t know what was there, something incomprehensible, but we need to collect the crumbling plaster in the 5th room and put things in order there” – Karin gave us instructions.

“Good!” – we answered.

Literally five minutes later, we heard the great Adano squeak and were very happy to see him.

“It’s so good that you came. But here at work it’s already getting scary, especially alone” – he told us.

When we went to the second floor to clean the 5th room, I noticed that my son was looking at the sign on its door with surprise.

“You have no idea what is written here.”

“Of course not. What exactly?”


“Better tell me, don’t waste time.”

“It says here that Yaron A. lives here.”
(A is the surname of the owner of the villa).

“Why did they write this, Yaron? What could it mean?”

“I don’t know, it’s hard for me to understand their logic, Maayan.”

“Me too. Have you agreed with Adano to discuss the situation?”

“Yes, we decided to talk when he goes to throw the trash in the bin outside the villa.”

“You can also grab the trash from the room so as not to arouse suspicion.”


I had almost finished cleaning the room when my son returned.

“Yaroshka, have you talked to Adano?”

“Maayan, you can’t imagine, there is again some kind of performance near the villa – at the entrance there were three shaking drug addicts, one of them brandished an ax, he chopped off palm branches with it, and right next to the garbage dumps there was a tall, densely built man and he was very disapproving, to say the least, looking at us. So we hurried back, deciding to discuss what was happening later.” – said the son.

“Ok! Yaron, please ask Karin what else needs to be done?”

“She said that we need to quickly clean the stairs from the traces of plaster so that it dries up, otherwise the undertaker might slip and fall.”

“What other undertaker? This is something new. The inspector won’t come today, neither will the bone searcher, but already the undertaker will come? And vampires are not expected to visit?” – I said and laughed.

“I don’t know, but Karin said several times today that they are waiting for the undertaker.”

“Yaron, did you ask if she understands what she is saying?”

“You know, Adano told me the sensible idea that if Igal and Karin were that insane, they would have gone broke or had an accident long ago.
However, they remember everything, they count money and drive the car neatly.
And drugs may be hidden in the wall near the air conditioner.
This is a fairly real and prosaic guess.”

“Well, very likely. Okay, I went to clean room 9” – I said.

“Okay, I’ll still sweep on the second floor.” – Yaron replied.

“Yaron, are the stairs dry? Otherwise the undertaker has already come” – Karin asked loudly.

“Yes, it seems to have dried up.” – answered the son.

“Yaron, who is the undertaker?” – asked African, watching at that moment something is on the phone.

“I don’t know for sure myself, Adano.”

“Then I’ll take a look on the internet.
Horrible! Look, Yaron, how terrible he is!”

“Adano, you’re looking at something wrong. This is an American wrestler. And the undertaker is most likely the one who makes the coffins.”

I began to tidy up the room number nine and, passing by the room that the African was cleaning, I saw that he had come out and showed me with signs that he really needed to talk.

“Yaron, go discuss what is happening with Adano and please write down his phone number. We need to discuss the situation with him after work, which is becoming more and more incomprehensible.
Then, they have a large strong community and they support each other …” ― I suggested to my son.

“I took his number, Maayan, he really really wanted to talk. After all, everything that happens here really gets on his nerves too. When I approached the African, he was sitting on the bed in the room he was cleaning in a strange state and could not come to his senses. Although it is understandable how much he went through in life, because he sailed from Africa, having sailed 3 thousand kilometers from Eritrea, where the war has been going on for decades and the standard of living is one of the lowest in the world. In general, we agreed to contact and chat after we leave here.”


“So that’s what I wanted to tell you more, Maayan. They pulled out a coffin from that white van that stood near the house.” – the son began his story on the way home from work.

“Coffin? Really? What color was it?”

“Yes, coffin, black.”


“No, probably dyed. Adano told me that. He saw how the coffin was pulled out of the van and while the door of the van was open, he saw that there were several more coffins, shovels and boots. The coffin was carried to the second floor, to the room that you cleaned up and then brought down.”

“Where, to the basement? Where was the ginger cat?”

“Yes, I already saw it myself. And then the master came, wrapped it with a chain and hung a lock on it. He also asked Igal which lock to hang on the coffin ― mounted or coded one?”

In the evening we went to do some shopping at the Daniel store.

On the way, we were overtaken by some clearly inadequate person who approached a car standing on the side of the road and suggested to the driver: “If you want masks, they are as ordinary in appearance, you cannot distinguish them, but whoever wears them for five days, will be in a thrill.”

And we saw that a dialogue began between then…

“It looks like the deal took place. Why are there so many inadequate people , what is happening?”

A joke about a severed head (continuation).

Saturday came.

“Today I am going to the villa “Laguna”, Yaroshka, to do the cleaning there.

“No, of course I’m with you, Maayan.”

“Okay, let’s go then.”

Igal, the owner of the villa, saw us and showed the door to the fenced off and canopy part of the courtyard and said:
“There was a diving club here, but the business has recently fallen into disrepair and I recently sold all the equipment to the Indians.”
Indeed, the walled off room was empty.
He pulled out a large vacuum cleaner from the territory of the former diving club, and my son and I enthusiastically began to clean the artificial turf in the yard.

“Maayan, Igal said that today there are many arrivals and it will be necessary to prepare several more for the arrival of guests.

“Good!” – I said and began to put things in order in the next cleaning object – room number 1.

Less than ten minutes later, Igal arrived.

“Guys, we have a problem. There is a suspicion that inspection may come after one in the afternoon.
It is necessary that when they come, none of the workers are here. Finish cleaning here, and let the rest of the rooms remain uncleaned.
And I will inform the clients not to come …

Well, unfortunately, I can’t get through to them, no one picks up the phone.” ― and with these words Igal, having run through the villa for several circles in search of the car keys, finally found them and left.

“Why are they so afraid of this inspection? I don’t understand. But nevertheless, if that’s the case, let’s go, Yaron.”

“Yes, of course, Maayan. You know, today Yigal told me a lot of some rather strange information.”

“Not about the severed head, I hope?”

“No. About the Indians. He said that they were staying at the villa and as a sign of friendship between them and their Jewish brothers, they gave him some kind of lion and juices with herbs.
And Karina (the manager of Laguna), it turns out, also came from India.”

Imperceptibly Thursday came next week, when there was work again at the “Laguna.”

“How are you, Yaron? How are you getting settled? Do you have clothes, do you, mother?”

“Well, she doesn’t walk naked.” – the son shocked him a little with his answer.

“Yaron, were you really so hungry when you first came here?”

“Yes, it was true, as well as the fact that our entire budget at the moment is 80 shekels.”

“I would like to help you. I can offer you cleaning my house once a week.
There work at least 6-8 hours.” – he said.

“That would be great!” – answered the son.

“Okay, we’ll come back to this conversation later.”

Then the traditional game of the evil inspector who was already on his way began again at the villa. Now Karin was actively involved in her, who for some reason went and turned on the TVs in all rooms, saying that this would harmonize the space and the inspector would be more benevolent. Igal left again.

“Yaron, I really want you to take the courses that I found for you every day, I ask you to seriously take up your studies.” – I said to my son when we returned home.

But literally a couple of minutes later the phone rang.

“Maayan, this is Igal, he is here and asks if we are at home.”

“Yaron, it turns out, he called us several times already. I see three missed calls from him.”

Entering, the owner of the villa first of all looked into our refrigerator.

“Large refrigerator and wardrobe, in general, yours is pretty cozy,” he said, sitting down on a chair.

My son and I looked at him in bewilderment. There was a moment of strange silence.

“Maybe some tea or coffee?” – I asked hesitantly.

“No thanks. I wanted to say that the situation in the villa worries me a lot. I think that this is some kind of intrigue of competitors and I need a trusted person who could do the cleaning there on a regular basis. In a few months I would raise him salary for a couple of thousand.”

“Yes, this offer is interesting for us. We could have vegan breakfasts or yoga classes there.” – suggested the son.

“Yes, it is possible. And you also wanted to sell a voucher for clothes? So we will assume that I am buying it. Here’s 400 shekels, 100 I will add later. Only I don’t need a coupon, you better really use it.” – he said before leaving, taking money from his wallet.

On Friday around noon we went to the “Shuk”, which was soon to close on Shabbat and open only on Sunday morning. A new surprise awaited us there.

The first thing that surprised us was that not one, but two guards were standing near the entrance to the store. In addition to the usually cheerful Peruvian Miguel, who worked that day, there was another Hungarian Peter, who was supposed to rest.

Contrary to his custom, Peter was dressed in some kind of house clothes, all stained with cat hair.
He looked as if he had just jumped out of bed and he was clearly annoyed by something.

“Something is strange here …” – said the son.

The same woman who told us about the teeth found in the burekas worked at the checkout counter. And there were several people standing near the cash register, who were busy checking checks, because almost all the goods were sold by the cashier with an error.

I stood in line to the cashier, and my son approached the Hungarian to find out what had happened and why he had come.

“Strange, stupid and disgusting story” – said Peter.

“I was asleep after my night shift when this woman cashier from the store called me.
I have a day off today and I decided to sleep well after the night shift, but she began to scream heart-rendingly into the phone that something terrible was happening in the store.
I didn’t even understand what exactly happened, I only realized that Miguel was not coping and my help was also needed.
I grabbed a pistol and ran out into the street, without even closing the door of my own apartment and running out into the middle of the roadway, began to hail a taxi.
Taxi drivers, seeing a man with a pistol in his hand and a worried expression on his face, were in no hurry to stop. One of them then all the same slowed down for a minute and that was enough, I pulled the door, climbed into the car and shouted:

“Let’s go quickly!”

“Where to go then? What happened? Why are you so disheveled?” – asked the taxi driver.

“Something terrible happened in the store, my help is urgently needed, go quickly,” I said to the taxi driver, not letting go of the pistol.

“Okay, guy. Just calm down and don’t wave your revolver, it makes me nervous. I’ll take you where you want and even for free. See the speed on the speedometer drops to a hundred, and we’re driving along narrow streets” ― the driver replied.

When we stopped near the store and I and the taxi driver saw that nothing special was happening there.

“You lied to me, you were in a hurry just because you were late for duty and wanted to sleep longer, you were just too lazy to get your fat ass off the couch early and you were afraid to get a scolding from the chef. You deceived me, this is mean, let’s then 30 shekels instead 25 on the counter. You are just a lazy and idiot, come out, you are disgusting to me.” – the taxi driver told me and it was very unpleasant.” – the guard complained.

“Yeah! Yaron, the Hungarian is usually not inclined to come up with anything, but let’s still ask Miguel what exactly happened here.”

“Okay, Maayan.”

But when we approached the Peruvian, who was sitting with rolling eyes, half falling out of his guard chair, we realized that he was unlikely to clarify the picture of what had happened and that it was indeed non-trivial.

“It’s good that they didn’t call me, but Peter, he was unlucky. But I don’t understand what happened” ― Miguel said.

On Saturday, Shabbat, when I was cleaning the apartment in the Lev Eilat complex, when I saw Yaron through the open door, a short man called him and asked:

“Have you seen if someone without a head washed the floors here?”

“No, I haven’t seen it,” the son replied.

“Although it is possible that there are not so few of them …” – we thought later.

Indian rice

Dear friends!
We bring to your attention Indian rice, or vegan pilaf.

How I love this delicate taste of coconut oil!
And rice, saturated with the taste of vegetables!
And this sourness of lemon in the salad, how refreshing it is! Oh!

Your meals were great! But did not take into account the rules of healthy eating.

It is now in vogue to be slim and fit. There is nothing fried in this pilaf! Onions, carrots, tomatoes are not sautéed in oil, but that makes them no less tasty.
Cereals (rice and beans), according to all the rules of a healthy diet, are soaked in advance and washed during cooking in order to reduce the amount of harmful substances in them.
Eat to your health!

Order Indian rice receipt with beans, tofu, mushrooms.
Salads with various raw sauces (with avocado, coconut oil, with seeds) and bean additions, tofu cheese, croutons, mushrooms. Vegetable ingredients are also discussed on request.
And finally, the healthiest green cocktails.

Hanukkah joke about the severed head

Eilat, December 6, 2021, the last day of Hanukkah, Khamsin.

My son and I recently, after more than a year of wandering abroad, returned home to Eilat with an almost zero budget, and that day in the morning we started looking for work again.

We managed to rent a small apartment in the Lev Eilat residential complex,

the entrance gate of which was located right next to the “Shuk” grocery store.

“I’m terribly hungry, Maayan!” ― looking in the direction of the store, the son said as soon as we left.

“Okay, Yaron, wait a minute, I’ll run into the store and I’ll see what products we can buy on the way back.”

With a brisk step, I reached the shelves with products of interest to us, having looked at the assortment and prices, and leaving the “Shuk” I went to my son, who was waiting to continue the journey, but then hearing that someone was shouting something, I turned around and saw that a woman who was sitting in a store at the checkout was hurrying towards us, excitedly and loudly speaking something in Hebrew.

“Yaron, what is she saying? You know that I am not strong in the local language.” ― I asked my son.

“She asks why did you leave so quickly? Because you heard some screams or saw something terrible happening on the street?
She said that they found someone’s teeth in the burekas today.

She asks if we know what happened here?” ― translated the son.

“What happened here? As far as I can see, nothing” ― I replied.

But the woman continued to tell something emotionally, and I suddenly felt an uncontrollable burst of laughter, although I did not understand what she was saying and laughed, and suddenly, looking at me, she began to laugh too.

“Maayan, she said someone had their head cut off. Now she added that it was actually such a joke.”

“She has strange jokes. That is, fortunately, all the heads are in place, Yaron?”

“Yes, apparently it is.”

“Okay, let’s go quickly, we already lost a lot of time on some nonsense.
Let’s go, we will go to the villa “Laguna”, there is a vacancy, we will find out if we can find at least some kind of work. It would be very helpful.”

The small white villa “Laguna” was located five minutes walk from the shop on Odem Lane. This place was familiar to us, in this small alley we rented an apartment when we first moved to live in Eilat.

A smiling man and a woman welcomed us.

“We take you, come tomorrow, but for part-time work, there is not much work now, the season is ending, but it will be like this everywhere before Passover.”

“Good! At least something. I’m so hungry all the time!” ― suddenly the son said.

“Are you really hungry? Take and buy yourself some food” ― the man said, taking 50 shekels out of his wallet.

“Thank you, thank you very much! See you tomorrow!”

“Yeah, Yaron. Okay, we have to go buy you food and go clean the apartments to pay off our debt.” ― I suggested.

“Ok, Maayan!”

I was already cleaning, I don’t remember exactly, the second or third apartment, when I opened the door to put out the trash and saw a short middle-aged man standing near the door with a strange and empty expression in his eyes.

“Good afternoon, adoni (dear)! What did you want?”

“Yaron, ask him what he needs, I don’t know Hebrew” ― I called my son.

“Maayan, he says he has a leak in his apartment, I’ll go down and take a look.”


“Some kind of inadequate person. Maybe I should have gone with my son?” ― I thought.

A few minutes later Yaron returned, but, as I expected, he looked frightened.

“What happened, my dear?”

“There was no leakage at the downstairs neighbor. He said that someone had been kidnapped here, some Puerto Ricans. I asked what became of them, were their heads cut off?
He said yes, it was.
He had a knife on the floor in his apartment, smeared with something red, possibly ketchup, and some other objects of unknown purpose, and he looked completely insane. It was very, very unpleasant, Maayan!”

“Yes, I understand. Wish I went with you.”

And I started cleaning my last apartment for that day when I heard a loud conversation in Hebrew – some rude male voice asked something, and Yaron answered.

Soon I heard that my son slammed the door and called him to ask who was coming.

“Some man knocked on the door, he was sitting in the car when we entered the entrance and
asked if I had seen a body on the stairs. I answered him, “You followed us and saw everything the same that we saw. If it was, then where could it go, what did you think I ate it?”
The man looked at me in horror and ran away.
It all looked like some kind of show.”

“Strange people, strange jokes. The last day of Hanukkah and Sharav. True, and Sharav is so dear, I missed without it! Okay, I’m already finishing cleaning, let’s go buy more food, Yaroshka, this will make you happy.”

“I’m always in favor.”

“Well, that’s “Shuk”.
Yaron, while I choose vegetables for the salad, please go to the bread department, so as not to waste time and take a loaf of bread.”


“Did something happen again? Someone approached you?” ― I involuntarily asked, seeing the strange expression on my son’s face.

“Yes, while I was choosing bread, two guys came up to the department and asked me, “Where are the pits here?”

“I don’t know, it looks like they are not there, take bread instead.”

“No, we just need pita, because we want to fry someone and put there.”

“Maybe they want to fry and put chicken in there, for example.”

“Yes, but usually it is not said ‘someone’ about it.”

“Anything can happen.”

My son and I collected quite a few products, and I, thinking that this was too ruinous for our meager budget, suggested ― “Yaron, let’s leave the soy cheese, I think we can do without it, especially since we bought the usual one today.”

“Of course, I think so too.”

“Please take it to the place, and I will choose a few more tangerines for us, they are the cheapest of all fruits.”


“You know, I’m even just wondering – is it possible that someone will again become attached to you with old questions on the same topic, because there are so few people here and you only need to walk a few yards?…”

“Tell me what happened, Yaron!” ― I asked, seeing the changed expression on my son’s face.

“While I was putting the cheese in place, a man came up to me and grabbed my hand and said:
“I want meat, I need meat!” And his eyes sparkled strangely.

“Boy, help me pick out the freshest sausage” ― he added.

“Again the same theme! Terribly funny!” – I could not resist and laughed.

“Look, this is that man. He’s standing behind us in the checkout line.”

I turned around – there really was smoked sausage with fat on the tape where the products were laid out, and the eyes of the man behind us were strangely sparkling with an insane shine.
For some reason it seemed incredibly funny to me, I burst out laughing and as soon as I looked towards this man my laughter intensified.

“What is the meaning of this so-called cut-off head joke, repeated in different variations, Yaron?”

More and more questions arise in my head.

“Who are people in general and who directs their actions? How does the world actually work?”

Paranormal visit to the Consulate or preparing to return. Part 2.

“Yes, the rules are that. You call the Consulate and then you have to call back. My name is Ilan, I work in the internal security.
How can you not get through?
Now I’ll dial it myself. Well, here, I called and got through.
Why don’t you get through?”

“I don’t know why this is so. Unfortunately, I’m not that smart. You call and get through, he will call and get through, anyone else will call and get through, but we don’t. We have been trying to contact our friends from Eilat for over a year.”

“Well, if there is no call to you, come back after two pm, I will try to help you.”

“It’s about two pm, Yaron, let’s go, let’s go again. We need to get a reception.”

“Why did you come? You were told that they would call you.” – the guard asked us.

“But nobody called us.”

“Wait, they will call back.”

“This is a senseless waiting. We’ve been calling our friends for over a year now and can’t get through to them.”

“How can this be?”

“I don’t know how to explain. This is paranormal.”

“Maybe you can also tell us that you saw a flying saucer?”

“This is not funny. Our Life depends on whether we will be able to go home. We, as illegal immigrants, should wander through the streets of Georgia and die here from hunger and cold?”

“No, wait for your call back. Here’s a call, pick up the phone.”

“Yes, thanks. Good afternoon.”

“Good afternoon! I will now transfer you to an employee of the Consulate. The conversation will be in Hebrew. Wait.”

The wait lasted for several minutes.

“Yaron, take the phone, talk.”

My son had been talking for a long time when I began to clearly feel and understand that he was again conducting a conversation with a fake.

“Yaron, we need an appointment, appointment time for tomorrow, or at least see a representative of the Consulate for three to five minutes.”

“Maayan, everything is fine. This nice woman promises to contact four ministries within a month and help us in everything. She will call back, we can safely go home.”

“That’s great. Thank you. But ask her name and can we see her or make an appointment?”

“Why? She will call.”

“Yaron, ask her name, can you see her and sign up?”

“Why? She will call back.”

“Yaron, okay, this nice man, the guard does not understand, but you understand that now we will come to the hostel and it will be written to us “Ha-ha! Moron! “And there won’t be any call. This is a fake conversation. And what are we going to do next? Die on the street?”

“You make up, Maayan. This is the vice-consul, her name is Maya. She is very nice and attentive.”

“Yaron, I am already filled with despair that we will not get to the Consulate.”

“The chief of security came down here. You can talk to her.” – the guard turned to us.

“Yes, thanks! Excuse me, what are we going to do? We are not getting calls. Please write us down.”

“How can you not get through? Do you have a phone?”

“Yes, there is. But it doesn’t work well.”

“Let’s check. Look, they called you, but you didn’t pick up the phone. Why didn’t you pick up the phone?”

“The call is quiet, the phone is not working well.”

“Let me call you. Well, there is a call. So wait, they call you back, everything is fine. Go home or I’ll call the police.”

“But I know that there will be no call, and we will continue to wait and as a result we will only have to live on the street as illegal immigrants. What should we do? Understand that you are depriving us of the opportunity to return home, the right to life. So call the police, maybe it’s at least some way to be heard.”

“Okay, wait.”

The chief of security went inside the building and soon returned.

“Pick up the phone, they call you” ― she said.

“Yes, good afternoon.”

“I can make an appointment for tomorrow at 10:00 am. Are you satisfied?”

“Of course. Thanks a lot!”

“Thank you! We were written down for an appointment for tomorrow at 10 am. I hope it’s true. See you!”

“How many years I have been working here, I have never heard anything like it. But I wish you good luck! You must of course return home.” – the guard said to us at parting.

We no longer really hoped, but the next day the meeting with the Consul did take place. Moreover, not with an employee of the Consulate, but with the Consul.

“A very pleasant woman, this Consul. She reassured us and said that she would send inquiries to the army and social services.
Now we have been written down for October 19 so that we can find out the results of the requests.
Yaron, what did she say about the rooms where it is possible can sit out quarantine for those who have not rented an apartment?”

“She said that they are terrible ― there are bars on the windows, rats and cockroaches are running around and they are usually located in basements, the door is locked with a key and fed with some kind of slipslop.”

“She couldn’t say that.”

“So it was again a fake. Yes, the conversation was right through the handset, as if over the phone.
It means that at some point a fake came in.”

“Yeah, it’s amazing, or maybe not. Why all these endless fakes? Okay, Yaron, let’s hurry to the train to Batumi, and on October 18 we will return here with our things and plan an nearby departure home.”

So, October 19 came …

“Well, here we are again in Tbilisi. It is somehow more fun here than in Batumi, as if some fresh breeze is blowing and there are much fewer rainy and cloudy days. Today’s meeting at the Consulate was less pleasant than the first, but the main thing we were told that you’re not even an evader, so you shouldn’t be afraid to return. Let’s go and get ready for home.”

To be continued…

Paranormal visit to the Consulate or preparing to return.

To go home to Eilat, to Israel, we needed a request to the army for the son about his military status. But apparently some of our energy-informational component was clearly against our return, or generally against any reasonable actions, and almost all of our calls related to returning to Israel were blocked or answered by fakes. But we were determined to return …

Having suffered a fiasco when trying to get an appointment to the Consulate via e-mail, we decided to try to make an appointment to the Consulate, using the phone number of the owner of the rented apartment, Thomas D.
And they kind of invited us for October 12 at noon.

“Good morning, Yaron. Get up, dear! Soon our train to Tiflis, it’s time to get ready.
The weather is good, 3 miles to the train station is just a great warm-up in the morning.”

“Hello Maayan. Of course.”

The walk to the train station, most of which was along the Black Sea coast, was pleasant. Moreover, fortunately, it was one of the infrequent days in Batumi, when precipitation was not even planned and we had plenty of admiring the panoramic view of the city center that opened before us,

heading for the train to Tiflis.

“Doesn’t it look like an Israeli one, Yaron? The same two-story, just white, not red.”

“Yes, there is such.”

“Well, five and a half hours have passed, Yaron. It’s so tiring to sit for so long against the traffic, and, moreover, in this mask, the presence of which on the face is always checked by a railroad employee. But what can we do here? Apparently, we are already approaching.”

This is how our second meet and acquaintance with the capital of Georgia took place.

“Yes, Yaron, you immediately feel that this is a big city – the streets are crowded. And unlike Batumi, it seems like a fresh wind of change is blowing and there are many more sunny days.”

Tbilisi is a beautiful, original city with its own charm – it is surrounded by rather high green mountains and is divided by the Kura River into two parts. The tirelessly throbbing heart of the city is the waterfall near the former Roman baths.

A beautifully illuminated TV tower at the top of the mountain attracts attention

and a large number of monuments, as if rising up into the mountains,

as well as many flirty metal figures of people sitting on the bridge over the Kura, or just somewhere in an unexpected place.

And also its originality is in unusual carved wicker wooden balconies and sympathetic sociable people.

“Maayan, will we go to the same hostel to Alex and David with chacha hand disinfection?”

“Of course, it’s generally quite good there, quite clean and inexpensive. And it is located quite conveniently in the center on Zurab Klvlevidze Street.
This is a two-story, but picturesque and somewhat cozy old building behind a metal gate, in which you feel at home. Although the rooms in the hostel are without windows, there are three large constantly ajar windows in the kitchen and at the entrance.

“Yaron, do you remember how we climbed out there last time through one of them?”

“Of course. It was funny.”

Another feature of the hostel is a permanent worker on duty there – David, a small, traditional Georgian-looking, benevolent man, who somehow magically appears when the front door is opened with an invariable sprinkler with chacha in his hands and a traditional phrase.

“The coronavirus is still raging. Let me disinfect your hands and your front door handle. Thank you! Have a nice day!”

“Thank you! Yaron, let’s leave our things here in the hostel and let’s go look for the Consulate of Israel.”

“We need 154 Agmaneshenabeli Avenue, 150 Agmaneshenabeli Avenue, somewhere across the house there should be a Consulate, we must probably cross the road … But there is already house 160, and where have 10 more houses gone?
As usual, everything is not so simple.
There is a security guard in the building nearby, need to ask him.”

“Thank you very much! How kind it was to see us off. Otherwise we would have looked for a long time. The house is so inconspicuous, it stands in the courtyard and its number is not 154, but 152.
Come on, Yaron, we’ll come early tomorrow at 9-10 am.”

“But Maayan, we have an appointment at the Consulate at 12:30.”

“Do you believe that it is, Yaron?”

“Yes, of course, we made an appointment from Thomas’s phone, he dialed the number himself, it wasn’t supposed to be a fake conversation.”

“So what? I, frankly, am sure that there is not this appointment.”

“Okay. You haven’t convinced me, Maayan, but let’s get out early. For anything happening, let’s take a walk.”

“Good morning, Yaron! Breakfast is on the table. Let’s go find out the real situation and we must make every effort to actually make an appointment.”

“I’m on my way, Maayan.”

“No, you are not on the lists for today. Make it by phone. And you don’t have to come here” — the guard at the Consulate told us.

“But we can’t make an appointment over the phone.”

“Why? I’ll give you the exact and correct number and you will call and make an appointment”

“Sorry, we cannot make it. We have already tried many times and called twice from the phone of the owner of the apartment we are renting. He can confirm that his name is Thomas D. and he lives on Vazhafshavela street … in Batumi, but as you can see, there is no appointment. Please, do for us.”

“No, this is not according to the rules. You yourself must call and make an appointment. And then the Consulate will call you back to find out the essence of the issue you are addressing.”

“Please write us down, otherwise we will never get home, we will have to wander around the streets of Georgia as illegal immigrants.
Please make an appointment!!!”

“What did you want? Maybe I can help you?” — asked a nice young man who came down the stairs with regular features and a Georgian type of appearance.

Will be continued…

A small paranormal trip in Georgia.

Yesterday we went to look at the land that Thomas, the owner of the house where we rent an apartment, wants to sell.

Leaving the house in Batumi, we reset the speedometer to see the exact distance to the land for sale.
Now we are on the outskirts of the city, passing by huge eucalyptus trees, the sensations and views are becoming more and more attractive.

We make a short stop on the bridge to see the beautiful view that opens up.

The next magnificent panorama is over the bridge and the river.

The road is a good asphalt highway and here is our turn, now two hundred meters from this main highway and now we stopped at the gate leading us to the site.

The speedometer shows 13 kilometers. We open the gate.

And here is the tap with water, it is completely different here than in the city, fills with energy and joy of Life! And all the sensations have changed, they are different, more alive, like water. And how much is growing here!

We did not have time to see everything, but on the way we came across fragrant white, black and red grapes, plums.
We twirled around an unripe, but very appetizing Japanese persimmon, went through a whole tangerine plantation and came out to a stream lined with walnut trees.

Very nice! And not only. To be honest, I was completely indifferent to the beauties of Georgia, I love the desert, but then from the feeling coming from the blooming land my heart ached and I wanted to cry. I felt the energy of this land and the pain of this people and felt how the hearts of the owner of the house and his wife seemed to open up towards us.

On the way back, we stopped at a number of restaurants located in places with really stunning views of the waterfall and the stormy mountain river. It was worth seeing!

And when we returned to Batumi and went to have dinner in the gazebo in the yard, we felt a huge difference between the pure energies of Nature and the energies of city life, it seemed to us as if we were in a stuffy and cramped apartment.

From the experienced bright energy-informational interaction, I felt excitement and could not sleep for a long time, remembering the words of Thomas “How sweet it is there (in the village) to sleep!”

And in the morning I drank a cup of water collected yesterday at the site and felt a surge of vivacity and some kind of inner joy and realized how much new this little trip gave me and my son.

Thank you, Amazing Life!

Publishing the ebook. Paranormal virus. Collection of articles.

Dear friends!

If some strange virus appeared on your phone or computer, you woke up at night from the fact that you heard some strange sounds, disappeared, and after some time, in an incomprehensible way, some thing was found, then it is possible that in this way you met with paranormal phenomena unexplained by traditional science.
These phenomena have become so tightly intertwined in our life that they have become a part of it and radically changed it, changing our worldview and becoming our teacher on the path of cognition of the Amazing Life.

In the articles of the collection, we express our original, different from the generally accepted point of view about the teleportation of objects, ghosts, ghosts, some manifestations of “telephone viruses”,
we present our hypotheses based only on personal observations, sensations and their analysis, and we invite our readers to see the universe from a different rather unusual perspective.
Thank you for the attention!

The collection contains articles:

“Ghosts, what is this … mysticism or reality?”

“Teleportation of household items in everyday life.”

“A parable about unreasonable fear, importance and stupidity of the paranormal.”

“A paranormal virus on WhatsApp.”

Dear Readers!
We are always open to communication and look forward to your feedback!
If the events described in the book aroused your interest, we will be happy to provide you with additional materials and consultations on the topics covered in it.
We are always glad to communicate with you


Paranormal virus. Collection of articles.


A little about the Egyptian pyramids, paranormal.

“Maayan, tell me what other very popular tourist destination you would not like to go to?”

“To the Egyptian pyramids, Yaron. I think this is scary enough.”

“Scary! Well, you said! Millions of people visited them, how many minds are struggling to solve their secrets, and you say – scary.”

“Yes, the world that created them is unkind enough.”

“And who created them – Egyptians, aliens, who and how?”

“They were NOT BUILT BY PEOPLE, not a single person took part in the construction of the pyramids, they were created by the energy-informational world, this is just a FAKE, they only serve to attract the attention of people for their subsequent use … Like the Preser zone, for example, about which we recently spoke. “

“Aren’t you exaggerating? Somehow it all turns out sadly.”

“So they are not entertainment for people, put and put on the site of ancient burials. This already says something. What kind of energy-informational world can there be? Agree?”

“Yes, a reasonable thought. But how could these huge blocks be moved and from where?”

“We saw with you, Yaron ourselves, how different objects moved before our eyes – water, our things, household chemicals pillows, towels and so on.

For example, when we were poured water at a diving club in Eilat. Did you see where it was pouring from? And where did it come from? (See “Paranormal Everyday Life. Season 1. Episode 4. A Melody That Sounds Out of Nowhere”)

“I don’t know where it came from, as if it’s just out of thin air, but it was most likely taken from pipes or from a nearby pool.”

“I think so too.
Or do you remember, when you and I were looking for an apartment in the wrong place, disposable plastic cups fell on my head, apparently from a diving club about a kilometer away.
(See “Teleportation of everyday objects in everyday life”)

By these actions, Yaron, the energoworlds arranged performances only for the two of us. And if one is for millions of people, making it possible to use them for their own purposes, so why not create a pyramid, or rather a series of pyramids? Such an investment clearly makes sense.
And what do you think they were made of, Yaron?”

“I think from those materials that were suitable for this and were not very far away.
You know, Maayan, I read that scientists conducted such an experiment. Already in modern conditions, with modern technology, they tried to build an analogue of such a pyramid, but it almost immediately began to fall apart.
Why, then, are those pyramids worth so many years?”

“Certainly not at the expense of the wonderful mortar that glues the blocks together. Nobody built them block by block, they were just created as one whole in one night, so they do not fall apart.
They are simply really almost impossible to build, even using modern technology, and certainly not that several millennia ago.

And yet, Yaron, I wanted to draw your attention to such an interesting detail. If you believe the official theory that the pyramids were built by the pharaohs, then a reasonable question arises why they only built tombs, and not palaces. That they had dreamed of death since birth? Strange enough, isn’t it?”

“Yes, really incomprehensible.
What do you think, Maayan, what happens to the person who comes to see the pyramids? Does the world that created them get hooked up to him and use him? For what? For more energy?”

“In general, it’s not even so much behind this, although it won’t hurt either.
But that energy world itself has a lot of energy, but to manage a person, imposing his preferences on him and helping allied worlds in other parts of the Earth, directing him to travel to them, this is probably his main task.”

“Yes, how Amazing Life is!”

P.S. That evening, when I wrote this article, and we were in Georgia in Batumi, a very heavy downpour began, accompanied by dazzling flashes of lightning and thunderclaps, it went all night. In the morning, as usual, at about five, I woke up and reached for the phone. And when his screen lit up, I could see that there was a layer of water 3-4 inches thick in the room.

“What is this, Yaron? Wake up, there is a flood. How could such an amount of water have been poured in? Really from a slightly open window?”
Impossible. From under the floor, through the wall? How? There are no holes in the wall or floor. I woke up a couple of hours ago, the floor was dry. So the water appeared suddenly. How? The answer seems to be simple. Like the pyramids. Both are fakes (this phrase was added to my notes by itself). Although the pyramid stands and the water really was, my sandals and the carpet of the owners, from which the water flowed in streams, while we carried it to dry, were not dry yet.”

Places of power = paranormal scam? Preser’s Paranormal Zone.

“Yaron, today I would like to write about the unusual places of our planet, which are usually called places of power from an energy-informational point of view.
We often do not understand and do not think how truly it is Alive, our Amazing Planet.
How many different beautiful, tempting and alluring places on Earth that you want to visit so much!
But it is very important to make the right and informed choice, because unexpectedly you can pay a considerable price for such a trip. I mean, the price is not in monetary terms. “

“What are you talking about, Maayan, explain in more detail.”

“Places of power are places with unusual strong and distinctive energies.

A person usually feels a surge of energy in this place, a charge of vivacity and positive, sensations that attract him to this place, awakening the desire to stay there longer and, if possible, come there again.
But is this energy really given to a person disinterestedly or free cheese only in a mousetrap? Let’s try to figure it out.”

“Yaron, I always thought it was incomprehensible to this fashionable now formulation. What does a place of power mean? Whose power? Who gets this power in this place of power? And where does this power come from? And is this power or energy really given to a person disinterestedly and free of charge or
does he pay for it somehow? Naturally, this is not about money.”

“You know, Maayan, I agree with you, sounds rather hazy.”

“I think each of the places of power has its own characteristics, its own really strong energy-informational world.
Another question is why almost all places of power, like an advertising sign shimmering with the brilliance of lights, lure people with attractive views, various paranormal things, as well as a feeling of increased strength, energy, harmonization.
I suppose that in most cases the purpose of the energetic world is quite simple – to find new spaces for active life in the person, or rather in the body, of those who visit this place, who are interested, and to grow further, to increase their influence. In much the same way as plant seeds scatter and grow.”

“This is a very interesting topic, Maayan, but I would really like to know which zone is the most interesting for our reader and talk about it next time.
And today I want to invite you to talk about the Preser’s Area.
This is a very popular anomalous place for tourists and not so long ago our friend Alex was going to go there. Would you advise him to take this journey?”

“No, Yaron, look at the photo of the zone, you can feel it yourself.
In the zone there is a fairly high concentration of a strong and peculiar energy-informational world, which resembles a sticky, viscous energy-informational web, thanks to which all these amusing tricks take place in violation of the laws of physics.
This show is not worth a penny, but it makes a huge profit, bringing together many people from all over the world who do not understand its meaning. Because they weren’t taught to think about it.
Something similar happened in our rented apartment in Grape Lane in Eilat, when, for example, a sandals landed in a kettle.

(Details on this Paranormal Everyday Life. Season 1. Episode 7. Crazy overnight in a rented apartment)

Or when we ran in panic from that apartment to the diving club, and the next portions of some green toilet cleaner were falling on me.
(Paranormal Everyday Life. Season 1. Episode 6. Crazy life in a rented apartment)

There have also been many other similar paranormal events.”

“Maayan, well, they wanted to kick us out of that apartment and at the same time, apparently, and eat our energy.
And there, near the town of Santa Cruz, why is all this happening?”

“Yaron, this arouses people’s curiosity, a desire to visit an unusual zone, see and feel what is happening there with their own eyes. And when a person enters this zone, he finds himself in its energy-informational web and it, or rather that energetic world, performs its manipulations.
Which? Similar to the actions of an ordinary spider, just imagine that this spider is energy-informational, invisible.
Then the person leaves, and the energy information settles in him forever, continuing to grow with time.
So we have to travel wisely. Several years ago, when I did not understand a lot, I myself wanted to visit this zone.

And I really wish we had so little knowledge of how Amazing Life works!

Unexplained episodes from everyday life. Season 2. Episode 1. The Paranormal Scam. Part 3.

Adam. He allegedly sailed from the port of Eilat on a ship sailing to Africa.

And suddenly he disappeared …

We and Ariel, his friend, were very upset about this.

We called him many times on Whatsapp.

A rough male voice answered.
“Good afternoon! Please, call Adam!”, we asked.

“Snip-snip”, spoke a voice in the phone and from there came sounds as if a knife was sharpening. “Snip-snip”

“Where is Adam? Please, call him”, we asked again, and in response we heard that the knife began to sharpen even more intensively than before. “Snip-snip”, “Snip-snip”

We were very worried about him, but one day there was a call from an unknown number from the Republic of Chad in Central Africa. And we shuddered with joy when we heard Adam’s voice filled with adrenaline on the phone.

“Hello! Guys, don’t worry, I’m fine, I’m alive and well, I’m in the desert, it’s very beautiful here, I ride across the Sahara in a car with Bedouins.

I boarded a ship sailing to Kenya, to Mombasa in the port of Eilat. I was in a hurry to leave and did not inquire about it. But I should have!

As we sailed away, I was surprised to find that all the sailors on the ship were very large, just huge men from Africa, ranging from 7 to 8 feet tall and weighing over 400 pounds.

The ship was extremely hot, stuffy, and there were absolutely no normal conditions. But these amazing Africans did not even sweat in the sun and each of them drank 40 cans of beer at a time and ate some incredible amount of food, namely cans of stew. They just amazed me, I have never seen such huge people before!

And I got scared when I accidentally saw that they were carrying contraband goods, and a lot of other strange things happened on the ship.

In addition, these giants began to show too much interest in me and I realized that this trip might not end well. And I decided to run.

One day, when the ship was cruising not far from the coast, with the approach of darkness, I made an attempt to bribe the sentry.

He, on reflection, agreed, but asked for a considerable amount in order not to notice my departure – 500 thousand Kenyan shillings.

I wrote him a check and he let me go. And, relying on the will of God and the skill of the freediver, I jumped from the ship into the sea. I swam for a long, very long time, but the sea helped me, I felt its support and I managed to safely swim to the coast, which I could not see in the dark, but it was something like a desert.

I was afraid of poisonous snakes and predatory animals that go hunting in the desert at night and therefore decided to wait for the morning, standing near the water’s edge.

And when the sun rose, I saw an incredibly majestic and endless desert. I realized that it was Sahara. I had no idea where to go and went where my eyes were looking.

I was barefoot, and as the sun approached its zenith, the sand became hotter and more and more burned my feet. So I walked about 25 miles.

In fact, I could have walked a hundred miles and not met anyone, but a real miracle happened, I met Bedouins who decided to take a car ride in the desert.

And they gave me water to drink, gave me clean clothes and I became a participant in their trip, though I don’t know where we are now …

Adam’s voice trembled with indescribable sensations …

And many more people and many more stories …

We just found ourselves in a whirlpool of events taking place with our friends and acquaintances, experiencing them together with them, trying to help them at least with something. And in these conversations day after day, day after day passed, and we did not even think about our own situation and how we ourselves will continue to live.

We wanted to leave the huge and crowded Istanbul, to Antalya, Dalaman or just out of city to calmly think over and analyze the situation, but we were constantly waiting for the arrival of one or another of our friends …

True, we understood that something was wrong here, all these stories were very strange, but until some time we believed them.

Since almost each of them gave in his story such details that no one except us and him and maybe a few more people could have known and because there was no thought in our head that the voice of a familiar person can be spoken not by a human or a robot … Who then? And how?

For a long time we did not realize that we were not talking with these people and not even with people in general, although the timbre and intonation of the voice that we heard from the phone were exactly the same as those of our friends.

But at some point the events they described seemed too incredible to us and we realized that all these conversations were not with real people.

And even now, almost eleven months have passed since our departure, but we have not been able to contact any real person from Eilat.
And the only thing that we understood is that none of them left anywhere and we did not speak to any of them after leaving.

Unexplained episodes from everyday life. Season 2. Episode 1. Part 1. Istanbul. The paranormal scam.

So, we left the country and on July 16 in the morning we landed in Sabiha Airport of Istanbul, this vast, beautiful, amazing city on two seas and two parts of the world.

A couple of days after our arrival, we received a formidable note from the army that if the questionnaire was not completely filled out, they would come home for our son and take him to the service.
I was very worried and, taking out a SIM card from my phone, threw it away.

In general, the first time after arrival, we were only busy looking for suitable accommodation, our impressions and experiences.
We still did not fully understand the meaning of what we did and what happened and what a difficult situation we were in.

Then we decided to contact our friends from Eilat, who, it seems, also expressed a desire to leave and coordinate an action plan.
And it seemed that most of our friends also left by different ways and they would like to continue the journey with us.
Our conversations with them simply broke records for the duration, they lasted for hours and reminded an action-packed film …

… Filled with heroic, funny, and sometimes even fantastic adventure events.


“Hello, I am sailing on a ship from Eilat. Now the ship has stopped in Egypt. It is terrible here on the ship, insane heat and stuffiness, absolutely no normal conditions …”
All the sailors on the ship are incredibly tall, just huge Africans, they cause me great concern … “- we heard Ariel’s voice.

“So get out soon, because until the next stop where you can get off, the ship will sail for at least a month” – we said.

“Yes, really. Now I will quickly pack my things and run – the ship leaves in just a few minutes” – this is how the story-odyssey of “Ariel” began.

And he went out in Egypt, got to Cairo, and then he got to a military base, walked 1,500 kilometers through the desert without water, food and sleep, almost reaching Turkey …

… Sailed on a ship with cannibals, where he was offered to join the meal … and almost every day he called us and told us about everything that happened to him and moreover, surprisingly, he called at the very moment when we came home from a walk.

And once in the evening he called and said that he was at the computer of some significant man and he had access to information and all night he was telling us an endless number of stories about almost all of my acquaintances, naming the names of those people about whom I had almost forgotten, telling some unknown episodes from their lives and how their fates developed. This conversation lasted from 9 pm to 5 am.

Ariel also showed interest in our life and health and asked us to write down a set of physical exercises and called every day and asked how we cope with them.

“Hello! I left the country and I am in Tirana. But, frankly, I do not know what to do next. How are you and where are you?” – this was a call from Aviv.

“We are in Istanbul, join us,” we replied.

After thinking it over, he decided to do so.

“Hi guys! There were no tickets to Istanbul and I flew to Mersin. I am already in Turkey. It needs to find where the bus stops here to the city.

Oh guys, here is Shekel! How I miss this baby. There is a cat, it is exactly like Shekel, I took it in my arms and pat it, it is completely tame”.

Only a few months later it occurred to us to look and we discovered that in fact there is no airport in Mersin … And Shekel was a cat – a common favorite in the diving club in Eilat.

A whole series of misadventures awaited ostensibly Aviv, about which he constantly told us on the phone.
And we were in touch around the clock, going through with him those steep turns that fate sent him, trying to help him as best we could.

“I missed the train a bit and went to the bus station. I saw a bus to Adana and hurried to run into it, but was suddenly stopped by a heavy slap in the face from an elderly woman driver. It was terrible, I was taken out of the bus station by the guards and blacklisted. It turns out that the bus was purely female and men were not allowed there. I did not know anything about that!” – his offended voice rang out.

The episode continues …

Unexplained episodes from everyday life. Episode 5. “Fun” extreme-crazy overnight stay in the rented apartment.

After all the events described in the previous episode, to stay in our new apartment for the night, to be honest, was a little scary for us.

But what to do?

Staying overnight at the diving club, when we told everyone that we had rented an apartment, was stupid and inconvenient. We decided that we should calm down, tune in to the positive and boldly go to spend the night in a rented apartment and not think about “some nonsense” and “all sorts of nonsense”.

But still, the idea of spending the whole night inside the apartment seemed quite uncomfortable to us, or simply put, caused panic fear, so we decided to sleep in the courtyard.

Although it was winter, and on a winter night outside, even in Eilat, it was very cool.

So we brought a couple of warm blankets for each of us from the diving club, pulled out a second sofa in the courtyard, and resolutely went to bed. It was Friday, the Sabbath.

My son and I wished each other good night, and tried to relax, but I could not sleep and I decided to go outside the courtyard to the street through the iron door of the high, with stakes on top, gate for some need. I didn’t have the courage to go into the bathroom in my apartment at night.

The door was closed with a latch that opened from the inside and from the outside. After a couple of minutes, I go back and pull the door… to no avail, it’s locked, I try to open the latch again and again, .. in vain…the door does not open,it is somehow closed from the inside.

What should I do? I try to knock, to shout to my son… but he doesn’t hear…

Finally, desperate to reach him, I try to climb over the fence. And then, when I climbed a little higher on the fence and the yard was within my sight, I saw that the light in the apartment turned on and off.

Then it went out and flashed again and went out again. Now I clearly understood that something strange and unpleasant was happening there, and this increased my growing anxiety. But I didn’t manage to climb over the fence, there are high stakes on top of the fence, and the inside is smooth and there is nowhere to put my foot.

I continued to stand hesitantly on the fence until my son finally opened the door. When I finally got to the courtyard, I ran to the apartment from inside which I could hear some vague noise. When I opened the door, full of apprehension, we saw that from all the taps – in the kitchen and in the bathroom – were leaking water… on the floor because the drain hoses are pulled out at the bottom.

This time, the water flowed from the shower, the hose from which lay on the floor of the shower. The washing machine ‘came to life’ again and again in some unknown way, the wire from it (which had previously been lying on the floor… it turned out to be inserted into the socket, the door was closed, the washing program was set, and at the same time the drain plug was unscrewed and the water from it also flows to the floor. And on the floor there is already a layer of water four inches high.

I rushed to close the taps and insert the drain hoses, the socket from the washing machine, when I pulled it, fortunately accidentally was pulled out with “meat”.  Then, with a bucket and a scoop, I hurriedly began to collect water, hoping that this “wonderful” picture would not be seen by the owners. But as soon as I managed to remove at least some of the water, the taps were opened again and of course the drain hoses were pulled out again.

And finally, as if indignant at my stupidity and lack of understanding that I should have just left there long ago, the massive metal front door began to close. 

Seeing this, I ran to the door, but it kept closing inexorably. I had a claustrophobic panic, and I screamed at my son to help me. And now we manage to hold the door together. But I do not understand what to do with the water and stupidly try to make another attempt to remove it .And the door starts to close again. And I jump out of the apartment in horror, drawing in my imagination a “pleasant” picture of how I will not only be closed there, but also will again be watered with caustic soapy liquids. Brrr!

We thought that in the morning I might be able to restore at least some order and decided to make another attempt to sleep.

Except for the fact that several times I got out the blanket that flew to the roof of our house and had to get it out with a mop, because it was cold without it, the disappearance of the sandals in which I came and my phone, nothing else strange or scary happened until the morning.

And in the morning, when we timidly settled down in the courtyard to have breakfast and drink tea after a difficult night, the keys to the apartment, hanging in the keyhole, disappeared, and the apartment itself was closed…

Then my bag disappeared, in which were our passports and credit cards, money… and that’s when I felt that I couldn’t do it anymore. I sat in a daze and complete shock and didn’t know what to do… if the bag is not found. Go to work, to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, to the police, to the bank? Say that everything was stolen from us? Where? Who! How? All these options seemed extremely absurd and unpleasant.

However, after a while, the situation, fortunately, was resolved.
We returned the bag (the door to the apartment opened and we found it there) and the phone. Then one sandal landed right in the electric kettle, and then the second one fell to the ground from somewhere.

As soon as the necessary things were returned to us, nothing no longer delayed us there.

And while we were getting ready, the red light on the boiler already warningly lit up, as if advising us to be more careful, and we decided to leave as soon as possible without closing the door with a key.

These keys were returned to us a few hours later, when we were walking from the Gourmet store after finishing my work, and I said that I would never stay in that apartment again. Immediately, right in front of me, from above, almost touching my nose, the keys fell on the asphalt.

A few days later, we decided to make a trip to Grape Lane to pick up our things. Moreover, my son preferred to stay near the gate of the house while I quickly, trying to concentrate inside myself and not give in to fear, collected things.

As you probably understood, we refused to rent that apartment.

And since then, we have become afraid of washing machines…

And over time, we realized that the apartment was not suitable for us to live in.

And it is quite possible that this whole performance was a blessing and a good lesson for us.