Amazing Life.

Unexplained phenomena in our daily lives.

Unexplained or paranomal phenomena are simply phenomena or events that do not fit into the standard framework of traditionally scientific explanations.

They can be anything from funny and even wonderful (so-called miracles), and also unpleasant and frightening.

Paranormal events are so tightly intertwined in our lives that they have become a part of it and radically changed it.

They also completely changed our worldview and became our teacher on the path of learning about the Amazing Life.

And we invite you to this amazing journey of knowledge with us!

About what happened and is happening to us, about funny and completely unforgettable situations, about our observations made in connection with everyday unexplained events, we write this blog.

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Latest from the Blog

The collapse of the stacker’s career.

Shuk shop. Day three, Wednesday. The working day in the news store is chaotic. I took Yaron to the entrance and sat down to write a blog. When I opened WhatsApp an hour later, I saw several messages from my son. “Maayan, the here is some bullshit.” “The chiseller and breadmaker are gone.” “Therefore, the…


Latest from the Blog

Yaron’s labor debut.

“I think it’s great that I was hired, I hope that at least we can pay for food and an apartment.” – said the son. And now my dear and beloved boy went to work for the first time. It was located nearby, in the Shuk store.He was taken to lay out the goods and…

Crazy cleaning at Villa Laguna.

It was Thursday … My son and I went to Villa Laguna to clean up. “Yaron, will you stay at home or will you come with me?” “How do I leave you, Maayan, at such a difficult moment? Of course I’ll go.” “But this is just cleaning, Yaron.” “Maayan, you yourself know how things are…