Amazing Life.

Unexplained phenomena in our daily lives.

Unexplained or paranomal phenomena are simply phenomena or events that do not fit into the standard framework of traditionally scientific explanations.

They can be anything from funny and even wonderful (so-called miracles), and also unpleasant and frightening.

Paranormal events are so tightly intertwined in our lives that they have become a part of it and radically changed it.

They also completely changed our worldview and became our teacher on the path of learning about the Amazing Life.

And we invite you to this amazing journey of knowledge with us!

About what happened and is happening to us, about funny and completely unforgettable situations, about our observations made in connection with everyday unexplained events, we write this blog.

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Latest from the Blog

What is this place?

“The end of January, and it’s so warm that you can walk in a T-shirt, somewhere around 77 degrees. It’s an amazing winter, isn’t it, Haya?” – remarked the son. “Yes, dear, but how I love this piercing blueness of a cloudless sky! Well, we are already approaching the house, where I have already prepared…

About fear. A little story.

“We were walking along a wide deserted street alone, past an empty building with broken windows, there was no one nearby, and then I heard footsteps from behind … The steps were slow, someone deliberately shuffled their feet to scare us. We walk slowly, without hurrying, and he also slowly follows us … trail after…


Latest from the Blog

History 4. Respect, guys!

Exactly, Dimka, a tall thirty-year-old handsome diver-athlete is preparing his favorite breakfast of buckwheat porridge and celery stalks here. “Hello! Haven’t seen you guys for a long time.” he smiled broadly at us. “Yes, we were abroad…” – we began our story… “Yes, it’s not great, of course, but the main thing is that you…

Not everything happens at home is easy either.

“We don’t help anyone. Don’t get your hopes up.” – a security guard at the Social security organization told us. “Tough. Really, Noam?” – I said to my son with a sigh. “You can’t say more precisely. Let’s go knock on the door of my former school, Haya.” – suggested the son. A few minutes…