Teleportation of household items in everyday life.

Dear friends! Have you ever had such cases when some things, objects, household chemicals disappeared by themselves and then suddenly appeared somewhere else? It is likely that you have also had cases of teleportation of household items.

This is not surprising, if we assume that all material objects and actions are materialized energy information. Thus, the teleportation of these household items is easy to explain. The object simply passes into the energy-informational form and is in a parallel space or energy-informational world for some time. We don’t see it or feel it. Then it regains its material form, materializes in one place or another. A well-known variant of the teleportation of the Jinn, teleporting to the Aladdin lamp or another vessel and back.
And today we would like to tell you a few episodes from our daily life related to the teleportation of household items.

On one of the cool winter nights in Eilat, my son and I decided to spend the night in the courtyard of the villa, where there was a diving club. To do this, I dressed warmly, took a warm blanket. A cool breeze was blowing, but it was cool under the warm blanket! Just as I was about to relax and fall to sleep, I felt that I was lying in some kind of dampness. I pulled back the blanket and saw that there was a foamy greenish puddle under my back with a peculiar smell of dish detergent that was in our kitchen. The blanket was also wet on the inside, but dry on the outside. No one passed me during this time. The son was dozing in his bed. How could this happen? Apparently, the liquid was teleported.

My son and I went to look for an apartment in Eilat. We chose an area close to work, and at the same time internally realizing that this area is unlikely to suit us for life, we stubbornly continued to search there, until right on my head disposable cups began to fall from somewhere on top of me. Although they were plastic cups and they were very light, but in itself it was very unpleasant and we soon left the uncomfortable zone. And these cups were from a diving club, from which we were about a mile away. This is also a variant of household teleportation.

In Bulgaria, in Golden Sands, for a month we left a laptop on a chair every day before going to bed, and in the morning it was nowhere to be found, and for some reason it was in the table for lunch.

Then we moved from Golden Sands to Varna for a couple of months. In the apartment we rented there, a few days later my old phone disappeared from the window sill and appeared just a few days before departure.

An interesting case of teleportation occurred in Eilat with the keys to the apartment in Grape Lane, which was clearly not suitable for us to live in, but we did not want to understand this. So far, there has not been a series of unusual, interesting and, to be honest, quite frightening us then incidents. I have described this story in more detail in the Unexplained Episodes as part of everyday life (Season 1; Episode 4 and 5). When we spent the night in that apartment for the last time, in that morning, the key disappeared right from the keyhole of the front door. A few hours later, when I finished working at the diving club, my son and I went to the store “Gourmet”. Not far from it, I stopped and said that we would have to refuse from rent of that apartment and that we would never stay there again. And then, from somewhere above, right in front of me, almost hitting my nose, the keys fell.

How interesting, amazing and little-studied Life is, how we want to learn to understand it better!


7 thoughts on “Teleportation of household items in everyday life.

  1. It’s always weird misplacing things in our own home because we knew exactly where we put it by can’t quite comprehend why we can’t find it again because we are so fixated on other things. Check out my blog if you’re interested, but love reading this. It explains quite a lot, have a good day !

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